ROOT Organic | Review : Boulder,CO

ROOT Organic | Review : Boulder,CO
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As someone who has lived in Boulder for the better part of the last decade, I’d like to think I have a pretty clear understanding of what it means to live inside The Bubble. What I mean to say is, I think I understand what kinds of people exist here, and how we are all strange and different from the people in other Colorado cities. Here’s a big one: when we say we like shopping local, we absolutely mean it. As a matter of fact, every year, Boulderites are up in arms around our local farmer’s market, because we allow some farmers from outside Boulder are given stands to sell their veggies (even though certain Weld, Larimer, Mesa, and Delta County growers have been grandfathered in to have permanent places at the market, and other growers outside of Boulder County can apply on a year-to-year basis). Corn from Weld County? Gasp! I mean, that might be a little bit of an extreme example of how Boulder denizens appreciate home-grown business, but the sentiment rings true: we love locally sourced, organic, and responsible. I think that’s why Root Organic MMC, a medical dispensary in Boulder, Colorado, is so incredibly popular. It’s a Boulder company that looks to support other Boulder companies. Local supporting local.

If you find yourself by the Wendy’s in that horrifying parking lot off of east Arapahoe, you haven’t gone east enough. Root Organic is actually tucked away in its own little strip, which it shares with another dispensary. It wasn’t quite showing up correctly on my map, so you might want to just keep your eyes peeled Root Organic Boulderfor its distinctive green and white sign. The good news is, it doesn’t share that horrible aforementioned parking lot, and parking is plentiful and lovely in front of Root. The waiting room is small, ornate, and sunny. The lime green couch that is provided for you to hang out on compliments the large pictures of marijuana that adorn the walls, as well as the desk where Randall, one of the dispensary’s managers, took my information. After a quick wait, Randall brought me back into the product room, which is essentially divided in two. On your left are all of the cannabis goodies, and on the right, all of the devices to smoke or vaporize said cannabis goodies. On the wall, the distinctive and unique “Rooticorn” greets visitors, its rainbow mane and tail blowing in the ganja-scented wind.

Root Organic is the sister store to The Farm, a recreational dispensary in north Boulder, so you’ll find a lot of similar products available. However, Root’s stash is certainly more geared towards the medicinal properties of cannabis. “I really try to figure out what someone is going to be using our products for,” Randall explained to me. “I think it’s important for people to understand the differences between, say, Diesels and Hazes, and how they’ll hit you differently.” While the former might be very good for someone needing Root Organic Boulderan energy kick, the latter is definitely better for focus, creativity, and euphoria. It’s an interesting idea, and a level of expertise that is certainly lacking at many other dispensaries across the state. Sure, it’s not uncommon to find a bud tender who can spout off the medicinal benefits of sativas or indicas in general, but to get down to the specific genetics? Money. During my visit, Root Organic had fifteen different strains available, with a multitude of different genetics present. Unlike many medical stores, Root Organic also had their test results available for you to peruse, most likely because they use the same strains in their recreational store, which is required to test their plants’ potency. Randall dropped a few jars in front of me to look at and smell, to get an idea of the kinds of flowers they had available. On the sativa side, I could not believe the smell and look of the Tangerine Haze. It’s one of my favorite strains to begin with, but this stuff smelled just like a glass of fresh OJ (and not the former running back whose gloves don’t fit). On the indica side, I was introduced to the Hells OG, a strong ocean-grown strain that will turn your ass to jelly. With a soft floral and earthy scent, I can understand why he would show me that one. Finally, the Gumbi. This mild indica actually tested at a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC. I always get stoked when I see a medical dispensary carrying CBD smoke, not to mention a strain that has just as much CBD as it does THC.Root Organic Boulder

While Root Organic produces its own CO2 oil and bubble hash, the dispensary relies on some solid Boulder companies to produce its shatter and wax. The famed Hummingbird brand CO2 oil is produced by Root, and you can find a whole mess of their strains available in oil form (most notably, I would say, that Gumbi 1:1). Hummingbird is also responsible for the large amount of bubble hash the dispensary carries. During my visit, the dispensary had some seven different strains available, most of which were available in 45, 73, and 90 micron varieties. The dispensary also works with Green Dot Labs, a Boulder company, to produce shatter and wax from Root’s full plants. While the dispensary only had their Tangerine Haze Budder available during my visit (for $30 for the gram, I might add), I can see on their menu today they have a few different types of saps, shatters, and waxes to add.

I’m not sure I’ve seen a medicinal dispensary in Boulder with the selection of edibles, tinctures, and transdermal cannabis products that Root Organic has. Organized into stylish glass jars, the dispensary carries from all of our favorites: Sweet Mary Jane, IncrEdibles, Wana, Cheeba Chews, and so on. Finally, like their sister store uptown, Root Organic has a very sizable selection of glass to choose from (though, certainly not nearlyRoot Organic Boulder as big a selection as The Farm). Pipes, chillums, bongs, dab rigs, one hitters, vaporizers, dugouts… you name it, there’s a selection of it at Root Organic. It’s worth noting that the large majority of the glassware the dispensary offers comes from local Boulder artists. That’s what I’m talking about!

To me, The Root definitely represents an ideology that many Boulderites share, but they do it in a unpretentious way. No, these folks aren’t holding picket signs out in front of Dushanbe Tea House because some farmer from the Western Slope wants to sell his cantaloupes at a market. They’re a local company, with local pride. No, on second thought, I think it goes beyond local pride. A local company encouraging, networking, and working with other local vendors and companies is what I like to call “local respect.” Now that’s something to be proud of.

If you get an opportunity to visit Root Organic of Boulder, Colorado, let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.


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