Serene Wellness | Review : Empire, CO

Serene Wellness | Review : Empire, CO
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For most of us, the advantage of easy travel into the Rockies is one of the prime reasons for living in northwest Colorado. Road trips don’t seem so bad when you’ve got your own visionary experience right out your window. The beauty of snow-capped mountain tops, the greenest pine trees, and in most places, a substantial amount of history deep in the canyons and crevices of the mountains simply take your breath away. Stopping by a pot shop on the way up to the vacation house is a check off the to-do list; what’s better than buying your cannabis with the accommodation of a beautiful and a tangible piece of history that you’ll always remember?

Aside from the visionary experience, by the time I made it to the small town of Empire, the historic and comfortable environment brought me instant elation. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Empire is a historic piece of Colorado history; in fact, it’s the epitome of Colorado history. Some of the original buildings were still standing, and the only main road in the town led me to my destination, Serene Wellness: the sole recreational dispensary of Empire, Colorado. Across the street from the shop, the old Town Hall still stands, holding the city offices, the police department, and a breakfast joint called The Hard Rock Café, uniquely referring to the old mining days of Empire. As I walked into Serene, I instantly felt welcomed into the cozy waiting area, which displayed a plaque on the wall giving a quick history lesson on the building we were standing in. The building was over a hundred years old. As it turns out, Adolf Coors was an original owner of “The Mint Saloon”. Only Coors beer was dispensed at the one-story saloon until 1915. Just a few Serene Wellness Empireyears later, prohibition was a reality, and the two World Wars interfered with the gold production and financial structure of the town. The Mint Saloon was empty and deserted, and Empire more or less turned into a ghost town. Proof of the old saloon was displayed on the shelves in the shop: classic Pabst Blue Ribbon cans and empty whiskey bottles that were found underneath the building decorated the baby blue walls. I honestly felt the need to bring myself back to reality as I caught myself drifting into the history of the entire setting I was in. There was so much energy erupting from the feel of this town.

When we entered Serene Wellness, were greeted by Adam, the store manager. He was welcoming and informative about all of the shop’s product, especially the organic flower. Confidence was an excellent trait in Adam’s character, which I instantly noticed while he told us about the grow at the dispensary. There are about 15-17 strains harvested, an array of sativa to hybrid to indica dominant strains. Organic and hand-Serene Wellness Empiretrimmed flower, grown in cocoa soil with a premium molasses flush. Wow. This is great quality bud that is clearly grown with true quality passion. There is always a warm appreciation set forth when I am introduced to a culture with a passion for the product.

As I began to ask about Adam’s favorite strain, he was already reaching for the lid of a jar in front of me. His selection was nothing short of glorious. “Cannadential” was the lucky chosen gal. It’s a comforting, 50/50 hybrid cross between L.A. Confidential and Cannalope. I was mesmerized by the attractive flower. They had a premium trim, and the nuggets were full and fat, without a rocky-hard density. Forest greens, vivid orange hairs, glimpses and tints of a deep purple flourished the flower. To off my experience, Cannadential had an earthy, herb-like aroma. I can see why Adam favors this gem.

I was then introduced to an indica-dominant strain that I haven’t met before: Lavender Kush. The name itself was so intriguing, I couldn’t help but to imagine the aroma and appearance of a floral kush. This bud had lighter, soft green and tender speckles of a light, lavender purple. The heavy kush aroma indicated its native roots, and the hint of lavender was calming Serene Wellness Empireand enthralling, to say the least.

Aside from the flower selection, Serene Wellness takes pride in their assortment of concentrates, edib