Timberline Herbal Clinic | Review : Denver

Timberline Herbal Clinic | Review : Denver
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I have always been interested in the social impacts of laws. For example, in the infamous prohibition of alcohol in this country, do you think lawmakers anticipated the sharp increase of wine production in California, because of the popular “make wine at home!” kits? How about the surge in organized crime that resulted from massive bootlegging operations? I like to think of some of the consequences of substances becoming legal as well. Consider the law that requires dispensaries to be at least 1000 feet from schools. Sure, I think we can all agree that a dispensary next to a school might not be the best idea, but I think the law has had some interesting unintended consequences. Many dispensaries have set up in areas typically reserved for heavy industry, to stay out of the 1000 foot radius of any school. More and more industrial areas are attracting people who would otherwise never be in the area, save for work. Consequently, more and more destinations start opening up in less-visited areas, and suddenly, it is not unusual for people to cruise around these spots. Timberline Herbal Clinic is one such dispensary. While lacking some essentials that other dispensaries have, the flower and edible collections at the dispensary make it a notable destination dispensary.

Timberline Herbal Clinic is located right off of Colorado Boulevard, just a few blocks south of where the thoroughfare becomes Highway 85. While on the connection between two major industrial areas in North Denver, I was surprised by how isolated the dispensary seemed. Aside from a bank across the way (where the dispensary advises you grab cash beforehand), and a smattering of warehouses on the road, this place was the only real destination in the area. It sits in a quaint, homey building, with a comfy waiting room. Sleek black chairs accent the waiting room, with a few cannabis-themed Timberline Denverimages to cover the wood-paneled walls (including an homage to the Coffeeshops of Amsterdam, which I stared at for a good minute). Kayla, after checking my ID, welcomed me into the product room, which was little more than one long counter in a long and narrow room. The place was a little cramped with a few of us in there, but it wasn’t overly so.

I was very impressed by the sheer number and variety of strains that Timberline Herbal Clinic has to offer (Oh! I get it! “THC”. Haa). If you’re anything like me, and you’re looking for any strains unique to this dispensary, take a look at the Kalamath Kush. This heavy indica is for anyone searching for a sedative in plant form. Not your favorite? Not to worry. The dispensary does a good job of describing the intended effects of any particular strain, written cleanly on the labels of the various strains. An odd exception to this trend was their Blue Dream, which had a label that was hastily written in marker, but I’d say most marijuana aficionados are already aware of Blue Dream’s happy, uplifting high (If not, then hey, you learned something!). In total, the dispensary had twenty-two strains to choose from, including caviar produced by Caviar Kings, which looked amazing, by the way. Kayla also prided the dispensary on being consistent with their offerings. If you like a particular strain from Timberline, rest assured that they will almost always have it. “If it’s not in,” Kayla told me, “it will be in Timberline Denver 3two days or so.” This is a feature that you might not see at very many places, who tend to rotate through their strains. If consistency is what you look for in a dispensary, you have to show Timberline Herbal Center some credit. If you’re a baller on a budget, you could also pick up a five dollar prerolled joint at the dispensary, made from a shake and sweet leaf mix. While many smokers might turn up their noses at smoking sweet leaf, five dollars out the door is hard to say no to.

Also impressive was Timberline’s edible selection. I was directed over to the large cooler on one side of the room, containing plenty culinary delights. I was thrilled to see the THC infused butters by Caregivers For Life (a dispensary we here at Dope Directory are big fans of). In the mood to flavor your drinks? The dispensary also carries several different flavors of the Colorado Cannabis Tears Syrup, another fantastic product of Caregivers For Life. The dispensary also had a multitude of different cannabis treats from Canyon Cultivation. From the “Suckit” lemon puckers, to the “DropIt” liquid THC, you are bound to find a delectable way to self-medicate.

Unfortunately missing from the selection was any concentrates that were not already captured into oil pens. Kayla, my budtender, was upfront with how popular the concentrates have been, but assured me they would be back in stock soon. Like I said, Timberline Denverthough, if you are looking for vape pens, the store has quite a few to choose from. For a refillable pen, you could take a look at the Rempens or O.pens available. For the cannabis user who can’t make up their mind, you can pick up a Skunk Stick Vapor Pen, which has attachments for both oil and wax. The majority of the bottom shelf of the long display case is devoted to various smoking pieces, at extremely affordable rates. While some of the glass did look a bit fragile, only a few bucks for a quick and disposable pipe is not bad. That’s not to say the dispensary didn’t have any higher end glass, though. There were a few larger pieces available, but certainly not in the quantity of their smaller pipe and chillum brothers.

To say the least, the laws surrounding medicinal and recreational marijuana have been fascinating from a geographical standpoint. You have a bunch of schmos like myself in places they’ve never even heard of, to seek out some decent bud (that’s not to say YOU’RE a schmo, dear reader). Places that were once only reserved for the industrial workers of Denver are now opening up to a much more diverse and interesting demographic (that’s not to say you’re not interesting, dear industrial workers of America!). I’m excited to see what happens.


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