The Herbal Cure | Review : Denver, CO

The Herbal Cure | Review : Denver, CO
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The Herbal Cure

It gets even cooler on the inside.

The Herbal Cure opened up their recreational side about one year ago after becoming a staple of Denver’s Wash Park with their medical marijuana sales over the last four years. Their location on South Logan Street is about a mile away from the University of Denver campus, which means that much of their traffic seemed to be a younger crowd. That isn’t much of a surprise, considering the big, bold pieces of street art that overlook their parking lot.

The overall aesthetic of The Herbal Cure is one of best you’ll have the pleasure of walking into. Ever wondered what it would feel like to buy weed out of your grandparent’s cabin? Look no further than The Herbal Cure.

The Herbal Cure was built on the lot of an old lumberyard, so their shop is actually a remodeled building that stood decades ago, made entirely from the wood that used to inhabit the lumber yard. It creates a very relaxed, homey atmosphere that you don’t get very often in a dispensary, especially one right in the heart of Denver.

You’ll feel that vibe the moment you pull up in the parking lot. What was once the craft room of the lumberyard owner’s wife, the pale green train car just outside the dispensary has become the dispensary owner’s office and staff meeting area. It’s an excellent landmark and really makes the entire lot feel like it’s part of dispensary.

The Herbal Cure Fish Tank

If a Bond villain were a stoner, they’d have this fish tank.

Once you reach the waiting area, you’ll see plenty to make your wait a pleasant experience. There’s diverse reading material and even a whiteboard that features the staff’s favorite available strains and any specials they’re running at the time. They’ve even got a fish tank with bongs and other glass pieces scattered throughout as decoration. That’s commitment to a theme.

On the medical side of The Herbal Cure, you’ll be pleased to find some dank flower, and a good variety of concentrates. There were about ten different strains available on the medical side, and roughly the same amount on the recreational end. They want to provide their customers with choices, but not bog them down with too many products.

As Ryan, the store’s general manager, put it, “People can feel overwhelmed if you put too much in front of them. We want to provide options, but it can overwhelm people if you there’s too much to pick from.”

Their bestselling strain is Frankenberry, and for good reason. This balanced hybrid strain provides a high that’s just as potent as its fruity smell, without stupefying the person smoking or vaping it. It’s a clean high that will get you giggling. Great stuff.

Frankenberry, one of The Herbal Cure's top marijuana strains.

Frankenberry, one of The Herbal Cure’s top strains.

The Herbal Cure has an excellent selection of glass. It’s so often that a dispensary carries the bare minimum when it comes to their pipes. You can always find a generic “someone forgot to grab a smoking device” bowl, but it’s not very often you find a piece that you actually want. They had a variety of sizes and styles of glass smoking devices, as well as dab rigs. Most of the glass is from local artists, and there’s some truly outstanding, artistic pieces in The Herbal Cure’s inventory.

As for their prices, The Herbal Cure has a pretty reasonable menu, especially if you show up for their special sales. Every second Saturday of the month is Recreational Appreciation Day (RAD), which means that all eighths, including their top shelf strains, are just $33, and there’s also $225 ounces out the door.

On the medical side, they have Patient Appreciation Day the first Friday of every month, which means $25 eighths for members and $150 ounces.

The Denver crew at The Herbal Cure Marijuana Dispensary.

The crew at The Herbal Cure.

For those of you looking for strains high in CBD, The Herbal Cure regularly has a high quality strain of Harlequin that the dispensary is proud of.

“It’s so often that the CBD strains get put on the backburner because they’re a little more work to grow, and they don’t provide the big high that a lot of people are looking for. We put a lot of time and effort into our CBD strains because our customers deserve it,” said Ryan.

If you’re a fan of Essential Extracts, a quality concentrate company, then you may want to make The Herbal Cure a regular stop. Essential Extracts and The Herbal Cure are owned by the same company and they work in tandem to offer great prices on their products. Members are given a discount on Essential Extracts’ products, so think about signing up for a member if you dig their waxes and shatters.

I really appreciated their selection of topicals and edibles. And, even though this is something I’ll never benefit from, it was great to see The Herbal Cure carry a new line of suppositories aimed at relieving women of menstrual pain. Ladies, you folks go through some painful and uncomfortable stuff every month. If you ask me, it’s about time someone let your vagina get stoned. I’ve heard from friends that it’s a miracle for their cramps, so I hope to see these products available more often.

The merchandise they have available for purchase isn’t huge, but the t-shirts they have are actually quite unique. I nearly bought a shirt myself when I saw the psychedelic recolor of marijuana plants.

The Herbal Cure has excellent glass pipes and dab rigs.

These cases hold some excellent glass pipes and dab rigs.

Between the comfortable aesthetic, fair prices, and friendly staff, The Herbal Cure is an excellent spot to pick up your cannabis products. All of their medical bud is grown right across the street, so you can be sure that medical patients are getting some of the freshest flower in Denver. Even though their actual sales floor area is a bit small on both the medical and rec sides, the spacious and entertaining waiting area means you won’t be bored, staring at a blank wall like you do in so many other dispensaries.

The residents of Southeast Denver should be happy to have The Herbal Cure around. It’s affordable, stylish, and delivers quality products. Parking is easy, and you may even find yourself staring at some of the street art before you head into the shop. Check out The Herbal Cure, it’s one of the best dispensaries I’ve had the pleasure of wandering into.

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The Herbal Cure | Denver, CO | Marijuana Dispensary Review
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