The Grass Station | Review : Denver

The Grass Station | Review : Denver
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I’m not sure what it is about cannabis culture, but with legalization, the world is seemingly crashing full-speed into some very nerdy subcultures, much like how Sernpidal’s moon smashes into the planet in Vector Prime (whoa, slow down there, weirdo). In all honesty though, it gives me a jolt of serotonin every single time I see a strain named after one of my childhood icons: Diamond Jedi OG, Skywalker, Deathstar… you get the idea. Perhaps it’s when you take on a heavy sativa, your mind tends to wander to a galaxy far, far away. Okay, corny cliches aside, you have to appreciate a store that embraces the spirit of the eccentric pot smoker. The Grass Station in Denver, I believe, has the atmosphere fitting for a person looking to experience the upbeat – at times silly – side of the dispensary scene.

The Grass Station, as of January 1st, 2014, is a full-on recreational dispensary, having been renamed from the ever-familiar Kindman. Operating out of North Denver on a seemingly abandoned stretch of Elati street, there is absolutely no shortage of street and lot parking all around the dispensary for you to use. Upon entering the first set of doors, Pat, the smiling mustachioed security guard checked my ID. He scanned the piece of plastic, and then handed it back to me, proclaiming, “Guess what? You get to go inside!” The Grass Station DenverThanks, Pat! I wasn’t exactly sure where to go, however. Most dispensaries have a rather predictable setup, or someone typically guides you. However, the product room of The Grass Station was a cacophony of budtenders and customers discussing the dispensary’s various offerings. I must have looked much like Jack Nicholson post-lobotomy, because one of the bud tenders flagged me down, and beckoned me over to one of The Grass Station’s seven product counters.

I really like how The Grass Station has their product counters set up. Each one has the complete supply of the dispensary’s offerings, from bud, to tinctures and topicals, to concentrates and prerolled joints. Each counter had a brightly lit flat-screen monitor hanging behind, displaying the different bud options. Wreathed around each of the monitors were several t-shirts and hats proudly displaying either the Kindman or The Grass Station logos. Although they technically renamed the dispensary to blazon the arrival of recreational marijuana at the location, they have not strayed far from the Kindman label. It was explained to me that the dispensary is The Grass Station, but the product is The Grass Station Denverbranded under the Kindman name. Sure.

There is no shortage of bud selection at The Grass Station. At the time of my visit, you could pick up one (or more!) of twenty-eight different strains. Ronnie, the manager who showed me through the dispensary’s offerings, must have picked up on my overwhelmed feeling, and put up only a few jars onto the glass counter. “Here buddy, I’ll show you my favorites,” Ronnie said with a grin. In short, if smoking flower is your parlance, then Kindman has you covered. Some notables from what Ronnie showed me were the Diamond Jedi OG, a very potent indica-dominant hybrid, which is a perfect bud for insomnia, stress and pain.  Apparently, this one is so solid, that Ronnie himself named his dog “Jedi” after the strain. Another indica-heavy strain is the FU Cali, a proverbial middle finger to those cannanerds in Humboldt County who thumb their noses at Colorado cannabis. This strain will surely shut them up (and make them take a heavy weed nap). Their house strain is called The Spirit of ’76, which is right down the middle, and was described to me as a bud that “doesn’t know what it wants to be.” With a potent THC content, as well as startling body highs, this strain is a great in-between the indica-sativa dichotomy. Finally, I was intregued by the Otto, namely for how unattractive the little bud monster was. I learned this is because it was a specifically engineered cannabis ruderalis strain. Now, I had to ask myself, but Ruderalis strains typically make terrible recreational smokes, because of their low THC content. However, this strain has an The Grass Station Denverincredible CBD content, making it the choice for anyone suffering from chronic pain.

Each of the product counters had a modest selection of strain-specific wax and shatter, produced by Venom, but nothing all that extraordinary. The dispensary also carries a decent selection of edibles and drinks. I was very excited about a product I do not see very often on the recreational side, however. Many of you are probably familiar with Mary Medicinals transdermal patches. She also makes a transdermal gel, which you can spot-apply to any painful or sore areas. If you have a neck ache, or are recovering from a broken foot (like poor old me), grab one of these gel pens. You’ll be more than happy. As far as smoking devices, each display case is filled with a variety of pipes and dab rigs to choose from. The Grass Station also carries a few vaporizing pens from O.penVAPE, and NEOS, with strain-specific hash oil to accompany.

During my visit, it was clear that everyone at The Grass Station, be them managers, bud tenders, or the security guard Pat, was not afraid to laugh and joke around with one The Grass Station Denveranother. If I’m a writer attempting to capture the ‘vibe’ of a store, I suppose the ‘vibe’ of Kindman was a bunch of kind men and women, who embraced the excitement of the legal marijuana industry. Now, at times, the store because loud and a little chaotic, so if you are looking for a more laid-back store, maybe this isn’t the best place for you. There were times I had to shout, or ask Ronnie to repeat himself as he was divulging the information about the various strains. It wasn’t unbearable though, but I am a fan of places that are upbeat and exciting. One thing is for certain though, whether you are as big of a dork as me or not, I guarantee The Grass Station has some bud that will suit your needs, whether that is a night of heavy relaxation, or thinking that you are one with the Force. I can’t stand myself sometimes.max

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