The Herbal Center | Review : Denver

The Herbal Center | Review : Denver
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Looking back at all the weed I’ve smoked in my life, I shudder to think about the amount of pesticides and fertilizers I’ve probably taken into my lungs. Before this year, every time I bought weed, it came in a clean, unmarked Ziploc bag. The bag of course had no warnings about the cocktail of herbicides and fungicides that were, no doubt, spread with fervor over the young plants. Back before legalization, I never really thought twice about it. Needless to say I’ve changed my tune now that the information is out there. Many of the warning labels now clearly state that the marijuana contained within hasn’t been tested for potency and might be laden with Tetrasan, SnS 217, or my personal favorite Eagle 20. I’m not alone in the desire to know what contaminants might be in what I’m smoking. I want to imagine a team of clean-cut young professionals in white lab coats scrutinizing my weed with centrifugal force machines and million dollar microscopes. At The Herbal Center my vision of clean, lab tested, marijuana became a reality.

I set my sights for green on a beautiful mild morning, fully expecting to grow several grey hairs as I attempted to find parking. Located right in the middle of the Broadway weed warzone, every store needs to find its niche in order to compete. The Herbal Center started off by rewarding its patrons with a rather large pot-hole free dedicated parking lot. Normally, this doesn’t seem like much to ask but if you know the area, a dedicated lot is a precious commodity indeed. After parking I followed the alluring signs on the wall that promised me $35 1/8ths. I walked up to the main door and noticed a wonderful safety feature; you need to be buzzed in to the waiting area by hitting a doorbell. Already pleased by the fact that they’d earned 100%The Herbal Center Denver for safety and parking I entered their waiting room. Well furnished, inviting, and clean, I proceeded to the front counter, which also functioned as a miniature head shop, and was then admitted back to the recreational room.

I was greeted by my budtender Doyle, who very happily gave me the lowdown on the location and what sets them apart. Right off the bat, he told me that all of their products made for their location took a trip over to Cannlabs for full testing on potency (as required by the state) and for any deleterious by-products from the cultivation process. Cannlabs is known for being nation’s number one testing facility for both recreational and medicinal marijuana dispensaries. My vision of lab coat-adorned scientists wasn’t far off. Beyond the lab testing, Doyle made it pretty clear that he was an expert on all the products they carried as well. My next surprise was that The Herbal Center not only sends their products off for contaminant testing, but also is able to do it and still have some of the best prices in town.

On the recreational side, there was a The Herbal Center Denvermedium selection of buds (around a dozen strains) and a respectable selection of edibles. The buds are weighed on site, and best of all, aren’t loaded with toxins like some of their competition’s products. Like a kid in a candy store, I kept getting drawn back to the edible selection. Brownies from Caviar Kings stared back at me from behind the glass just waiting to find a caring home in a patron’s stomach. Blue Kudu, Full Melt, and Dixie products all sang to my stomach from inside their wrappers. Of course there was also a selection of Edipure which, on the med side sold for $15 for 250mg of THC.

With some difficulty, I pulled my face away from the glass, and Doyle went on to discuss their concentrates and pre-rolled selections. They usually carry moon rock wax, which is also lab tested to make sure that you’re not getting a mouth full of butane. There was also a stock of vape pens from NEOS and O.pen. Syringes of fresh sticky hash oil sat on the shelf, tested and dreaming of being squirted into a vape pen or maybe just dabbed on to the top of a fresh bowl. The pre-roll selection on the rec side was ready and waiting for weed tourists to stop in and get their quick fix. All of their pre-rolls weight The Herbal Center Denverout to .8g-1g and for the price of $10 are quite the deal. If you want to save even more though, you can pick up three for $25 and guarantee that you will be in a delightful comatose state for the evening. The products and the price are everything I desire in a dispensary, and the concern for the safety of their patrons is refreshing and comforting. Doyle rounded off my experience by mentioning how they hand-pick the products that they choose to sell.

The employees, when given a sample from a company, try the products and weed out (pun intended) any that aren’t up to par. For example, they carry several topical options from Apothecanna, and have refrained, intentionally, from carrying other products because their own employee test runs have found that other products don’t provide pain relief as efficiently. This is great for consumers, especially any who are new to theThe Herbal Center Denver field and may get hooked on a product that doesn’t work as well as some of the competition. In essence, the employees at The Herbal Center have done all the work and now all we have to do is sit back and enjoy the products.

This is a great location with numerous options, but not so many that it’s overwhelming. The Herbal Center is the quintessential incarnation of what a good dispensary should be. From the dedicated parking, to the assurance that you’re getting the best pain medication for your dollar, this might be the location you’ve been looking for. If you don’t come in for the friendly atmosphere or the affordable pre-rolls, come in for the weed that has been tested with your well-being in mind. We’ve come a long way from Ziploc baggies of dry, old buds. My lungs will thank me for the pesticide-free weed; head on down to The Herbal Center, and yours will thank you too.

If you get an opportunity to visit The Herbal Center of Denver, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.



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