The Hemp Center | Review : Littleton

The Hemp Center | Review : Littleton
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There’s simply no denying the quaint small town feel of Historic Downtown Littleton, Colorado. Whenever I drive down Main Street I always feel a little bit nostalgic recalling visits to the Christmas light-laden stretch of prim and proper retail stores during my childhood. Of course many of my childhood visits would start with a hot chocolate at Romancing the Bean and end with an obligatory visit to The Melting Pot for a touch of  cheese filled cuisine. There is a lot of history to take in as you walk down the same old street that’s served as an artery for the small town since the mid-19th Century. Now over 150 years later all of the old town charm still remains and the addition of a few new business’ on the block are ushering Littleton into the 21st Century. Although recreational marijuana is still not allowed in Littleton, if you are a medical marijuana card holder you’ve got some great options to choose from when it comes time to pick up your medication. Nestled right along Main Street you’ll find The Hemp Center, which, true to its name, doesn’t just focus on medical marijuana but also explores the amazing properties of hemp in pretty much any manner you can think of.

It was a gloriously brisk Wednesday morning when I found my way back to Littleton and to the front door of the Hemp Center. When I walked in I couldn’t even tell at first that I was in a dispensary. The front of their store is, for lack of a better phrasing, a “hemp center”. They carry everything from hemp based clothing, jewelry and purses, to hemp crafted soaps, lotions, and candles. I spent a few minutes perusing their wares, pausing for a moment to appreciate the old Wurlitzer stereophonic jukebox nestled in the corner. Melissa, who was just finishing up with an order from Mahatma wThe Hemp Centeralked out and greeted me. She briefly finished up helping one of their patients with a 100% herbal (not marijuana based) pill for airplane-induced anxiety, and then offered to show me their bud rooms in back. The Hemp Center, unlike many other dispensaries I’ve been to, isn’t all about selling marijuana. What they are all about is helping their patients find whatever remedy works to alleviate their symptoms, whether that’s an herbal pill, a hemp-based lotion, or a fruity-flavored pre-roll.

I followed Melissa to the back of the store and she took me to one of their two bud rooms. While one room was smaller than the other they both carry the same products and offer patients a personalized one-on-one experience when they come in to purchase their medication. Melissa started by showing off their edible options, which included most of the basics. Blue Kudu, IncrEdible, Cheeba Chew, Wana, and Bhang, all graced their edible shelves. For beverages they carried Canna Punch as well as some amazing syrups from Caregivers for Life. Even more exciting news, The Hemp Center is currently in the The Hemp Centerprocess of getting registered with the MED to produce their own edibles, so soon you will be able to purchase edibles made in house that are sure to treat what ails you.

Melissa moved on to their selection of 17 different strains and snagged several off the shelf for me to metaphorically dive into. First jar I took a big whiff of was their Hong Kong. A truly scrumptious sativa, their Hong Kong looked great and, staying true to its genetic lineage, gave off a delicate diesel aroma, complimented with hints of pine. Next I scrutinized their harvest of Mob Boss. Dark compact hairs graced the surface of these dense earthy nuggets. You won’t be sleeping with the fishes when you smoke Mob Boss though, as a sativa dominant, this strain will put the juice in your jalopy. Lastly, and my personal favorite from my olfactory tour was the Chocolate, an indica dominant strain, which smells uncannily like its namesake. The terpenes in this strain are just right to illicit that blissful smell that we all crave. The aesthetics of this strain matched its name perfectly, dark purple hues made its nuggets look like big hunks of dark chocolate. Right as I was finishing up my bud tour, their other budtender Courtney came in, and was kind enough to pose with Sensi Star, her personal faThe Hemp Centervorite. They only keep the best buds around at their grow house, as Melissa mentioned, she personally squelches any crops that aren’t up to snuff with their other harvests. If you’re a concentrate user, The Hemp Center has you covered. Extractions rendered from their buds, provided by multiple extract companies such as venom and Mahatma, give customers the opportunity to find the product that’s right for them. Their shatters from Venom and Mahatma, looked simply immaculate, crystal clear, sticky, and ready to be delightfully dabbed. Their hybrid wax from Mahatma looked pretty good, but the wax they had produced for them from Venom was simply some of the fluffiest, cleanest looking wax that I’ve ever seen.

When it comes down to how you want to imbibe your marijuana smokables, they have several options. Although their selection of glass was relatively modest, they did carry a few small pipes to suit the needs of patients who may be new to their med cards and not have any smoking implements at home. They do carry pre-rolls as well, and at The Hemp Center you can pick up joints in several fruity flavored rolling papers, ready to help you medicate with ease, class, and a hint of flavor. If you are looking for a vape pen they also carry several options including Iolite, Apex, and Melissa’s personal recommendation (due to their versatility) DM-T vaporizers. If you want CO2 The Hemp Centersyringes or cartridges you’re in luck! Even better, their .5g and 1g cartridges produced for them don’t contain any propylene glycol, after all who needs de-icer in their marijuana? Beyond having your health in mind, The Hemp Center also has the Earth’s health in mind. Bring back your child safe containers for in-store recycling.

If you find yourself walking down the quaint snow covered streets of Historic Downtown Littleton this winter and you need to find a cure for what ails you, you’re just moments away from The Hemp Center. If you’re live down south, you can also visit The Hemp Center’s other location in Colorado Springs. Remember that they are more than just a medical dispensary, and the staff at The Hemp Center is there to help you find a fix, whether it’s THC based or not.

If you get an opportunity to visit The Hemp Center of Littleton, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.




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