The Bud Depot | Review : Lyons, CO

The Bud Depot | Review : Lyons, CO
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If you’ve been keeping yourself abreast of the most recent Colorado cannabis news, you’re no doubt aware of how many grows and dispensaries have been temporarily – or in some cases permanently –shut down for improper use of pesticides and herbicides. Although all recreational crops need to be tested for contaminants, the size of the sample is rather paltry, and just because a small batch isn’t contaminated, that doesn’t say much for the whole. Medical marijuana has even lower testing standards and doesn’t even need to fly through a potency or adulterant test. This should be rather disconcerting to most readers. There are ways, however, to ensure that your batch of sticky icky won’t make you feel sick-y icky. For starters, it doesn’t hurt to seek out a place that has an organic growing process. While this doesn’t assure clean cannabis, the essential oils that are used in place of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides are in no way as detrimental to your health as some of the terrifying synthetic equivalents. Another good countermeasure is to procure your cannabis at a well-established location. Chances are if a place has been around for half a decade and the MED (Marijuana Enforcement Division) hasn’t shut them down, they are growing under proper regulations. Lastly, simply ask a budtender about their products and or their grow process. Chances are if they beat around the bush and don’t necessarily know their own growing process, the alarm bells should start ringing. All that being said, I had the fortune of swinging by a dispensary last week that fulfills all my criteria and then some. The Bud Depot, located in gorgThe Bud Depoteous Lyons Colorado, is an organic growing dispensary that’s been catering to local medical patients for over five years and recreational customers for the last seven months.

I paid my visit to The Bud Depot on an abnormally foggy and cool July day. As I pulled into their packed parking lot, little traipses of misty clouds danced overhead, cascading off the breathtaking jagged foothills surrounding the city to the West. The scene was set for an amazing dispensary visit. After finagling my way into a tight parking spot, I entered The Bud Depot into their small waiting room and was greeted by Sativa (the girl, not the cannabis phenotype). Sativa credited her name to her parents growing back in the 80’s and I have no doubt she was destined to work in the industry. Wasting no time, Sativa introduced me the gang of J-names: Jeff, Jerry, Jill, Jared, and the not-so-J-named Bob, and we casually made our way over to their medical side to check out some of their organic strains. Like their sister-store Helping Hands in Boulder, The Bud Depot’s grow is all organic. Sativa explained to me that their buds are soil-grown, flushed for an outstanding two weeks and then tent cured for another two weeks, before being hand-trimmed and served up to their The Bud Depotpatients and customers. With over a dozen strains to choose from on either the med or rec side, Sativa picked out a few of the real crowd-pleasers so that I might have a close encounter of the cannabinoid kind. Jared mentioned the dispensaries fondness of island strains, this affinity likely spurring from the fact that the owner lived in Hawaii, and just so happened to bring some of their cannabis genetics back with them (I won’t ask how). These genetics really shined in their Island Sweet Skunk. Skunky on the start and sweet in the finish, this strain had the smells and the looks of a real crowd pleaser. Sativa mentioned it also has the perfect sativa high associated with it; it’s that strain that will help you “clean your house, clean your closet, and organize your life.” Next we moved on to a heavy-hitting indica, Purple Kush Starship. True to its name, the PK Starship, was extremely purple and smelled simply out of this world. To give you an idea of how “indica” it is, Bob mentioned when he’s smoking some PK Starship “a grizzly bear could be gnawing on my leg and I wouldn’t even care.” To finish I had to take a whiff of their Girl Scout Cookies. This was a great grow of GSC, offering all the sweetness I expected along with some phenomenal hairy The Bud Depotaesthetics. While The Bud Depot usually specializes in easy-to-grow prolific strains, GSC is one of those gangly hybrids that’s just so good, you need to grow some. The real reasons that The Bud Depot specializes in such virulent growing strains is to pass the torch on to you, in seed form. Their genetics have been stabilized for multiple generations, and The Bud Depot’s seeds, while not feminized, can claim an F5 status (meaning they have been backcrossed genetically five times, not that the trailer home is going to get “Twistered”). Even if you do buy seeds and end up with a male plant you can get you money back for it.

The fun doesn’t stop there; with a huge selection of concentrates, edibles, topicals, and glass on both the medical and recreational side, you’re certain to find exactly what your heart desires during your visit. I checked out a couple of their strain-specific, nug-run shatters from Tclabs, and I was extremely impressed with the clarity and terpanoid content; in other words, tThe Bud Depotheir shatter has the right looks and the right smells, and I can only assume the right tastes to go along with the other two. While the shatter was inspiring, their wax and Rasta Bubble hash were nothing to scoff at either. Overall the selection of concentrates was phenomenal. Their edible selection was nothing short of all-inclusive with options from Wana, Blue Kudu, Cheeba Chews, Canyon Cultivation, Mountain High, IncrEdibles, Julie’s Kitchen, The Growing Kitchen, Flo Cola, Sweet Grass, Dixie, Nectar Bee, Highly Edibles, Cannapunch, and Dr. J’s (say that all in one breath, I dare you). For topical cannabis applications, check out pens and patches from Mary’s Medicinals, lotions and salves from Mary Jane’s, and creams and rubs from Apothecanna. If you’re in need of a pipe or some other form of smoking apparatus, The Bud Depot has a mid-size selection, which will soon become massive when they open up an affiliated headshop right next door. The headshop should be opening its doors in the next month or so and will not only offer a huge selection of gThe Bud Depotlass and miscellaneous paraphernalia, but will also be selling CBD-only products that are currently unavailable in local dispensaries due to set of questionably draconian laws currently in place in Lyons.

The Bud Depot, to put it bluntly, is a magical place. Not only do they care about their patients and customers, the tax revenue brought in to Lyons has been quintessential in rebuilding after the 2013 flooding. This is a really nifty little spot to visit if you’re looking for clean organic cannabis, free of questionably named herbicides and pesticides. While Lyons may be a trek for many of us, if you’re on your way to Estes Park, or just want to escape into the foothills, make sure a pit stop at The Bud Depot is on your itinerary. When you visit expect amazing products, competitive pricing, and some of the greatest budtenders around.

If you get an opportunity to visit The Bud Depot of Lyons, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.




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