The Joint by Cannabis | Review : Denver, CO

The Joint by Cannabis | Review : Denver, CO
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Nestled into the Highlands neighborhood on 38th Avenue, The Joint is a cozy little dispensary. The Joint has an excellent location, conveniently placed across the street from Sprouts, a hip grocery store, and Highlands Wine & Liquor. With all three of these places within a block of each other, you can finish a lot of errands without going far. Grab the weed, pick up the booze, and don’t forget the Brussel sprouts. And we can’t forget a vaporizer grossist (if thats how you like to get it in you).

Before you even notice the dispensary, you’ll surely get a kick out of the giant hippy van sitting in what was the building’s driveway. A big yellow smiley face greets customers, and that pretty much sets the mood from there on when you walk into The Joint. If you like options, The Joint is going to be a dispensary you need to visit. They’ve always got a vast selection of flower, and they’re always at a reasonable price. There had to be nearly two dozen different strains to choose from when I stopped in. It may not have the flash and style that many dispensaries are starting to show, but they provide a solid product and excellent customer service.

The Joint’s Dank Daily Deals

I appreciate the effort they put into these chalkboards.

I appreciate the effort they put into these chalkboards.

The daily specials at The Joint are about as solid as they come. According to Morgan, one of the managers I got to talk to, one of their most popular deals is on Tuesday when people can buy a joint and get a second one for just $1. With their pre-rolled cone joints weighing in at .6 grams and only costing $6, this deal adds up to excellent savings quickly. And for those of us with an absorbent tolerance to THC, The Joint carries caviar joints. If you’re not familiar, caviar is a bud rolled in weed oil and then rolled again in keef. The result is a weapons-grade weed nugget that can be used to blast your brain into Jupiter’s orbit when you smoke it. Tread lightly, ye of little tolerance.

While many places would only put their ditch-weed out there for a $125 ounce, The Joint has a daily special every Thursday that gets you an ounce of their top-shelf bud for that price. That will include Bio Chem, a hybrid indica that crosses Chem Dawg and Bio Diesel to provide users with a balanced, relaxing high that doesn’t put you right to bed. Some of these buds were gorgeous, and selling fast.

Although the selection was far from barren, the flower selection on the medical side of the dispensary was not quite as robust. They had some Golden Goat and Bubba Kush that looked good, but overall it seemed like the med side wasn’t given quite the love and care that the recreational side.

This Bio Chem was looking fresh.

This Bio Chem was looking fresh.

There was one small section of medicinal edibles jammed back in the corner, including the usual suspects of Cheeba Chews and various gummies. The Joint does carry the high-dosage versions of Love’s Oven, an excellent edibles company that makes tasty weed treats like red velvet cookies or even baklava. I like to take one of their peanut butter chip cookies and drop it in a bowl of ice cream to feel like the biggest, dumbest, stonedest boy in Denver.

There wasn’t a large selection of glass bowls and pipes, but what was there could be purchased at a surprisingly affordable price. There is a selection of small bongs that go for just $20. These little guys weren’t fantastically artistic, but they were often equipped with percolators, honeycomb filters, and other cool details that you don’t usually find in cheap glass, especially at a dispensary.

The Joint’s Little Innovations

With the way Colorado has laws set up, ingenuity can be a difficult thing to achieve in the cannabis industry. The Joint seems to have been able to make a little headway here by making their own line of vaporizers that have an emphasis on discretion. Their battery packs are built to look a bit like lipstick or mascara, so as to blend in with the rest of a woman’s purse nonsense. The line is called INDVR (endeavor, if you’re having trouble sounding it out), and it could get popular.

The secondary lounge is pretty comfy. Also, seasonally appropriate.

The secondary lounge is pretty comfy. Also, seasonally appropriate.

In addition to the INDVR vaporizers, they’ve also started making their own vape pens. I was able to snag a sample of their iVape, and I’ve been impressed with this little 500mg pen. It’s a small device that packs a punch, and the sample I brought home was flavored with essential oils from lavender and frankincense. Yes, frankincense. The thing you’ve never heard of outside the context of the Bible. I wouldn’t say it tastes godly, but it has good flavor and potency.

I loved what I saw in their edible selection. If you haven’t yet, you have to try one of the Coda Signature truffles, you must. They’re as tasty as they are pretty to look at, and they are quite pretty. They’ve also got a few options for tinctures and some Rooster Bars from Dixie.

Cool and cozy

The Joint has a very relaxed atmosphere and plenty of product to pick from. Their location is incredibly convenient, even if it is a bit tough to find a parking spot in the area. Between their excellent deals on pre-rolls and wide selection of flower, The Joint is one of the better options residents of the Highlands neighborhood will have available to them. Their daily deals are some of the best you’re going to find in Denver, and they carry some powerful strains that you can get at a surprising discount. Give The Joint a try if you’re in the area, you won’t regret it.

If you get an opportunity to visit The Joint of Denver, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.adam-wheeler

The Joint by Cannabis | Dispensary Review : Denver, CO
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The Joint by Cannabis | Dispensary Review : Denver, CO
The Joint is one of the better marijuana dispensary options residents of the Highlands neighborhood have available to them. Reasonably priced powerful strains.
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