Santé Alternative Wellness | Review : Denver

Santé Alternative Wellness | Review : Denver
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Welcome to the age of the bargain hunter; never before have so many been scouring the internet for deals, coupons, contests, and giveaways. It’s very little surprise that the medical marijuana market has become a participant in this new quintessentially American quest for savings. Back before I could legally acquire medicinal buds, it was never so much of a bargain hunt for marijuana as it was just a quest in general. If there was a bargain involved, that was just icing on the cake. I’ll never forget one time in particular. One of my friends had gotten tip from a co-worker on where to go get some extremely cheap, extremely nice cannabis. For a deal like $20 for a quarter ounce of chronic – beyond unheard of at the time – we hopped in my old truck and made our way to the address that was given to us. We found ourselves in an extremely fancy gated neighborhood. Feeling thoroughly out of place in our pajama pants, we found the address and went to the door. We were greeted by a very regular looking guy who, without questioning who we were, welcomed us in to his house, which was filled with expensive paintings and sculptures. Feeling much less hesitant than we probably should have, we followed him down to his basement, expecting a bag of the crummiest brick schwag we’d ever seen. He went back to his closet and pulled out a garbage bag full of some of the best chronic I’d ever seen at the time, grabbed a massive handful, shoved it in a Ziploc and said “that will be $20.” Not to question Santé Denverthe why of the situation, we gladly handed over the money and left before things got any more confusing. The moral of this story being, I love it when I can get marijuana at a steal and not have to compromise quality. That’s exactly what I encounter during my visit to Santé, a medical only dispensary located just a skip and a hop off of the green mile.

Santé is the second dispensary in its chain, the first being their parent store located in Durango. Santé is easy enough to spot when you’re heading Eastbound on Evans Avenue, but the parking was a little trickier for me to figure out. I did find a spot right near the front, but I wasn’t sure if I was parked in a spot owned by the dispensary or not. I walked into their little storefront, up a short flight of stairs (they do have a lift for handicap accessibility) and to their front window. I was greeted by Ally and Ronnie, both wearing a huge smile. They took a peek at my ID and med card, and then invited me in. I walked by their two absolutely precious little waiting rooms and went into their main bud room. Ally and Ronnie gave me a quick overview of the pricing on their 25 strains availSanté Denverable during my visit. Their strains are marked in red, green, and blue labels, getting progressively nicer respectively. I started out with the red label Lemon Skunk. I would never have guessed these buds were their most affordable; I took a big whiff of this sativa dominant, and picked up its namesake lemon flavor along with an amazing sweet note. Ready for the real jaw dropper? You can pick up an ounce of their red label strains any day for $99. No joke, this is the best quality to cost ratio I’ve ever seen at any dispensary I’ve visited. I’m used to seeing mid-grade products at best for $99 dollars and ounce, rather than real, honest to goodness chronic. As Ronnie grabbed off a green label off the shelf, all I could think was, how does it get any better than that? It was love at first smell when Ronnie opened up the jar of their green label Blue Gum. The combination of Blue Dream and Bubblegum, two of my favorites, come together to form this perfectly balanced hybrid strain. Not only did these Blue Gum nuggets look nice, not only did they smell like fresh blueberry bubblegum, but they can come home with you for only $20 an eighth, as a green label strain. When Ally grabbed off a jar of their blue label Golden Goat, I needed to physically hold my socks on, lest they be blown off. A more apt name for this batch would have been WhiteSanté Denver Goat, since the numbers of trichomes coating the surface of these buds made them appear white. Expecting these amazing buds to be at connoisseur prices, I was surprised to find out you can still get a gram of their top shelf buds for only $10.

Finding it more than a little tricky to pry my face away from their cannabis, Ally pointed out their large selection of strain specific flower (not shake) pre-rolls before grabbing out a few of their concentrates for me to peruse. She started by showing me their live resin hash produced for them by The Lab. It smelled like a fresh field of cannabis, and looked like a pad of butter from a pancake commercial; in other words it looked perfect. I took a peek then at a couple of their strain specific CO2 waxes produced by Evo Lab, and was not disappointed either. In my opinion the best looking concentrates they had were their strain specific waxes and shatters produced by Dab TEK. The Dab TEK produced Cali Mist and White Rhino wax were simply immaculate, possessing all the characters I look for in good wax, including a phenomenal terpene character. The shatter was no different, possessing such a remarkable translucent character that if I were a lesser man would have driven me to weep. For only $35Santé Denver a gram, I can tell you with that quality and that price, I’ll be back again. If you prefer your concentrates in simple to smoke disposable form, they do carry 150mg cartridges for O.pen.

After admiring their Chernobyl shatter one more time, I rounded off my visit by taking a peek at their edible, topical, and glass selection. Their edible options, while not expansive, did cover the bases in the sense that there was something for everyone. They had a full stock of IncrEdibles, in a variety of different dosages and flavors, as well as some of the very best products Wana offers, including their candy jewels and their gummies. There were several options from Love’s Oven including some 300mg dosage foods for only $17. Canna Chews also made an appearance on the shelf next to one of my favorites, Mountain High Suckers. If you like any of these edibles, hurry in now; Santé is having a 25% off sale on edibles, which means you should go and stock up. If you like to apply your cannabis topically, swing by and grab some lotions and salves from Mary Jane’s. For a limited time they areSanté Denver all 40% off of their regular price. If you’re looking for glass, Santé does carry a limited supply of pipes, just enough to get you up and running again if you haven’t smoked in a while. Besides the pipes on the shelf in their bud room, there are a few more to choose from on display in their waiting area as well.

With prices and quality products like the ones I found at Santé, I can see this location becoming one of my regular stops. If you don’t have a med card, but still found your interest piqued by Santé’s amazing products, never fear. In the next few months they will be opening up a recreational side in addition to their medical side. If you’re a current patient at Santé, or if your are interested in becoming one, they are going to retain their medical dispensary status as well, and are even opening up a VIP room to cater to their medical patients after they’ve opened their rec side. I really love it when I find a place like Santé, where I can go in and know that I’m going to be able to get myself some superior quality marijuana at a price that will leave my wallet fat and happy. Now that I’ve discovered Santé, I know I’ll be getting a good price on great marijuana and I won’t need to pick it up from a stranger out of a garbage bag to lock in my savings.

If you get an opportunity to visit Santé of Denver, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.




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