Rocky Mountain High LoDo | Review : Denver

Rocky Mountain High LoDo | Review : Denver
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I will be the first one to tell you that the fashion world, or keeping up with what is hip and trendy, has never really been my strong suit. However, even someone as culturally inept as yours truly can tell you that fashion is indeed cyclical. That is, clothing styles that went out of vogue decades ago have begun to make a comeback in a serious way. For women, this might include high-waist skirts and shorts, or dresses that would appear more at home at one of Jay Gatsby’s swinging parties. For men, this basically equates to leather jackets for anyone wanting to nail that James Dean look, plaid shirts for anyone wanting to nail that Paul Bunyan look, and hideous ironic facial hair for anyone who is convinced that a slab of mustache wax will make them look edgy. I’m sorry, but a mustache à la Rollie Fingers will never make aesthetic sense to me. Cry me a river, hip Denver kids. For the most part, however, I think the hearkening back to a simpler time is endearing. Sure, many styles employed by today’s (mostly) urban youth went out of style while we were still at odds with the Soviet Union, and Duck and Cover was perhaps the best advice anyone could give. But hey, it reminds us all of a time that defined America. We walked on the moon, we championed civil rights for various disenfranchised groups, and we smoked cigarettes in virtually every public space. Denver, I think we’ve found our Rocky Mountain High Denverstore that reminds us of a simpler time: Rocky Mountain High. While the aesthetic is a convincing mix of urban and vintage, mystical and sensible, the cannabis products available are strictly modern, and strictly quality.

Rocky Mountain High has eight locations, most of which are located up in the high country, where you very well might find starlight softer than a lullaby, according to John Denver. However, I visited their LoDo location, located half a block from Denver’s iconic 16th Street Mall. It should go without saying that parking in this part of Denver is a crapshoot; you probably won’t find much right in front of the dispensary. However, if you’re on the mall for some shopping, eating, or other assorted tomfoolery, Rocky Mountain High could very well be part of your adventure. As in, you’re probably going to have to walk a few blocks, and hopefully your lunch at The Cheesecake Factory won’t slow you down too much. To be honest, I was certain I walked into a clothing store instead of a dispensary, despite the large, circular sign that said “Dispensary” on it, and the large green cross placed prominently in the window. Stacks of vintage clothing, large and gaudy gemstones, candelabras decorated with cherubs (or Jonah Hill; I’m not exactly sure) greeted me, and one of the budtenders seated in a comfortable chair smiled and grabbed my ID. “This is a dispensary, right?” I inquired, digging through my memory for any clothing outlets that took your ID. She nodded, and explained that the vintage look and feel was strictly intentional. Rocky Mountain High DenverThe owners of the dispensary also own a chain of vintage clothing stores called What Goes Around Comes Around, which has locations in Los Angeles and New York City. For this reason, this dispensary also carries authentic hip, era-spanning clothing, just in case you wanted a new pair of navel-touching jeans with your cannabis purchase.

I was taken back into the dispensary’s product room, which was about as straightforward as it gets. The flowers are all placed in small sample jars, organized by type, and laid out on the glass counters. Everything is preweighed out to either grams, eighths, or half-eights, depending on the strain. During my visit, the dispensary had 19 strains available for recreational users, but only seven for our medical friends. Medical friends, worry not. If you find a strain available recreationally at Rocky Mountain High, the dispensary will sell it to you for a cool 50% off retail price. One of the bud tenders, Tai, showed me some of her favorite strains. She first pulled out the Chem 91, a strong sativa, which had a very pungent, skunky, diesely smell. Tai described the high to me as “straightforward, and head-focused,” and anyone who’s a fan of the original Chemdawg will definitely love this stinkier variant. From our indica side, another budtender, Katelyn, pulled out her favorite, the Purple Romulan. “This is what I smoke right before bed,” she noted, which makes sense. With a nice purple color, a minty and grapeyRocky Mountain High Denver aroma, and all the warmth you’d expect from a major league indica, this is one I certainly wouldn’t pick up for a daytime toke. Finally, from the dispensary’s large collection of hybrids, Tai showed me their Cotton Candy, which is a solid genetic mixture of Lavender and Power Plant. While I’d say this strain typically smells like its namesake, Rocky Mountain High’s variant had a very distinct, spiced tea quality to it, akin to something you might drink with your beignets in The Big Easy.

Speaking of culinary delights: the dispensary offers edibles that you won’t find anywhere else, because they’re made specifically for Rocky Mountain High by a classically trained pastry chef. During my visit, the dispensary had a large selection of chocolate truffles, which were available in both the Cookies & Cream and Dulce de Leche varieties. For $6 out the door, you can go home with one of these masterfully crafted treats, which each pack a 10mg of THC punch. That’s not all coming down the pipeline, either. According to the ever-informative and friendly budtenders, you should expect to see cake pops, layered cannabis cakes, and other insanely delicious treats soon. The dispensary also carried the ever-popular Edipures, and some of the newly compliant Cannapunch varieties. For Rocky Mountain High Denverconcentrates, while the selection was rather sparse, the dispensary had a few wax and shatter options blasted by Mahatma. For medical patients, the Rocky Mountain High also has bubble hash and CO2 honey oil options. However, the dispensary is in the process of producing their own shatter and wax, which will be available very soon. On top of that, the dispensary also has plans of producing their own infused lubricants, massage oils, and topicals to spice up any evening with a significant other, or yourself (who loves you more than you?). As far as smoking devices are concerned, the dispensary carries a very sizable selection of glass pipes and chillums: perfect for the tourist looking for a cheapo piece for a weekend here. On top of this, the dispensary also carries larger pieces, such as bongs and dab rigs, none of which will necessarily break the bank. Even for the largest pieces, the price never seemed to exceed $150.

It’s an interesting concept, to combine a dispensary with a store that features styles of American eras long gone. At first glance, it makes no sense whatsoever. However, leaving Rocky Mountain High, I must admit the store is decidedly Denver. Of course we should be selling trendy, classic styles, while purchasing some delicious chronic. It’s the kind of store that screams LoDo, and will certainly give you the Denver experience, mystical gemstones and all.

If you get an opportunity to visit Rocky Mountain High of Denver, Colorado, let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.


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