Rocky Mountain Organics | Review : Black Hawk, CO

Rocky Mountain Organics | Review : Black Hawk, CO
Black Hawk Dispensary Review Marijuana Dispensary Review

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An ideal convenience shop will be stocked with a guaranteed assortment of snacks, magazines, coffee, accessories….liquor and cannabis? That’s right; I can honestly say I haven’t quite envisioned the connection of a liquor store and a marijuana dispensary conveniently located on the side of the main road! As I drove up Highway 119, en route to Black Hawk, Colorado, I was mesmerized by the view – a secluded and peaceful setting – until I suddenly realized that I was approaching my destination: Rocky Mountain Organics (RMO), a recreational-only dispensary located right off the highway. RMO shares a building with, and is next to a liquor and convenience store, and I must admit it took me quite a few minutes to wrap my mind around exactly where I was standing. At first, I was feeling a bit uncomfortable, mainly because I was contriving many possible outcomes of such a setting. Although, I was happy to see a candy dispenser resting in the waiting area and I was vaguely tempted to indulge….this was all starting to make sense. My uncomfortable feeling was immediately replaced with genuine curiosity. What was this place all about?

I arrived just before the mid-day rush, with enough time to briefly greet Lucas, who was behind the window wearing a welcoming smile that he wore the entire time I was there. Rocky Mountain Organics Black HawkWhile I sat back and scoped the shop, Lucas greeted and helped the rush of customers rotating through the dispensary. The demographics of people, I noticed, were quite a few locals and regulars, and the common number of tourists stopping in for the “one-stop-shop” experience. Every single person was able to take their time and shop comfortably. Lucas kept a smile on and was extremely courteous and friendly to everyone. I was pleased about this; I don’t know about you guys, but to me, one of the most important experiences in visiting any kind of retail shop is the ability to build some kind of concise and friendly relationship. There is so much more to this than customer service; it’s a small reminder that there truly are genuine people on the other side that are truly passionate about what they do, versus a typical purchase between the supply and the demand.

As I continued to explore RMO, I kept my eye out for local art and accessories. I was elated when Lucas told me about the nuggets and jewelry made of gold, captured in Gilpin Rocky Mountain Organics Black HawkCounty by a local gold panner (and a satisfied R.M.O. customer). I couldn’t help but daydream out the window peering at the mountains and trails that were right across the street. It’s thrilling to know you have an ability to purchase fine gold that was birthed in the very mountain canyons surrounding the dispensary in which you are standing while purchasing your cannabis. This, in addition to a collection of locally made jewelry, handmade pipes and pieces, composed by local artists all around Black Hawk and Gilpin County, makes shopping at Rocky Mountain Organics truly a unique experience all on its own. I must confess, I am in love with the heart of gold that derives from the community in the local area.

There were a few strains to choose from at RMO that are frequently rotated through the shelf, providing variety for customers. Grams are $15, which is impressive considering cannabis is usually more pricey when in the mountains. Discounts are offered for medical patients as well as local residents of Gilpin County; it’s nice to know respect is bestowed among local and medical users. On the topic of respect, one strain in particular stood out Rocky Mountain Organics Black Hawkto me in which I wasn’t familiar with. I asked Lucas about the “A.O.”, which happened to be called “Agent Orange”. The name of the strain is derived from one of the most infamous herbicides used during the Vietnam War, used for destroying crops, bushes and trees of the Viet Cong. A dioxin toxin contaminated Agent Orange which caused extreme health issues and diseases for anyone exposed to it; Vietnamese or American. “We’ve abbreviated this strain as a token of compassion and respect for our veterans,” Lucas said. This alone shows true compassion and respect for any human being, whether they consume or not. By this time, I was tempted to check it out. Skinny, yet fluffy buds flourished the jar, giving off a sweet citrusy smell. Green Crack, Blue Dream and Spirit of ’76 were the other interesting buds that caught my attention. Any customer can expect decent quality of flower for excellent prices here.

The selection and quality of concentrate could easily please any cannabis consumer. Grams of wax are $40, that is unless you’re the type of, “more bang for your buck,” kind of shopper, then you can buy two grams of wax for $70. The live resin provided carries a zesty aroma, perceptible of the purging time and labor-induced work to create a fine Rocky Mountain Organics Black Hawkproduct. And it’s only $50 for the gram! All concentrates are refrigerated and kept fresh, and have by far some of the best prices I’ve come across thus far.

I genuinely couldn’t have asked for a better experience at Rocky Mountain Organics in Black Hawk, CO. My experience was enlightened by Lucas, the giant smiley face behind the counter that apprised me with all sorts of local knowledge that I never knew before. Any visitor of Gilpin County that may be interested in local art, local hiking trails, knowledge of the area or even a few ghost stories won’t have to look too hard now. Rocky Mountain Organics will provide you with the ultimate historic and appealing, cozy and homey, cannabis-packed adventure that you could hope for.

If you get an opportunity to visit Rocky Mountain Organics in Black Hawk, Colorado, let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.

Dona Juana

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