Sticky Buds Alameda | Review : Denver

Sticky Buds Alameda | Review : Denver
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Have you ever sat in front of a chain restaurant, and really appreciated the fact that the practically universally recognizable brand name spawned from just one location? With some good business practices, good products, and good marketing those companies have made themselves a business that will (likely) sail through the ebbs and flows of today’s volatile market. Since Colorado’s first medicinal marijuana storefronts opened over five years ago, the entire state has become an ideal incubation center for any cannabis based small business. All of the chain marijuana dispensaries you now know by name started out a little store, trying to help their medical clients overcome their ailments through the wonderful healing properties of marijuana. Sticky Buds, off Alameda, is one of these locations. Their name is now a recognizable one in the industry, and it all started in a humble little house right off the highway.

I already knew the name “Sticky Buds” from long before I started my nomadic dispensary wanderings, but had never actually gone to one of their locations before. I, quite unintentionally, picked their very first dispensary off of Alameda for my initial visit. After finding a place to park around the block I walked up to the undeniably charming house converted into a dispensary. Walking up to the front of the dispensary I couldn’t help but think of how much it looked like my old weed dealer’s house in Greeley. Brushing off a bit of nostalgia, I went through the little chain-link gate in front, entered the door, and was greeted by Jessica. After Jessica quite jovially checked my ID I passed through their small waiting room, and went to the main counter, where I met my budtender Greg. In front of him was a beautifulSticky Buds Alameda Denver selection of buds enclosed in little containers, each clearly marked with the strain’s genetic heritage and percentage of indica or sativa.

Greg started out by telling me a little bit about the strains they carry and which ones were their most popular. They had a mid-size selection ranging from 12 to 20 strains depending on the day and had an even spread of sativas, indicas, and hybrids. When asked about their most popular strain, Greg immediately whipped out the Pre-98 Bubba Kush. One small whiff and a gander was all it took to see why this strain was so popular. Pungent and earthy in aroma and dappled with delicate orange hair in appearance, this nigh 100% indica strain brings pain relief and unrivaled euphoria to patients and recreational users alike. Although it does run a bit more expensive than their other strains, Greg assured me that the price was worth every hit. On the opposite side of the spectrum was their 100% sativa Durban Poison. Another strainSticky Buds Alameda Denver that most of us are familiar, their Durban Poison was the original, pretty much as close to pure sativa as you can get. Dark green in color with a very delicate scent, I have no doubt this strain would provide the cerebral journey many recreational users crave. The back wall held the pre-weighed buds ready to go home to a loving owner, who would no doubt rip them apart and light them on fire (as any loving owner should).

Sticky Buds also offers a good selection of concentrates from various different providers such as Epic Extracts, Colorado Concentrates, Mahatma, and C02 extractions from Evolab. Although the providers may be subject to change, the caliber of the weed used isn’t, and you can expect some high quality shatter to be waiting for you when you come in. They have O.pens and Atmos Nano pens for sale as well as large prefilled cartridges available up to 500mg (a rarity on the recreational side). In the edible department, Sticky Buds had a medium size selection for sale. Dixie drinks, Dew Drops, and truffles were there waiting to be ingested, right next to the comSticky Buds Alameda Denverplete line-up of products from Edipure. Next to the pre-weighed buds on the back wall was a large selection of Yummy Gummies all 50% off at the time and only $10 (pre-tax). Last but not least came the IncrEdibles candy bars. Greg admitted to having a penchant for the Peanut Budda Buddha (This is also a flavor that Max, another editor at Dope Directory, mentions to me almost every time we talk). Rich creamy peanut butter goodness married with THC in a beautiful harmony of edible goodness.

For topicals on the recreational side, Sticky Buds carried the full line of products from Mary Jane’s, including salves, lotions, and sprays. Greg could personally attest to the effectiveness of the Mary Jane’s products and mentioned preferring them over Apothecanna products mostly because the ingredient list is little more basic, lacking some of the hard to pronounce emulsifiers. Some dab rigs and a small selection of pipes hung on the wall next to the IncrEdibles. I must admit to being a big fan of the small glass pipes that they carried embellished with the “Sticky Buds” logo on the end.

Their medical counter, although much smaller than the main recreational, counter carried all the basics, along with some great deals if you want to sign them up as your caregiver. The dispensary will give you 20% the day you sign over and buy one get one 50% off wax every Wednesday. There is also a monthly reward program including some great deals such as a $15 off coupon for any purchase from $50-$150 and $10 8ths on your birthday.

Sticky Buds’ selections show a very Sticky Buds Alameda Denverwell rounded recreational location that is undoubtedly an ideal spot for any marijuana tourists due to its proximity to I-25 and the RTD station across the street. Good products and great service have turned this little house selling marijuana to medical patients into a wonderful dispensary chain with three locations, all providing medical and recreational products. I must admit to becoming a patron of this establishment the first time I went in. Catching the tail end of a weekend sale, I was able to scrounge up just enough change from my car to grab myself a $5 (pre-tax) joint of Dynamite, which I will have no doubt, enjoyed by the time this review is posted. As a final testament to how cool the employees are at this location, Greg covered the 3¢ difference on my dollar, so I could keep it for later; no doubt to buy the $1 burger I’ll need after I smoke the joint he sold me.#JessetheGrove

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