The Green Room | Review : Boulder

The Green Room | Review : Boulder
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Ah, Boulder: Colorado’s self-proclaimed progressive bastion. It is a town that has become known on a national level for its infamous 4/20 celebrations on the University of Colorado campus. It is also home to the most profitable Taco Bell in the country. Suffice it to say, Boulder is known for its marijuana-friendly attitude. It should go without saying that Boulder has quite a few marijuana dispensaries, and in my opinion, The Green Room does not disappoint.

The Green Room is located just off of Boulder’s main drag: 28th street (or, Highway 36 if you’re just passing through), tucked away in a strip mall behind the rotting shell of a video rental store, and a local watering hole. While The Green Room is not readily visible from the street, it is not all that difficult to find with a trusty map app on your phone, or a quick phone call to the dispensary. They have been at this location for around three years, opting for a larger space from the store they used to run off of Pearl Street in downtown Boulder. What’s interesting is that The Green Room was one of Boulder’s first dispensaries to make a switch from a medicinal dispensary to a recreational one, perhaps much to the chagrin of Red Card holders looking for special discounts or reduced prices.

the green room boulderI will say, The Green Room certainly lives up to its name. Every wall in the establishment is a bright green, that reminds me of one of those commercials for paint, where you keep asking yourself, “Who paints a wall that color? No one paints a wall that color.” The aesthetic works, though. Hanging on the walls are several painted portraits of famous dead musicians, as well as the cliché, high-resolution shots of some of the strains of bud that The Green Room often sells.

What really took me by surprise was just how excited everyone at The Green Room was upon my entry. “Welcome!” one receptionist exclaimed, as if I was a long-lost relative, or Tom Hanks after being lost at sea for years. Okay, well, maybe not that excited, but it was refreshing, to say the least. As I explained it was my first time in, the receptionist then extended her hand for a high-five, which I gladly reciprocated. That’s something that I like to see: immediately in the door, people are made to feel welcome.

It is a place that is very much geared towards a younger demographic. On the tables were several books filled with large, full-page pictures of the various strains of marijuana you might find around the world, books with instructions on how to roll proper joints, notes on proper “stoner” etiquette, and Colorado’s own Rooster magazine (which, I’m not sure anyone over the age of 25 reads). Boulder is a college town, so this push towards younger cannabis users makes sense.

the green room boulderI was shown around the product room by an incredibly knowledgeable and friendly bud tender named Kea. I was quickly handed a menu, which I was allowed to take with me. When I visited, there were eighteen different flower varieties to choose from, as well as edibles from IncrEdibles, Edipure, and Sweet Grass. They also have a smattering of different smoking devices on the wall opposite the consumable products; but, as Kea explained to me, that is not really the store’s forte. Unfortunately, Green Room’s selection of concentrates was, at the time of my visit, remarkably sparse. It was explained to me this is because the store buys many of their concentrates wholesale, and they are incredibly popular to the connoisseurs of the Boulder marijuana scene. They did, however, sell cartridges for vape pens, which is not something I see every day in a dispensary; however, they only had their Indica blend available. Don’t be confused by the large menu-looking sign hanging up on the wall in the product room. Apparently, it’s a remnant from when The Green Room was a medicinal facility, and many of the products listed on the sign are not available for recreational users (and, some of their offerings on the sign are not even sold anywhere anymore). The sign looks nice, though.

I tend to ask a lot of questions when I go into any store, be it a fast food joint (heh, joint), a book store, a bar, or a dispensary. I was discussing the different topical products that The Green Room sells, and rather than making up an answer, or just saying “I don’t know,” my bud tender immediately jumped on the computer to find out the answer to my question. I like that. For the most part, though, everyone I talked to at The Green Room was extremely knowledgeable about all the product offerings, and not afraid to look up any information that you need immediately.

The Green Room is, in some ways, a microcosm of the city of Boulder in its own right. On the surface, the place is loud, bright, and at times, it might seem over-the-top. It is a place that certainly caters to a younger crowd. However, The Green Room, as you get to talking to your bud tenders, or your receptionists, is a place filled with people who are enthusiastic about what they do, and that love for the marijuana industry is truly infectious. “I have never had an unhappy customer,” remarked Kea, “I mean, how could you be unhappy in a place like this?”


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