Sacred Seed | Review : Denver

Sacred Seed | Review : Denver
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It is an exciting time to live in Colorado. Being a Colorado native, it has been enthralling to follow the unfolding story of marijuana, through its varying degrees of legality. I remember a time when if you wanted quality marijuana, it meant meeting a man named Turtle in his mother’s basement, listening to Slayer’s “Reign in Blood” ad nauseam, and leaving feeling annoyed, disappointed, and with a gram that was certainly not quite a gram. It is very fortunate for marijuana users in Colorado that stores like Sadred Seed exist.

I walked up to the building, located very conveniently off of Evans Avenue in southeast Denver, from a more than accommodating parking lot. As soon as you walk in, you’re greeted by a large effigy of Siddhartha, and a smiling receptionist who is not afraid to ask about your day. After getting my number (which felt quite a lot like the DMV), I sat down in the waiting room. In front of me sat a very large variety of marijuana-themed magazines to thumb through. From name, décor, and philosophy, it is clear that Sacred Seed attempts to tie in Eastern traditions of medicine, religion, and culture into its store. From a table-top Zen garden, to a large Om hand-painted in the glass room (more on this later), Sacred Seed has an incredibly mellow and relaxing East-Asian vibe.

Sacred Seed DenverSacred Seed has been serving Colorado’s medicinal marijuana needs since their opening in 2009. They strive for a location that feels safe, comfortable, and as non-intimidating as possible. I would say this lofty image is difficult to live up to in reality, but it’s honestly where Sacred Seed hits the mark. Talking to the bud tenders, it was clear they are serious about the “customer-first” approach. “I don’t care if someone walks in with half a leg, or fifteen legs, I am going to treat every person who walks in those doors with dignity and respect. Marijuana is not hard to sell; it’ll sell itself. But what’s going to get our customers and patients coming back is our solid customer service.”

Where Sacred Seed really begins to shine is the moment you walk up to the counter with the products for sale. In fact, for me, the customer service experience started as I was briskly taking notes on the large and comfortable wrap-around couch in the waiting room. One of the bud tenders, a bespectacled and smiling man by the name of Zebbodios, Sacred Seed Denverapproached me on the couch, asking if I needed anything. As we walked back to the counter, I was met by Ryan, one of the other bud tenders (and acting manager on the day I was there); both of whom were more than willing to answer any and every question I had about the store, the products, and the industry as a whole.

For marijuana enthusiasts who love selection, Sacred Seed generally has anywhere between thirty and forty strains of flower at any given time. The flower is divided into four different characterizations: with prices to match the bud’s location on the shelves, from highest quality, or the “Grower’s Choice,” to the discounted blue-plate special cannabis. Zebbodios offered numerous times to have me smell the different strains (which, to me, tend to all smell “like marijuana”), and he was more than happy to allow me to investigate the ingredient list in any of the edibles. He was also more than happy to discuss which strains were his favorite, and (most importantly) why they were his favorite. Now, maybe I am still green (heh, green) when it comes to identifying specific sensations in my body when using marijuana products, but Zebbodios was genuinely excited to tell me why he prefers the 55% sativa blend over the 70% sativa. It is comforting to talk to bud tenders who have the expertise in their product like the bud tenders at Sacred Seed.

For those looking for concentrates, Sacred Seed carries Mahatma wax and shatter. When asked why, the two bud tenders smiled at me and said, “Because they win. Everything.” They also carry a very wide selection of edibles, with very clearly labeled dosage. On my visit, the store seemed to be running low on anything under 100 mg, but, as it was explained to me, “Edibles are the Sacred Seed Denver products that are the most unpredictable.” Every few weeks, they explained, edibles are recalled, or taken off shelves, to modify existing packaging to the state’s liking. Now, some stores will sell what they have, and then roll with new packaging when they get it. This is not the case at Sacred Seed. They are the self-proclaimed “goody two-shoes” in the Denver marijuana scene. While looking at their edibles, Ryan handed me a half-sheet that he says goes home with anyone who wants to purchase edibles from their store, titled “What you need to know BEFORE consuming cannabis.” It’s very clear that they are more interested in the safety, health, and well being of their patients and customers, than trying to make a sale.

In the room next to where the products are sold is the more-than-impressive smoking device room. Sacred Seed has a great selection of pipes, bongs, and dab rings, many of which produced locally in Colorado. Sacred Seed also sells Atmos pens, and assorted vaporizers from PAX, Firefly, and Da Vinci. Essentially, any way that you want your cannabis, Sacred Seed has you covered.

What can be said about a store that focuses its resources and attention around delivering the highest quality customer experience, while still playing by the rules?  For many first-time and returning customers and patients, a place that they feel welcome, invited, and respected is beyond important. Long gone are the days of sitting anxiously in a dirty basement, watching your friend do “that really sick riff” on air guitar, while waiting for your product to arrive. Places like Sacred Seed prove that retail cannabis can be sold in a relaxing, professional and clean environment, and for that, I think we’re all grateful.


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