The Green Solution | Review : Denver

The Green Solution | Review : Denver
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Recently, Colorado had about three days of nonstop rain, and anyone from Colorado will know this is unusual, at best, or a sign of end days, at worst. To deal with my impending doom, I did what anyone would (or should) do in this situation: smoke copious amounts of marijuana and watch some classic movies. One of my selections was the 1971 classic “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.” Who doesn’t like a movie about a fanciful candy factory, where dreaming is truly reality? Never mind the fact that Gene Wilder apparently has a penchant for killing greedy children. Anyway, it’s always been a dream of mine to visit some sort of candy factory. The Heineken Experience in Amsterdam was close, but it never really satiated my desire to live in Charlie Bucket’s shoes. I will say, The Green Solution’s Denver location, off of Alameda, comes very close to fulfilling my man-child fantasy.

After a short drive west off I-25 on Alameda, I found myself looking at the mid-century commercial building that The Green Solution calls home. The lobby is lined with windows, allowing for plenty of natural sunlight to enter in. After signing a waiver and promise of responsibility, I was welcomed back into the massive product room. One thing I really enjoy about the customer experience at The Green Solution is that you are greeted immediately by one of their Customer Service Representatives, your hand is shaken and you are asked what you are looking for on that particular visit. The layout of the store is interesting, in that you are walked around to different counters based on what you are The Green Solution Denver Eastlooking for. Interestingly, the bud, which I would assume is the star of the show, is all the way on the back wall. My CSR, Andy, explained this layout is intentional. “If you’re coming in here, you’ve most likely smoked before. That’s why when you come in, you get to walk past cannabis products you might have never tried before.”

So you might be wondering, why has Max deemed this spot on par with Wonka’s mystical factory? As it turns out, The Green Solution’s Denver facility is also the home of Infuzionz: the people responsible for the dispensary’s massive edible and concentrate selection. Most dispensaries simply do not have the capacity to create their own edibles. This is most likely the case, because producing high-quality edibles that are testable (and that do not taste like eating pure hash) is no small task. This might also be because many dispensaries are not producing their own hash oil concentrates yet. However, Infuzionz does both.

Your first stop on the golden brick road around the store is the edibles selection. My oh my, the selection is staggering. The Green Solution Denver East Infuzionz has savory and sweet treats that are sure to please everyone. From pretzel bars to brownies to marshmallow crispy treats to cookie bars, crackers, and truffles, Infuzionz makes it and boy do they all look delicious. Fortunately, at just under three dollars per pack, it’s possible to try a little of everything (okay, well maybe not everything). It’s worth noting that any of Infuzionz edibles for sale recreationally only come in 10mg dosages. For the more seasoned edible eater, this might seem like a bit of a letdown, but when the recommended dosage is only 10mg at a time, it’s clear that The Green Solution has your safety in mind. I also love how crisp and clear the packaging is for the variety of edibles. Some edible companies make it extraordinarily difficult to see exactly how much THC you’re expecting in a delicious brownie, but the consistency at this dispensary is what makes their edibles reliable and safe. On top of all that, near the brightly-lit display case chock full of edibles, there is a handy chart detailing how much THC you might want, depending on your level of experience with eating cannabis. From beginners to experts, I have no doubt The Green Solution could find a combination of edibles that will make the rest of your day a whole lot more interesting.The Green Solution Denver East

Positioned right next to the edibles selection, you’ll find the Infuzionz concentrate selection. Hands down, The Green Solution packs the most variety of concentrates you’ll find anywhere in Colorado. For those who like to enhance their flower smoking, they offer kief, caviar, and bubble hash. For those smokers who are not faint of heart, there are several different dabbable concentrates, such as ice wax (a real rare and delicious treat), pie crust, shatter, wax, budder, and taffy. Whether you like to dab or vaporize your concentrates, these are ideal. Finally, if you have an interest in spicing up a joint or making some delicious homemade edibles, The Green Solution also has a great selection of decarboxylated oil and ethanol hash oil. The BHO, as Andy explained to me, is perfect for oral consumption, so long as you aren’t baking with it. In contrast, the EHO is great for experimenting with your own baked delights. Starting to see why I’ve compared this place to Wonka’s?

Alameda’s TGS store is smaller than its sister stores scattered around the city. It’s also darker, the colors are earthier, and the music is slightly louder. For me, this was also one of the most comfortable experiences I have had in a dispensary. Juxtaposing the darker atmosphere was their brightly-lit LED screens with clear and concise menus and brightly-lit and well-organized display cases. The staff was well-trained and friendly, which is a quality you come to expect at any dispensary, but these guys and gals are not afraid to be honest with you about their product offering. If you are a smoking newbie, their CSRs are not afraid to steer you away from their concentrate selection, and to something a little more user-friendly (because, as many of us know, if you get into a night of dabbing when you were not prepared for a night of dabbing, you’re going to have a bad time). Do not be afraid to experiment, though, and just know that the experts at The Green Solution’s Denver location will hold your hand every step of the way through the buying process.


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