The Station | Review : Boulder

The Station | Review : Boulder
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Can marijuana change the world? Over the last six months, I’ve delved deeper into the cannaverse than I ever have in my entire life, and the results have been interesting, to say the least. Perhaps we in Colorado are just on the front lines of history, or perhaps I’m just pretentious. Seriously though. Like I’ve mentioned in articles past, parts of towns rarely ventured to are being converted into marijuana strongholds. It’s not unusual to overhear casual conversations on the street about favorite strains, like people might talk about favorite breeds of dogs (“The Hindu Kush is more of an outdoor pet, but at least it doesn’t nip at your heels like that damn Durban Poison.”). I think the most striking change that I’ve seen is how incredibly normal cannabis use seems. The protesters have disappeared, the petition-waivers have put their pens away, and more and more, going to the dispensary feels a lot like going to the grocery store (albeit a lot more fun). The Station, a dispensary in Boulder, Colorado, is a charming example of this transformation. It’s a purely innocuous store, perfectly discreet, but standing on one of Boulder’s main drags. The dispensary reaches out to those searching for that higher-end boutique feel, all while staying down-to-earth, with reasonable prices and enticing member benefits.

The Station is situated in its very own standalone building, right off of Boulder’s 28th street. When The Station first came into business in 2011, I must have driven past the store a good ten times, having no idea what it was. The Station? Sounds like a delicious new restaurant, or a clothing store well out of my price range. It was only after getting much closer to the building was I able to see the green crosses indicative of a dispensary (you can thank Boulder’s Draconian marijuana advertising laws for that). Inside, the place screams of decadence. Soft off-white walls are adorned with Southwestern-inspired art, with soft mahogany crown molding lining the entire spacious waiting area. In a way, I felt like I was in one of Santa Fe’s famous art galleries, and was actually a bit nervous to sit down. Fortunately, on this Tuesday morning, the line for the The Station Boulderdispensary was nonexistent, and I was directed into the product room. Amy, the lone budtender at the time of my arrival, stood up and greeted me behind the product room’s large and expertly carved wood counters.

In contrast to a lot of dispensaries I’ve visited, where there are several self-sufficient “stations” which house all of the store’s products, The Station spreads everything out in their large and spacious product room. On the far end of the dispensary houses all of the store’s concentrates. While they did carry some shatter by Green Dot for $60/gram (which is nothing to scoff at;Green Dot is awesome.), the store’s main attraction was their full-melt bubble hash. The prices of these little brown beauties ranges based on the micron count of the screens used, as well as the bud that was used. For instance, you could pick up a strain-specific, 45 micron, full melt bubble hash for only $25/g. On the other end of the spectrum, you can pick up a mixed batch, 160 micron bubble hash for only $10/g. While micron screen count and quality are not necessarily intertwined, you do generally get what you pay for.

At the center of the store’s wraparound counter are the different buds, segrThe Station Boulderegated by the type of flower. Interestingly, The Station utilizes two different grow operations; one of which is organic, and the other not so much. Fancy yourself a little experiment? Several of the strains were divided into two jars; organic and otherwise. You could pick yourself up some regular OG Sin (the glorious result of a threesome with OG Kush, Sour D, and Cinderella 99), and then compare it to their organic grow. Based on the jar appeal alone, the strains, organic or not, looked fantastic. Amy guided me over to the store’s take on Super Lemon Haze. “It’s my absolute favorite,” she smiled, as she opened the jar for me to take a whiff. Indeed, it was much like falling face-first into a lemon meringue pie, not that I’ve done that more than three times in my life. Ahem. The buds were absolutely enormous, and covered in curly orange hairs. Opening another jar for me, Amy showed me their ever-popular Blue Dream, which is the strain that everyone in Colorado is up in arms about, for good reason. It’s a clever cross between the potent indica Blueberry, and its hyperactive sativa friend Haze, which produces a much-sought-after head and body high. It’s the kind of weed that makes even middle aged suburban ladies stand up and say “If everyone in the world smoked Blue Dream, then none of this ISIS crap would even be happening!” Trust me, I’ve seen it. You’ve heard it here Anyway, the Station’s Blue Dream looked rather par for the course, but maybe it just paled in comparison to the Super Lemon Haze I The Station Boulderwas drooling over immediately before.

On the far end of the store sits The Station’s sizable edible and topical selections. Thirsty? Try one of the Keef Colas. At 100mg to the bottle, they can be a bit scary and potent, but the evidence of cannabis-infusion is lost in the carbonated and sweet flavor (Try the Orange Kush!). The dispensary also boasted a full selection of Blue Kudus, Bhang Chocolates (yum), and IncrEdibles. Here’s something you don’t see every day. For only $50, you can pick up a bottle of Sweet Mary Jane’s infused olive oil. In the entire bottle, there’s 1500mg of THC. That comes out to 30mg of THC for a dollar, which will make your pasta aglio e olio a hell of a lot more interesting. Sadly missing from the shelves was very many glass pieces. I’d say there were around eight different designer pipes to choose from, all from a local Longmont artist, and a lone bubbler on the shelf, but not much else. The store does carry the O.pen vape cartridges, in its 150mg, 250mg, and 500mg varieties.

While there are whispers of The Station turning part of its large store into a recreationThe Station Boulderal storefront soon, medical patients need not worry – their specials and member deals are not going anywhere. Right off the bat, as a member at The Station, you can get yourself 20% off anything in the store. Couple that with some of the daily specials happening at the store, and you’ll find yourself saving quite a bit of coin. For instance, on the day I was in, the dispensary was taking five dollars off any top shelf strains. Couple that with a member discount of 20%, and you’ll find yourself walking out the door with an eighth of top shelf, organic bud for only $24. If you told me five years ago I’d be paying only 24 bucks for an eighth of ganja, I’d slap you and shout “Preposterous!” like a Saturday morning cartoon villain.

Going into The Station, at least for me, was like finding a destination location hidden in absolute plain sight. Like I was saying before, I truly believe this is a symbol of what marijuana is starting to become in Colorado. It’s not risque, it’s not dangerous, and it’s not illegal. It just is. To compliment this, you have stores that don’t throw up all the gimmicks, that don’t slather their building in bright green, and just act like any other business might. By no means am I saying that The Station blends into the background noise of Boulder’s busy commercial scene. Rather, it is a part of it; it’s an example of how a dispensary can seem elegant, but perfectly normal at the same time.

If you get an opportunity to visit The Station of Boulder, Colorado, let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.


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