The Green Solution | Review : Trinidad , CO

The Green Solution | Review : Trinidad , CO
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As soon as I tell people what I do for a living, the first question they usually ask is, “What is the best dispensary in the state?” Not only is that a potentially loaded question, but the truth of the matter is, just like favorite TV Shows, favorite colors, and favorite foods, no two people are going to agree across the board on what makes one thing the best. While it may be easy for me to answer “Star Trek, Purple, and French fries,” I know plenty of folks who hate purple, don’t eat fried food, and would just as soon rip out their own teeth than watch an episode of Star Trek. So, that leaves us with the original question of the best dispensary in the state. Some people may say that the florida cannabis dispensary list is the best, while others could disagree. Some people do struggle to find the best dispensary as there are so many factors that should be taken into consideration. However, I’d say that I have quite a good knowledge of cannabis dispensaries, so I can give you my opinion. When looking for a dispensary, you need to make sure they have a license that allows them to sell cannabis. However, some cannabis businesses can get these taken off them easily, so it might be worth reading why cannabiz can lose a license here. Hopefully, that will help cannabis dispensaries to keep their licenses, allowing them to legally sell cannabis. Make sure they have this license.

While I can’t tell you the best dispensary ever, I can help you determine a perfect spot for your next visit if you’re a resident of Southern Colorado, or a visitor from New Mexico, Texas, or Arizona. The Green Solution ®, a recreational cannabis dispensary in Trinidad, Colorado, is not only one of the southern-most cannabis dispensaries in the state, but this little store front packs in a ton of amazing buds, concentrates, merchandise, smoking devices, edibles, and knowledge into one spot. If you’re looking to determine what the best the-green-solution-trinidad-2dispensary in the state is for yourself, then you need to check out The Green Solution ® Trinidad as a possible candidate for your list.

If you’ve never been to Trinidad before, chances are you may know it from a rather topical title as “the sex change capitol of the world.” While it’s true that for many years the small city held the claim, it has since been dethroned and turned its sights to the legal cannabis business as a new claim to fame. Fame indeed, seeing as Trinidad is now one of the fastest growing cannabis friendly cities in the United States. The Green Solution ® Trinidad is a part of this new history of the town and is in a very historic spot to boot. Located right along Commercial Drive, mere seconds off the highway and within spitting distance of Trinidad’s quaint mountain-esque downtown, The Green Solution ® Trinidad is the second dispensary to open in the United States’ very first cannabis strip mall. The owner of the unit is only renting out to budding dispensaries and cannabis-related stores. A very cool place to be indeed. After finding a spot to park along the street, I made my way up to the tiny Green Solution ® storefront to see what the-green-solution-trinidad-4awaited me inside.

As soon as I went in the front door, I was greeted by Jerimiah, Sarah, Thomas, and Steve. I walked into a rather quaint and very compact entry-room equipped with a check-in station and a door leading in and out of the sales floor. After showing off my ID, I was welcomed back through the door of mystery, to see what awaited me. As soon as I walked in I was immediately dazzled by a massive selection of bongs, pipes, dab rigs, and just about any type of device ever invented to smoke or vape cannabis. The center island next to the massive wall of glass was loaded with a bunch of Green Solution ® and Nectar Bee™ merchandise, ranging from shot glasses to socks and everything in between. As I proceeded farther into the room, Jerimiah and Sarah directed my attention to the wall of buds and concentrates on my left. Not only was the selection massive, but every single item was immaculately displayed behind a gorgeously backlit wall shelf. Each of the 15 strains on the shelf possessed a little screen behind it, displaying the specifics on its genetics and its THC content. After we all stood around and chatted about how terpenoids are a crucial factor to the high instilled by any strain (yay, nerding out about weed!), Sarah pointed out the concentrate shelf on the far side ofthe-green-solution-trinidad-5 the bud displays. I’ll put this bluntly, if you like cannabis concentrates and can’t stop dabbing, then The Green Solution® has a selection that will almost bring you to tears. All their concentrates are produced by The Green Solutions’® state-of-the-art Marijuana Infused Products (MIP) facility, under the brand name Nectar Bee™. There were roughly 15 different types of extracts, including, shatter, oil, wax, pie crust, kief, hash, live resin, caviar, and more. Not enough for you? Almost every single concentrate on the shelf came in sativa, indica, or hybrid genetics, multiplying the selection of concentrates up to nearly 45 different options. If you dab, this is the place to be.

Having fully explored the left half of the dispensary, I moved to the right wall, which was loaded with pre-rolls, edibles, and topicals. If you’re a fan of joints, The Green Solution ® Trinidad, has the full gamut, including everything from pre-rolls that look like cigarettes, massive cones loaded with 12.5 grams, gold leaf encrusted pre-rolls, and even cross joints, if one end just isn’t enough for one pre-roll. Next to the massive selection of pre-rolls was a display shelf loaded with Nectar Bee™ Edibles. Unlike many of the edibles that you’ll find on the shelves at other dispensaries, Nectar Bee™ edibles are unique to The Green Solution® and provide a little something to sate every sweet tooth out there. Whether you want a cannabis-infused soda, caramel, baked good, chocolate, or even frozen treat, then The Green the-green-solution-trinidad-3Solution ® Trinidad, has something in store for you. Last but certainly not least, I peeked at the Nectar Bee™ lotions, sprays, and salves, all made for use topically. This is one of the most overlooked departments in most recreational cannabis dispensaries, and it was nice to see a large selection of medicinal products available to anyone, even if you’re from out of state. The salves, in particular, have some amazing healing potential and are worth taking a look at for anyone who suffers from chronic pain. After I took one more pass by the smoking device station for Jerimiah to show off a very cool Journey magnetic pipe, I said my farewells to the gang and prepared for my adventure back to Denver.

So back to where we started, what makes a dispensary, the best dispensary in the state? For me, it’s the people. I was having such great conversations with the staff at The Green Solution ®, that I didn’t want to leave when the review was done; in my books, that goes down as just about the best experience I can ever draw from any dispensary I visit. While the sales associates may have beenthe-green-solution-trinidad-6 the highlight for me, and maybe even the most important factor in my mind for what makes a dispensary great, it was just a component in the unique array of features that make The Green Solution ® Trinidad one-of-a-kind. So, if you like a massive selection of extremely high-quality products, a streamlined retail experience that feels professional, a neat concise layout that is very friendly to first time buyers, a knowledgeable staff that is there to answer any of your questions, and a location that’s convenient regardless of what state you call home then The Green Solution ® Trinidad may perfectly fit your definition of the best dispensary in the state.

If you get an opportunity to visit The Green Solution of Trinidad, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.






The Green Solution | Review : Trinidad , CO
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The Green Solution | Review : Trinidad , CO
The Green Solution in Trinidad, Colorado, is one of the southern-most marijuana dispensaries in the state and is packed with amazing buds, extracts, and edibles.
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Dope Directory
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