The Greenest Green | Review : Boulder

The Greenest Green | Review : Boulder
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With the advent and proliferation of concentrates, marijuana culture is definitely shifting. I remember, during my brief stint in Amsterdam, what “dabbing culture” started as. You’d ride your bike down a narrow brick street, and find yourself in a room with ten seats or so. You’d order your hash, or your wax, and an employee would come over, and give you a dab to try. It wasn’t uncommon to see a person collapse on the nearby couches, or watch their eyes roll into the backs of their heads from the potent shot of THC their body was taking. See, we all came from a place and time where concentrates just weren’t smoked all that much, and so sitting in a bar and having a guy help you smoke your very first dab rig was foreign, exciting, and ultimately novel. The Greenest Green, a recreational dispensary located in eastern Boulder, is the closest I’ve ever felt to being back in the hash bars of Amsterdam – with an American flare, of course. The Greenest Green is the home to 710 Labs, one of Colorado’s leading manufacturers of concentrates; way better than the gray-brown slime we’d dab back in Holland. Furthermore, with a strong emphasis on building customer relationships, and a laid-back, mellow atmosphere, all contained in an open and welcoming space, Greenest Green isn’t one to miss.

East Boulder is an interesting side of town, which has been mostly a cultural dead zone for the last decade. However, thanks in a large part to several breweries in the area, as well as some unique and delicious restaurants, more and more people decide to spend their nights out on east Arapahoe, rather than Pearl. The Greenest Green shares a strip mall with some local favorites: The Video Station (for those of you who still rent movies), and BRU, a brewery and eatery with some tasty suds. Walk around the building, and The Greenest Green Boulderdown the stairs, and you’ll find yourself at the entrance to the dispensary. After a brief checkin at the front desk, Greg, one of the bud tenders, walked me into their product room. It’s an interesting space, with dim lights, psychedelic art (which I learned can be purchased, as it’s sold to the dispensary by local artists), and one of the most impressive glass chandeliers I have ever seen. The product room is very open, with several areas to sit and keep yourself occupied while you wait for the one or two bud tenders to finish up with customers. At the actual product counter are several bar stools, which instantly reminded me of the hash bars of Amsterdam. In fact, when Greenest Green first opened, they were the first hash bar of their type, where a person could come in, and take a dab right in the store. Unfortunately for us, the hash bar is mostly a thing of the past, except for a few legal gray-zone spots in Denver. During my visit, there was no line at all, and Ona, one the dispensary’s managers, showed me around.

While The Greenest Green did sport a few interesting choices for flower, with only six strains available (and running low on those), the selection was less than impressive. TheyThe Greenest Green Boulder did, however, have a few strains that caught my eye. Up front, sweet, and definitely cherry, the Cherry Diesel. It’s a straightforward sativa with a very strong cerebral kick. Ona was also quick to hand me their 303 Kush, which she says The Greenest Green does very well. Indeed, the buds looked full, expertly trimmed, and filled with trichomes, not to mention the pungent earthy smell that you expect and love about anything in the Kush family.

As I said before, the dispensary is home to 710 Labs, which explains where most of the dispensary’s bud goes; to making some delicious and fragrant concentrates. At the time of my visit, the dispensary had no less than 24 different types of concentrates available, ranging anywhere from $30 for their mixed indica waxes, all the way up to $70 for their nug run Lemon G-13. Ona pulled out the Lemon G-13 for me to stare at and smell. Now, for you dabbers out there, it’s not uncommon for a flower to lose its flavor and odor when becoming a concentrate. Just one whiff of the Lemon G-13, and that worry was wiped completely out of my head. With a honey blond color, a gooey consistency, and a lemony fresh scent that seemed to just fill The Greenest Green Boulderthe entire room, it was seriously one of the greatest looking concentrates I’d ever seen. I think Ona saw my jaw hit her counter, because she smiled, “This is our most sought after shatter. It’s absolutely fabulous.” I was then directed to their Remedy oil, which is their signature high CBD strain. While the flower comes in at an impressive 19% CBD, the oil last tested at an incredible 80% CBD. Unbelievable. Ona then pointed my attention at their sugar wax, which has the same consistency as wet sand. Again, the terpines were very apparent in their wax, because I’m having a hard time recollecting seeing such a pungent grouping of shatters and waxes available. The dispensary also produces their own CO2 cartridges, and sells a proprietary vape pen (produced by Karing Kind up the road, with Greenest Green’s oils). I’m not a huge fan of CO2 extractions myself, but if you’re looking to fill a vape pen, the dispensary has some solid options.The Greenest Green Boulder

The dispensary carried all the essentials when it comes to edibles. You have plenty of options from local favorites, such as Dixie, Incredibles, Julie and Kate, Sweet Grass, and Canyon Cultivation. Also, for my recreational readers, pay attention. The Greenest Green sells Tincture Belle, which are almost impossible to come by for rec. What makes them so delicious is the fact that they taste exactly like any regular candy bar, except they are chock full of THC. If you’re looking for glassware, the dispensary has a full line of options from Boss Tubes. Boss Tubes is a local glass company who specializes in high end glass. Indeed, the dispensary carries a whole line of fancy dab rigs, that can set you back as much as $1200. Not looking to spend over a G on glass? They also have several pipes and bubblers for as little as $10 a pop.

The Greenest Green knows its specialty is its wax and shatter from 710, and it is sticking to it. There’s honestly no shame in knowing what you excel in, and taking it to beyond perfection. I’m convinced there is no better spot for concentrates in Boulder, recreational or otherwise. Pull up a stool. Take a look at the massive selection of wax and shatter in front of you, and just rejoice in how far we’ve truly come.

If you get an opportunity to visit The Greenest Green in Boulder, Colorado, let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.


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