Urban Dispensary | Review : Denver

Urban Dispensary | Review : Denver
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It’s not just a trope that you’ll see in shows like the Beverly Hillbillies; a lot of people from rural areas are genuinely shocked at how people interact in the big city. However, it might not be nearly as noticeable in a city like Denver, as the Midwest floods us with enough influence to make us seem like some friendly city folk. Even so, people start staring when you start smiling and – God forbid – start talking to them while traversing the sidewalks downtown. The irony isn’t lost on me, or I’m sure anyone who has ever resided in a large city (especially my East Coast homies. NYC, I’m looking at you). You might be within ten miles of a million people at any given time, but society conditions us to not make eye contact, keep our heads down, and mind our own damn business. Imagine my surprise, then, finding the complete customer service experience in a place whose name is an homage to the city. Urban Dispensary, located off 38th Avenue just north of the Highlands, might be a cozy place in a heavily urban area, but the aforementioned rules of the city fly right out the window, and in their place, a slower-paced and more personal customer service experience.

Urban Dispensary is located on a very peculiar part of 38th, sandwiched directly between two dispensaries (one with nearly an identical name). As is expected on this side of town, parking on the streets is very hit-or-miss, but the dispensary does offer its own limited parking spaces behind the building. I was fortunate enough to test my parallel parking skills right out front of the dispensary, and walked right in. In one door, and the second Urban Dispensary Denverdoor was locked in front of me. It’s a strange feeling, standing in a room not much bigger than me, waiting for the bud tender to rescue me. I was welcomed at the door warmly by Erin, the store’s general manager, and her dog, Ollie. Let’s just say, to call the dispensary cozy is being generous. It’s an incredibly tiny place. I was seated in one of three plastic chairs in the entryway, and looked over the piles of reading material and candy made available for me as I waited. Around the room, severeal aesthetic elements tipped me off that this was, indeed, an urban-themed dispensary. A Broncos window hanging here. A sign that read, “Raider Hater” there. A few street signs adorning the corners of the walls. After a brief bit of paperwork, Erin beckoned me back into the product room.

The product room isn’t much larger than the entry room, but man, it’s packed head-to-toe with product. For such a small shop, I was absolutely surprised to see thirteen different strains available. At the top of this list was their house strain, the Grape Stomper. This is an indica-dominant hybrid that is downright frosty from the large, compact trichomes that coat its dark-green flowers. Imagine a handful of grape candies thrown into a bouquet of Urban Dispensary Denverflowers, and you’ll have an idea how this strain tastes and smells. With a high originating in the dome, and flooding your body with warm and ooey-gooey pain relief, it’s not difficult to understand why Urban is known for this strain. In short, if Urban Dispensary has this stuff in, grab an eighth of it. Regularly, the dispensary sells its bud for $40 for the eighth, which is certainly not the cheapest bud around, but as the old axiom goes, “You get what you pay for.” Plus, if you’re a baller on a budget, much like I am, the dispensary also selects two special strains a day for $30 for the eighth. Finally, if you’re in the market for bong snaps, those small, popcorn nugs that are common at the bottom of product jars, Urban sells these guys for only $25 prepackaged.

Looking for a less smokey way to take your medicine? Urban Dispensary packs quite a few different topicals for your consideration. If you’re looking for a therapeutic way to end your day, consider Canna Bath. Scented like Nag Champa, and infused with plenty of Urban Dispensary DenverTHC, this will make your bathtime ritual a whole lot more interesting. While I’ve never tried the product myself, transdermal applications of THC tend to have the same relaxing, pain-relieving effect. Give it a shot, I say. The dispensary also packs their shelves with plenty of concentrates from TC Labs and Mahatma, as well as plenty of edibles from our usual suspects: IncrEdibles, Canyon Cultivation, Dabba, Wana, Edipure, and Cheeba Chews. The dispensary also carries Essential Caps, a product made by Essential Extracts, which are 40mg of THC, as well as 5mg of CBD and CBN. They’re a quick and painless way to eat THC, albeit probably not the most enjoyable way.

I think what impressed me most about Urban Dispensary is what happened while I was sitting and viciously scribbling notes back in the waiting room. With Ollie patiently sitting at my feet, Erin welcomed guest after guest, as if they were a long-lost friend. One man came in, finding out that he had won the raffle at the recent five year anniversary party theUrban Dispensary Denver dispensary had. Erin pulled down one of the $140 dab rigs from the shelf, boxed it up for him, and away he went.  The next woman walked in, and Erin realized that the order of the edibles the patient usually takes home with them was not sent properly from the edible company. Immediately onto the phone she went, to ensure the order would be corrected. A third person came in, and Erin asked about how the patient liked the previous strains the dispensary sold her. Now, I am not immediately turned off by large, big box dispensaries. However, it really depends what you are in the market for. Think of it this way. If you’re in the market for steaks, the variety and prices might be favorable at a supermarket. On the other hand, you lose a lot of the personal touch if you don’t go to the neighborhood butcher. It’s a dispensary that knows its patients, that is not afraid to discuss the different offerings at length, and is confident that the quality of its products will keep people coming back. It might be against everything us urbanites are taught in the public space, but the intimate customer service relationships formed at Urban Dispensary in Denver are hard to beat.

If you get an opportunity to visit Urban Dispensary of Denver, Colorado, let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.


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