Simply Pure | Review : Denver, CO

Simply Pure | Review : Denver, CO
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It was a Tuesday morning when I visited Simply Pure at 2000 West 32nd Avenue in the Highlands. It was another beautiful Denver summer day, I had returned from a weekend of Phish at Madison Square Garden in high spirits after witnessing two outstanding shows. Located on the corner of 32 and Tejon, the location is adorned on the exterior with a mural by artist Joel Hurlbut featuring some hidden images, check it out. On the interior, this dispensary has a clean waiting room with comfy chairs and industry periodicals to peruse while you wait. This location provides both Med and Rec services. Once you gain entry, the experience continues to impress. The store is organized and setup for your budtender to be able to provide the personal attention required for great service. The store is in an up and coming area of the city that is growing rapidly. There is a large condo or apartment building being constructed across the street and several great bars and restaurants are located within a mile radius. Simply Pure told me that they have a lot of visitors from out of the state, there is a lot of excitement in this part of town and Simply Pure is another great stop for visitors of the area. I think they got a great flagship location when they moved in about 2 years ago.

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At Simply Pure, they have a solid selection of products. Flower selection was diverse and of great quality. They typically have 10-14 strains available and the prices were what you would expect: Grams $10-15, Ounces $165-$250; with select strains at $99/ounce and plenty of specials. I personally tested two of the most popular strains. The Jet Fuel was just that, got me going for a workout and I was in the zone listening to my workout jams. Money Pug ($125 Oz) had a great flavor and a well rounded high, which set me right for a live Phish Webcast viewing that night.

Concentrate selection was also impressive. They had various selections of both live resin and distillates ($35-70/G). Brands featured at Simply Pure included: Olio, Quest, Bakked. They also had O-Pen products and Pyramid Pens ($25-60). The edible selection at Simply Pure was very impressive. They had products from: Ripple, Dixie, Binske Honey, Wanda, Coda, Stratos, Mary’s Medicinal, and more. They roots of Simpy Pure are in edibles.

One of the owners is Chef Scott Durrah, one of the top cannabis chefs in the country. His cookbook is available at the store and they also do infused catering services, which sounds like something I’d like to try. I was told the owners are pursuing a MIP to produce their own brand of infused edibles in the future.

The staff at Simply Pure is professional and friendly. Brian and Kristin helped me and I want to thank them for inviting me in to learn about Simply Pure. You can tell they take their craft seriously, so much so they call themselves Budologists, not budtenders. When I asked why, I was told they take a 50 question test to earn the title, and a 20 question test each month to maintain it. Their slogan for the staff is “#Iamapurest” and I could see why. No products hit the shelves at Simply Pure unless the staff gets to sample and it gets overall positive reviews, which is a great way to maintain strong quality control in my opinion. The passion for the plant and its impact on people’s lives is sincere. It was a pleasure to meet the staff and get to know about them.

Now for a couple things that were not the best. The area is crowded with construction and busy bars and restaurants, so parking in the area can be a little challenging depending on the time of day. There is not a parking lot. Also, there was a limited selection of pipes or devices but that’s likely do to focus on the actual cannabis and the store not being a warehouse in terms of square footage.

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Overall, Simply Pure is a great neighborhood dispensary. They have a personal touch that you won’t get at some of the others in the area. Happy hour is every day from 3:20-4:20pm and from 9:00-9:50pm. They have a great selection of products regardless of what you are looking for, and if you are not sure what you are looking for, the staff can help you find it. If you are reading this in August of 2017, they are featuring products from women in the cannabis industry for “Boss Women Month”.

Make sure you visit Simply Pure. Tell them you read the review on One of my many aliases is Wild Bill, you can reach me at Send me your feedback, react to me. Until my next review, have dope days.

If you get an opportunity to visit (Simply Pure) of Denver, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.

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