The Sanctuary: A Strainwise Dispensary | Review : Denver

The Sanctuary: A Strainwise Dispensary | Review : Denver
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If you’ve ever created a proper blunt and smoked it, you probably know just how tricky they can be to make and how outstandingly high you get when you smoke one. Back in college, I formed a tradition with one of my friends around smoking a blunt on Wednesday, which we aptly called “smoke a blunt Wednesday.” Naturally, on college budgets, smoke a blunt Wednesday usually only ended up happening every month or two, but when it did, I assure you Pizza Bites and Mario Cart followed. We would always start our evening escapade by buying a pair of blunt wrappers. The first would almost certainly tear, and the second would invariably be piss-poor. This never stopped us though, and the next step was going out to my pick-up truck to sit in the cab and hotbox it. I don’t know why we would always go sit in my truck to smoke it, but it quickly became a tradition. We would smoke the entire blunt, bask in the weedy goodness, and then exit the truck and watch the smoke slowly billow out the doors. I’ve always like blunts more than joints. It’s not just about the size, it’s about the flavors and even though I’m horrible at making them, that doesn’t mean I don’t try. I recently was pleased to find a dispensary that has blunts all wrapped up and ready to go. The Sanctuary, one of the dispensaries in the Strainwise chain, is wrapping upThe Sanctuary fresh blunts daily, and as I found out during my trip up North that blunts aren’t the only reason to visit.

The Sanctuary is located right up along Brighton Boulevard in the heart of the rapidly changing industrial River North Art District, within spitting distance of the Denver Coliseum. The Sanctuary is a dual sale store, meaning they serve both medical and recreational patients. It also happens to be where the Strainwise chain started out; you’ve got to figure, a good place to start when ascertaining the quality of the chain as a whole is to look at their first storefront. I found a spot to park in their dedicated parking lot and went in, expecting it to look much like the other Strainwise dispensary I had visited. I was in for a surprise. I entered into their waiting room, and aside from the familiar logo on the walls, the feel was completely different than that of The Retreat, the other Strainwise Dispensary I’ve visited. The lighting was more moody, the color theming was more industrial and the music was the perfect combination of new-age sound befittinThe Sanctuaryg a dispensary in River North. Behind the window, Jon took a peek at my ID and invited me in. I walked in and met Kassandra and Shayna, who along with Jon started to give me the rundown on this little personality-packed dispensary.

Starting on the medical side, Kassandra pulled out a few jars of bud for me to sniff upon. Out of the 10 strains on their medical side, we started out with a classic, Golden Goat. Now, I know what you’re thinking, all goats are created equal, and that simply isn’t true. While it’s true I’ve seen hairier batches of Golden Goat in my day, I don’t know if I’ve ever encountered a batch as sweet and spicy smelling as the one at The Sanctuary. I was lucky enough to bring some of this Golden Goat home with me, and I can tell you that it smokes every bit as smoothly as its uncannily sweet odor would allude. The high it causes is everything I would expect from this amazing hybrid; the perfect marriage of a shockingly cerebral high, mixed in with a little touch of sobering mellowness. Another couple strains I need to mention are their Bruce Banner #3 and their Tiger’s Milk. The Bruce Banner #3 took first place in High Time’s Strongest Strain on Earth 2014, weighing in at 28.3% THC and their Tiger’s Milk made the same list The Sanctuarycoming in at number 34 with 22.8% THC content. Well if you want some high THC contents, you’ve found the place. While they were out of both during my visit, I did get to peek at their Tiger’s Milk during my visit to The Retreat, and I can tell you it’s beautiful. Beyond its aesthetics and high THC content, Kassandra likes the Tiger’s Milk because of its “giggly indica” effect.

Their selection of shatter, wax, and budder was certainly nothing to scoff at, with a moderate strain specific selection produced by TerpX, Colorado Concentrates, and Tclabs. Although they were out of the Bruce Banner #3 in bud form, they did have some amazing looking nug-run shatter produced with it for those of us who find the 28.3% bud too weak. Their shatters were all extremely clear and still had a good amount of olfactory character to them. If you want your concentrates pre-loaded, they also carry 250mg O.pen cartridges as well. If you’re an old school smoker and aren’t in to all the new-fangled concentrates, they also carry good ol’ fashioned caviar and kief on their shelf, ready to sprinkle on a bowl for maximum pain relief.

Their edible selection on the med side The Sanctuarywas pretty inclusive, and had all the basics including 300mg Dixie candies, Cheeba Chews, Stixx, Blue Kudus, Dabbas, and Mountain High Suckers. Their medical side also has pretty much every edible product Wana has ever produced, including candies, gummies, and some intriguing looking drink mixes. Shayna could personally vouch for the Wana drink mixes. She liked them more than others since first of all, you can pick the concentration of the drink you make, and they also aren’t as sickeningly sweet as some other options on the edible market. If you’re looking for topical applications, The Sanctuary offers transdermal patches from Mary’s Medicinals as well as several different lotion options from Mary Jane’s.

After thoroughly exploring my options over on the medical side, I walked over to the other side of the room where their recreational counter is. There was a fair amount of overlap in product as far as buds go, but there were a few things that were unique. For one, the concentrate selection on the recreation side was exclusively Tclabs, although Kassandra said they after the other extraction companies get their recreational permits, there will be even more options for concentrates on their rec side. The edible options were different as well. Like all other dispensaries, they’ve taken a hard hit from the new recreational edible laws this February. They still had Edipure, Star Barz, KeefThe Sanctuary Kola, and Bubba Kush available. It’s taken me this long to get to my favorite part, the blunts! On their recreational side, you can pick yourself up a pair of 1.5g blunts for only $15, if you’re a member. That’s three grams of ganja for only $15, and best of all, just grab yourself a trusty Strainwise lighter and you’re ready to go.

I need to mention the awesome Strainwise merchandise that you can pick up during your visit. Other than the basics like shirts, sunglasses, pins, and tote bags, they also have an awesome selection of Strainwise glass. This includes several different dab rigs and bubblers with the Strainwise logo, and all at an exceptionally competitive price. Still in awe at how much different The Sanctuary feels from The Retreat, I said my final farewells to the crew and went off to try my Golden Goat. Now that I know a place where I can pick up two blunts for under $20, I can see that maybe now is the time to restart the old tradition of “smoke a blunt Wednesday.”

If you get an opportunity to visit The Sanctuary of Denver, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.




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