Trill Alternatives | Review : Boulder

Trill Alternatives | Review : Boulder
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If we’ve said it once at Dope Directory, we’ve said it a thousand times: long gone are the days of “pray your dealer has a good batch this time.” No, Colorado has advanced so far from how it was just a few years ago, that smoking some ganja, and having no idea what it is sounds strange to me. I suppose that comes with the territory, living in the first state to sell marijuana recreationally. It makes sense to see availability and a wide variety of strains becoming available in rec stores; as dispensaries expand, so too do their grow operations. Overall, the average consumer in Colorado, recreationally or otherwise, has become an informed smoker: one who knows what they like. However, the world of extreme variety and selection is rapidly creeping into Colorado’s medical dispensaries as well. I think a great example of this would be Trill Alternatives, a medical-only dispensary in downtown Boulder, Colorado. From flowers, to edibles, to concentrates, Trill not only has full stocks, but their variety is something that you just do not normally see in a dispensary. Add in some ridiculous member deals, and you’ve got yourself an appetizing destination to put on your list.

Trill Alternatives sits on the east side of the Pearl Street Mall, right next door to a very delicious brewpub and restaurant (Beer and weed within five feet of eachother? Someone clearly does not want me to leave the block.). While the parking on this side of downtown is typically more available, if you choose to park on the streets, your luck is mostly dependent on the time and day of the week you choose to make your visit. However, one big plus, above many of the other dispensaries either on or around the Pearl Street Mall, isTrill Alternatives Boulder Trill will validate parking in the garage across the street from the dispensary. Keep in mind, dear patients, Trill sits at the bottom of a flight of stairs right off the street, so if you have trouble with stairs, this might be a tricky spot to come to. The entry room is simple enough: a mostly-stoic manager will greet you, take your information, and have you sign and initial a sheet promising not to sell your medical marijuana to anyone else, and to be a responsible adult when using your medication – you know, the normal stuff. After a brief stint on one of Trill’s couches, Kyle, the stoic manager from before, took me into their product room, which is roughly five times the size of their small entry. It needs to be as well, because the dispensary is absolutely packed to the brim with product.

Deep breath. We’ve exhausted all the similes of comparing dispensaries with massive flower selection. To save you, dear reader, from having to endure another Baskin Robbins analogy, let me just say the dispensary, at the time of my visit, had 57 strains of flower available for purchase. Five. Seven. I really like Trill’s flower layout, as well. All of their bud is organic, and comes from two different growers, and so you, the medical consumer, have two different pricing scales to look at. At the bottom end of Trill’s selections are the “Top Shelf” strains (yeah, because that makes sense), which come to $160 for the ounce, or $200 if you aren’t a member. The higher end strains are called the “Select” strains, which cap out at $250 for members, and $300 for nonmembers. To try to go through all the strains that Kyle pulled out for me would be an exercise in futility, so allow me to describe a few from both the Select and Top Shelf tiers. First, from the Top Shelf (which, remember, is NOT the top shelf at Trill), Kyle pulled out the classic Bruce Banner for me. As a sweet,Trill Alternatives Boulder citrusy, sativa-dominant hybrid, chock full of trichomes, it’s no wonder this hulkish strain is so heavily sought after. I was then directed to the Northern Lights Big Bud, which is a pure, 100% indica. It’s a really deep and earthy strain, with a stunning body high; excellent for those patients with chronic pain. What’s better is this was one of the strains that Trill put on “Overstock Sale” meaning the’ll sell it to you for $75 for the half ounce. Yeah. That’s a half ounce of weed for seventy-five bucks. Not bad! From the Select tier, though there were over twenty strains available, two stood out for me. First, I sunk my nose into the maraschino cherry-smelling Cherry Diesel. It actually smells a bit like a jar of those sundae cherries, mixed with a slight dieselly background. Finally, I was really excited to look at the DJ Short Blueberry, an 80% indica-dominant hybrid that smelled exactly like a slice of blueberry cheesecake. “The way these are all smelling? They taste the same, or even better,” Kyle assured me.

If the overwhelming amount of flower isn’t what you’re in for, the dispensary has a full all dedicated to their equally-overwhelming edible selection. There were very few companies that did not have shelf space at Trill. As a matter of fact, I am having a hard time remembering a medical dispensary with quite as much to choose from, let alone one that is a minute walking from the Pearl Street Mall. What truly blew me away, however, was the incredible variety of concentrates the dispensary stocks. Now, you’d be happy if a Trill Alternatives Boulderdispensary had options from, say, two different concentrate companies. You’d say, “Oh boy! Selection!” Don’t worry, I’ve said it too. Trill, on the other hand, carries any style of concentrate you’re looking for: shatter, wax, budder, flake, moon rocks, live resin extracts, solventless, CO2 oil, primarily. Not only that, but the dispensary has selections from Green Dot, TerpX, Epic Extracts, White Mousse, Mile High Wax, CCC, Viola, TC Labs, Trichome Heavy Extracts, Boulder Pharma, and I’m sure plenty of others. Simply put, I don’t believe there exists a dispensary, medical or recreational, that allows you to try concentrates from nearly every major company producing wax and shatter in Colorado. For smoking devices, the dispensary is stocked with Rempen and O.Pen cartridges, vaporizers, pipes, and dab rigs. While the selection is not staggering, there are quite a few pieces to look at if you really need one.

It’s tough to say what’s wrong with a place that offers you so much variety and choice when it comes to purchasing your cannabis goodies. I mean, I guess I left feeling incredibly overwhelmed, but not in a bad way, if that makes any sense. I love being able to peruse the different strains, to get a sense for what I personally like. Trill is certainly a one-stop-shop for concentrate users. I don’t believe there is any other store that allows you such a literal side-by-side comparison between different concentrate companies. So, here’s what I recommend: Step one: grab a beer upstairs. Step two, if you’re a red card holder, check out Trill. It’d be hard to walk out of there, not finding at least one thing that you wanted to go home with. I know I did; I’m eyeing that Green Dot shatter that I picked up for $40 right now…

If you get an opportunity to visit Trill Alternatives of Boulder, Colorado, let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.


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