The Village Green Society | Review : Boulder

The Village Green Society | Review : Boulder
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At Dope Directory, we’re all about you finding the dispensary that fits in with your taste. Hell, that’s why we exist. Now, I’ll be the first one to tell you that there is no “generic” cannabis user, and with varied interests and personalities comes varied preferences in taste. You’re saying to yourself, “Duh Max. That’s why I’m here.” Fine. Want to know what I love? I love a relaxed environment, with low-pressure sales tactics. I love staff who offer helpful recommendations, or can (and will) answer any of the fifty questions I might have about a particular strain (I get it. I’m a royal pain in the ass.). Whether it’s weed, or any other product, I never like to feel rushed, or like I’m doing a place a disservice by asking them questions, or taking my time. For instance, it was around 11:00PM on a Friday night, and a friend and I were hankering for some Killian’s, or some other “hey, this is okay” beer. My friend and I strolled into the liquor store, and started looking at that section of beer that’s like, not quite Coors, but certainly not a craft brew. From the counter, the sole employee shouted at us, “Guys! Hurry it the hell up! You gotta get out of here. We’re closed!” Keep in mind, liquor stores in Boulder stay open till midnight. Confused, we dropped the twenty dollars in wobbly pop we were going to buy, and took our business elsewhere. This is a very roundabout way of saying it, but Bob Marley was right when he demanded that the world not “rock his boat.” Thank you, Mr. Marley, I too dislike getting my boat rocked. With that in mind, let’s talk about The Village Green Society, a Village Green Society Boulderrecreational-only dispensary in Boulder, Colorado. They may not be the biggest, flashiest, or fanciest dispensary in town, but the place has heart, a very homey and relaxed vibe, and some very fine looking genetics to boot.

You can find The Village Green Society in that strip of cute houses just north of the Pearl Street Mall, on the corners of 16th and Spruce. It was a lovely Spring day on my visit to VGS, so I really didn’t mind the walk from up the street on Spruce. Keep in mind, there is paid parking right outside the dispensary, but free parking on most of the streets surrounding the actual dispensary. Though I didn’t see it when I was parking, the dispensary also has a private lot behind the building. Quite literally, the dispensary sits in a renovated old house, complete with a garden out front. One of the bud tenders, was peacefully enjoying a book in the sun, sitting on a bench in the garden, as I walked up. Inside, after a quick check of the ID, I was able to sit down with Grace: a manager at Village Green Society. “We are the perfect intersection between quality and price,” Grace told me, quoting a review her dispensary received. Indeed, although recreational prices in Boulder are nowhere near reasonable on the whole, VGS has some deals to give you pause.

The Village Green Society used to be part of the CannaMart chain, which is apparent in that the majority of the bud sold at the dispensary is grown by CannaMart. Immediately, Grace pulled for the Lemon Skunk, a hazy, racy sativa that she quickly calls her favorite.Village Green Society Boulder 2 “It’s the happiest bud I’ve smoked,” she said with a grin. Alongside the earthy, citrusy bud, she also pulled out the Snowcap, which she claimed was a great sativa for those who cannot handle the heady raciness of the Lemon Skunk. That’d be me! Finally, she pulled out the Purple Kush: a classic strain that smelled remarkably like grape candy. For those of you who want to melt into a comfy chair, always bet on purp. In total, the dispensary had twelve jars available, making their selection pretty good. It’s certainly not the most variety in a strain lineup I’ve ever seen, but, as you faithful readers can attest, it’s certainly not the worst. What’s better, the dispensary will always have one of their strains on special, allowing you to pick up an eighth of their top shelf for only $35. Look, if there’s any dispensary promising to get you out the door for under $50 in Boulder, it’s worth pause. Come in before 11:00AM, and they’ll hack another 10% off the price. Fantastic!

While the selection of edibles, concentrates, and other cannabis products had limited variety, the products available at VGS were more than enough for the average cannabis consumer. During my visit, Village Green had wax and shatter from Boulder Extracts and Botanico. While the concentrates do not actually originate from the dispensary’s own plants, you really can’t go wrong with either of those extraction companies. All of the majorVillage Green Society Boulder edible brands had space on Village Green’s shelf as well, such as IncrEdibles, Edipure, Blue Kudu, Wana, and Sweet Grass, but nothing all that unique. Finally, the dispensary has quite a decent selection of transdermals from Apothacana’s entire line, to the ever-popular Mary’s Medicinals (this is one of the few recreational stores I’ve visited that had their CBD – THC 1:1 patches, which are my absolute favorite). As far as smoking devices are concerned, the dispensary’s selection is basic, but they do give away a bong every month in a raffle. All it takes is a single purchase to get a raffle ticket, and then boom. You could have a big bad bong to show for your effort. If vaping is more your style, the dispensary carries pens from o.Pen, Aspen and i420, just to name a few.

I think what sells me on Village Green Society, and why I think they deserve a look is not necessarily the selection, but the atmosphere. Rather than getting your own counter when ordering, VGS has an entirely separate room for you to do your shopping in. Frankly, I don’t care to have someone over my shoulder as I make my purchases. It’s not because I’m self-conscious, but I did appreciate the feeling of exclusivity the dispensary cultivated by having two identical rooms. Does this mean the line gets backed up when it’s busy? Most likely, but I’d certainly take waiting in a waiting room than feeling the pressure of a line forming behind me. I don’t know. The Village Green Society certainly isn’t the fanciest place I’ve been to, but there’s a certain charm to the “homey” vibe the dispensary emanates. I love the hand drawn labels. I love the dry-erase menu. I like the specials that were printed and hastily taped to the wall. To me, it’s nice to be reminded that it takes a lot of people a lot of time to get that delicious herb to your pipe. It may not be a fancy place, but maybe I’m not a fancy guy.

If you get an opportunity to visit The Village Green Society of Boulder, Colorado, let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.


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