The Giving Tree | Review : Denver

The Giving Tree | Review : Denver
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I remember one year for Halloween, I thought it would be a funny idea to dress up completely in black, top myself with a beret, and arm myself with a book of poems by my childhood favorite, Shel Silverstein. I always appreciated Silverstein’s message – an homage to children, and showing the value of silly, sometimes absurdist, behavior. But the true brilliance of Silverstein’s work was that most of his poems had some underlying meaning or lesson that readers of all ages could derive.

One such poem, and a favorite at elementary school poetry slams is “The Giving Tree.” For those unaware, the poem tells a story of a tree, and her beloved boy. The tree would give anything she could to the boy, be it apples, branches, or even her own trunk, to satisfy the boy, and it was this act of giving that truly made the tree happy. Little did I know that this potent life lesson was also a philosophy; a philosophy that is extraordinarily evident at The Giving Tree of Denver.

The Giving Tree of Denver is located on the corner of 38th Avenue and Clay, towards the northwestern side of town, squeezed in between a flower shop and a liquor store. Aside from two small lots on either side of the building, there really was not much of a parking lot to speak of at The Giving Tree of Denver, but there was abundant on-street parking all around the store. The dispensary is locally owned and operated; a self-proclaimed “mom and pop shop” by owner Adam, that recently added its recreational business in March of 2014. They have, however, been selling medicinal marijuana for five years in the same location. I will admit, I was a bit nervous walking to the store, based merely on its small and inconspicuous storefront. The waiting room is also small and forgettable, but that might be because I had to wait virtually no time at all before Adam checked me into the back, and allowed me to look at the product room.

I have to give kudos to the dispensary, for packing as much product as they did into the small space. They claim to have the largest selection of edibles in all of Denver, and after viewing the offerings at the store, I would be hard-pressed to find anyone who even comes close. Crackers for your soup? Sure, they have that. Teas? Hot chocolates? Pixi sticks? You bet. Is your dog stressed out because of the summer thunderstorms in Colorado? Why not pick up a medicated dog treat? I was astounded by the sheer number of ways to medicate yourself in The Giving Tree of Denver.

If edibles are not your thing, they also have some very impressive buds to choose from. While they have over one hundred strains growing in their garden at any given time, there were twenty-two strains available for sale on the day I went in. The most famous of these, according to the bud tender I was working with, is an infusion called “Green Crack,” or as they called it, “The House Cleaner” for its uplifting and sativa-dominant properties. In all honesty, I’m not sure I’ve seen an infused bud that was quite so dense and odoriferous. They even had a strain which they called “Snoop Dog OG,” which is an absolute patient favorite.

As far as concentrates go, The Giving Tree of Denver’s walls were absolutely packed with different varieties of concentrates that you can entertain yourself with. There were several varieties of shatter, wax, and moon rocks available. They also carried a myriad of vape pens, which would probably be the cheapest and most straight-forward way to have your concentrates, if that’s what you want. As far as any other glassware for sale (aside from a small basket of glass pipes the size of my pinkie), I would not recommend going to The Giving Tree of Denver.

What I absolutely love about this store was how passionate, friendly, and personal the owner, Adam, was to every patient I saw walk in. “I call all of my regulars by name here. It’s just that kind of store,” he indicated to me, while helping out an aging cancer patient. Next, a man with a substantial imbalance in his gait came in, and was also addressed by name, patted on the back, met with a handshake, and left happy. Very quickly, I realized that I wasn’t just standing in the middle of a business operation; but rather, a place of giving and receiving support, as well as a place to feel loved, even for a little while.

As I was walking out of the store, Adam kindly thanked me for the work I was doing for the industry. No no, Adam. Thank you. Thank you for running the small business like a family. Thank you for caring for these people, and demonstrating that love and business can be a very fruitful marriage. Mostly, thank you for embodying the ever-present, and ever-loving tree your store has taken its namesake from. Certainly, if readers of Silverstein’s poems can be inspired by the lessons therein, I would suggest they spend a day in The Giving Tree of Denver, and see what the true spirit of giving looks like.

If you get an opportunity to visit The Giving Tree, Denver, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.


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