The Green Solution Review : Northglenn

The Green Solution Review : Northglenn
Marijuana Dispensary Review Northglenn Dispensary Review

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For those of you who have read my previous posts, you’ll know that anything in the North-Denver metro area is oddly fascinating to me. A little bit of disclosure here: I used to work in the area (Thornton) and so perhaps my image on the area is a bit skewed. Perhaps it was waking up before the crack of dawn to beat all the other commuters down Highway 36 (a highway which I have affectionately nicknamed “Max’s Sanity Memorial Highway”). Perhaps it was, without fail, the most treacherous roads in America during the winter time when it appeared as though all the cars were perfecting their figure skating routines. That’s not to say the North Denver suburbs aren’t without their charm. Admittedly, and maybe it’s because I haven’t spent much leisure time in this part of Colorado, Northglenn is a little short on destinations to plan a day around. However, The Green Solution in Northglenn, in my opinion, is a perfect place to go visit and purchase cannabis-themed products, for marijuana users young and old, beginner and expert.

Located conveniently in a strip mall off of Washington Street, The Green Solution makes for a nice waypoint on your agenda for the day. Unlike some dispensaries that set up shop inexplicably in the middle of nowhere, this dispensary’s location seemed right at the heart of Northglenn. Parking was plentiful and the store was completely handicap accessible. Upon entry, I was greeted with a warm smile, asked to sign a waiver promising I will be a responsible adult and then buzzed back into their product room. The product room is sleek, professional, and sexy. Neutrally-colored walls line this enormous product room, where Customer Service Representatives, dressed for a professional environment, were busily assisting patients and customers.

You’re walked around a line, where you are asked to wait for the next available CSR. It was a comfortable wait, though. An elegant fish tank overlooks the line and they position their line around their novelty shelf. Here, you can find clever add-ons to your ever-growing The Green Solution Denver Northglenn 3collection of marijuana-themed swag: a coloring book for those nights on a creative sativa, a cooking apron for when you’d like to experiment with hash oil in your snickerdoodle cookies. One of my favorite devices on this shelf was the brilliantly named “Puff-n-Pass.” Literally, it is just a Frisbee, with a metallic bowl drilled into the top, with two tubes feeding through to opposite sides of the disc. You take a rip, screw on the metallic lid protecting the goods, and pass it off to another outdoorsy smoker. It’s a short wait, however. The Green Solution, at least at this location, has a very large staff who were rapidly taking new customers into the product area.

Simply put, there is no better place for selection than The Green Solution. While many stores have “a little bit of everything,” this place has gone the route of “a lot of everything.” So, not only will you be thrilled that they have almost exactly what you are looking for almost The Green Solution Denver Northglenn 2every time, they also have an incredible variety of products for you to choose from. Starting with the smoking devices, TGS sports glass bongs, pipes, bubblers, dugouts, chillums and also plenty of different tools for dabbing and vaporizing. Next, onto their bud selection. I really like how this location presents their flower. Every strain has professionally-taken photos on brightly-lit LED picture frames with a small sample of the actual bud in front. At the time of my visit, the dispensary had fourteen solid strains to choose from, as well as discounted shake varieties. Finally, try not to be overwhelmed by the massive selection of edibles and concentrates The Green Solution offers. The selection is mind-bogglingly good.

Now, for those who know exactly what they want, be it a gram of bud, or a pre-rolled joint, take a look at the door immediately to the left of the main entrance. This is called the Express section, which is set up much like a two-windowed bank. You walk up, take a look The Green Solution Denverat the pricing on an easy-to-read flat screen and order. There’s no wandering around the huge product room. The CSR working the window will quickly grab your order, you’ll pay and you can go on your merry way, which has suddenly been made merrier by your purchase. I would strongly recommend this option if you are just looking for a small quantity of product, rather than a full shop. That way, you will not have to wait in line just for a pre-roll.

Finally, The Green Solution has many tempting offerings that will make you want to return. First, gift cards. Not sure what to get your buddy for the holidays? Why not give the gift that makes this editor’s eyes light up when he lights up? Well, now I know what I’m getting all my friends for their birthdays from here on out. Also, this location has started their customer loyalty rewards program. After spending $100 in the store, The Green Solution will give you a boisterous high-five, and slap you with five dollars of store credit. Yes folks, The Green Solution is now paying you to buy cannabis. Looking to save up for that sweet piece of glass, or that delicious-looking shatter you’ve been aching to try? Customer loyalty rewards!

So, maybe I’ve been a little hard on this part of town. Sure, it’s a little strange at times (especially if you get too close to the oil refinery off of Highway 287), but the area is, for the most part, charming and friendly. I guess in that way, The Green Solution is much like the part of town it has positioned itself in. It might be weird, at first, to buy marijuana legally. When you’re welcomed by the team of professional CSRs though, you realize very quickly that this is a legitimate business, run by extremely legitimate people. Very quickly, it’s easy to see that the stigma behind using cannabis, at least in this state, is quickly dissolving and The Green Solution is leading this charge. Soon enough, because of places like TGS, going to the dispensary will be as innocuous as going to the bank, except the former will always be a LOT more fun.max

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