The Green Solution | Review : Lakewood

The Green Solution | Review : Lakewood
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Typically, when I think about going to the doctor’s, a wave of anxiety hits me. And not just any wave, either. We’re talking the monstrous Nalu that Johnny Tsunami only dreams about. Perhaps it’s because I’ve never been in pristine health (“You went to Burger King TWICE today?!”), or it might be my generalized aversion to the coughing exercises that they make you do all the time, but a doctor’s office has never been my cup of tea. I imagine this is a sentiment that is true for many people. Enter The Green Solution in Lakewood. Finally, there is a medicinal facility with selection that other dispensaries only dream of, and a staff of well-trained compassionate Customer Service Representatives, all while maintaining a relaxed and professional vibe.

The Green Solution in Lakewood is the second of four stores under the same name in the Denver Metro area, opening its doors in December of 2012. Keep in mind, the Lakewood store, because of Lakewood’s ban on recreational marijuana, is a medical facility only. The waiting room is painted with earthy, calming colors, and the music in the dispensary is soothing. You’re asked to sign a waiver, promising you will obey the law, and then you’re buzzed into the product room. After a short walk down a hallway, you’re met by one of the dispensary’s CSRs, who will guide you around the store. The first stop is the vast selection of smoking devices that The Green Solution offers. I think this dispensary does a great job of having something for everyone. If you are just looking for a cheap way to smoke your marijuana, they offer very affordable pipes. On the other hand, if you are a pipe connoisseur, or are planning on using the pipe for a very long time, they have a great selection of high end pipes with extra thick glass and elegant design. If you are a person with dabbing on the mind, take a look at their selection from Nectar Collector Colorado. The dab rigs are advertised as the TheGreen Solution Lakewoodfirst vertical vaporizers, in which you dab the stem of the rig directly into your concentrates. You might look a bit like a cannabis-crazed hummingbird, but if you’re okay with that, give one of these bad boys a spin.

While the setup of this dispensary is similar to all of the other TGS stores in the area, it is different in several very important ways. First, take a look at the massive selection of topicals available at The Green Solution in Lakewood. Apothecanna, perhaps the most commonly seen cannabis-infused topical cream, has its entire line here for you to enjoy. On top of that, Mary’s Medicinals has her transdermal patches and gel pens available here too. Walking down the line, you will see that this dispensary, as opposed to any of the other TGS stores, carries very high dosage edibles. While not high dosage, I was happy to see the Mikiba bar by IncrEdibles. This bar is filled with nuts, seeds, and protein, and combines 30mg of THC with 10mg of CBD, and I believe it’s a perfect remedy for any sufferers of chronic pain. Aside from the Mikiba, you can find many different edible products with well over 100mg of THC in them. I was also The Green Solution Lakewooddelighted to see a frozen section containing jars of sweet leaf. If you want to try to make your own cannabis-infused butter at home, I would definitely recommend picking up a jar of this today.

When I visited The Green Solution in Lakewood, there were thirteen different strains of flower available, with quite a bit of variety in the types of strains available. If you are looking for a bud that is high in CBD (a staple at any medicinal facility), take a look at the Rubicon, or the Critical Mass. One thing I really enjoy about The Green Solution is their commitment to variety. With plenty of sativas, indicas, and hybrids, you are sure to find something delicious here. If you are a smoker, and enjoy smoking joints, you can either take a look at their always-impressive preroll selection, or pick up some of their shake. At $110 for an ounce, this is one medicine that is accessible to any income. As always, the selection of concentrates was unbeatable. Infuzionz does a great job in providing a large array of different concentrates for you to pick up.

If you are a medical patient who frequents any of the other TGS The Green Solution Lakewoodstores, you will be delighted to know that the selection at the Lakewood store is just as robust. The biggest difference, I would say, is the general atmosphere of the Lakewood store. Where the other TGS stores are more upbeat and busy, the Lakewood store is very much more relaxed. I felt free to peruse around the store multiple times, checking the massive selection over and over, without getting in anyone’s way. If you are the opposite of me, and you want to get in and get out as quickly as possible, this store offers call-ahead pickup. You call, and tell one of the CSRs what you want, and they will go ahead and prepare your purchase for quick and easy pickup. While the other TGS stores have their express purchase areas with limited selection, at the Lakewood store, you can order anything you want in the store, and they will get it all ready for you to pick up. While many stores brag about their concierge-level service, The Green Solution is really the only place that has room to speak.

Finally, Colorado has a medical experience that is not as anxiety-inducing as my times with Dr. Grope. While going to The Green Solution in Lakewood cannot, and should not replace visiting your doctor, it is a wonderful place to pick up any cannabis related medicines. Billed as a relationship-driven, judgment-free zone, I must admit, there are few stores I have been to with such a patient-centric attitude, all while maintaining a clean, professional environment. Sign me up!max

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