Wellness Center of Denver | Review : Denver

Wellness Center of Denver | Review : Denver
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The other day I was waiting in line at the bank, casually fiddling with the check in my hand, debating what dispensary to visit, and contemplating what I was going to eat for lunch. As I stood in the line, I couldn’t help but correlate the experience in my mind to waiting at a dispensary. Just like most dispensaries, banks have nice air conditioned waiting areas, water for customers while they wait, and some tasteful art on the walls. Once you get to the front of the line you need to wait until there is an available teller to help you, since only a limited number of people can be at the counter at once. In fact, as I stood there and had to consciously stop myself from wrinkling my check too much, it came to me that my bank experiences have been eerily reminiscent to my dispensary visits. I never have as much money as I want, I can’t find my ID when I need it, and there is a bunch of green behind the counter that I wish was mine. Besides the uncanny similarities in my experiences, I also pondered the concept that the infrastructure behind a dispensary and a bank would be practically interchangeable. What a great idea; why hasn’t anyone built their dispensary in an old bank? They even have an integrated vault just begging to be crammed full of green sticky. Postponing my decision on where to eat lunch, I was able to decide on visiting Wellness Center of Denver, and much to my imaginations delight, it’s located in what used to be an old Bank of the West.

Despite the fact that I was visitingWel1ness Center of Denver on a Monday morning, the parking lot of Wellness Center of Denver was bustling with activity (a good sign) and I had to take a spin around the block while I waited for a spot to open up. After I found a place to park, I walked up to the main door and committed one of my own biggest pet peeves: not reading signs. After a fruitless attempt to open the door, I read the sign telling me to ring the buzzer to enter. Only a little red the cheeks, I walked up the counter, showed off my ID and went to the right and sat in the waiting area for my turn. I relaxed in a large comfy armchair and waited with the other patrons in a in the lobby, occasionally glancing up at Animal Planet on the television, which was telling me about a maniacal dog, hell-bent on destroying its owner’s lives or something to the like. At the time, I didn’t realize that this dispensary was in an ex-bank, but I soon was enlightened to the fact when I went back to their counter and met Jared, my budtender.

Jared guided me to the center station of their three partitioned counter spaces. I was impressed by the privacy and personal one-on-one experience offered by the segmented former bank counters. Jared proceeded to go over printed menus before me. He explained they print new menus whenever necessary to reflect the stock that they currently are carrying. Their selection of strains was very similar on both the recreational and the medical side, which boasted aWellness Center of Denverround 20 different options, ranging the full spectrum from Indica to Sativa and everything in-between. For sativas, they carried some iconic heavy hitting strains including: NYC Diesel, Durban Poison, and Jilly Bean. On the Indica side they carried Bubba Kush, Larry OG and the highly sought after Girl Scout Cookies. When I came in, however, the majority of the strains available were hybrids, and the hybrid at the top of the list was Blue Dream. For those of you who haven’t tried this strain before, there is a reason that it appears at the top of their hybrid list (and it’s not just alphabetical order). This sweet and lascivious temptress of a bud, encapsulates the best traits of both sides of its genetic heritage. Both mind numbing and thought provoking, this strain is one that I can personally recommend, and Wellness Center of Denver has some on their shelf just waiting for you. Their growers and trimmers obviously knew what they were doing; all of the buds looked immaculate.

Wellness Center of Denver also carries a decent selection of concentrates available both recreationally and medically, with a few strain specifics. Their concentrates are provided for them by 710 Labs and High Altitude Extracts by Sweet Mary Jane using trim from their own crops. Their strain specific shatters, when I came in, were Girl Scout Cookies and Skywalker. They also offer pre-rolled trim joints in either sativa or indica which are $10 each, $18 for two, or $27 for three. As Jared mentioned, the joints are big sellers, and each batch of 250 that they makes only lasts on the shelves for a few days. As I was talking to Jared, Christine, a longtime customer poked her head Wellness Center of Denveraround the corner and mentioned this is the only place for her. You know that you’re in a good dispensary when the patrons love the budtenders and the budtenders love the patrons. It was right after I talked to Christine that I noticed the awesome Broncos helmet pipes on the shelves. Although Wellness Center of Denver didn’t have a massive selection of smoking devices, the ones they did carry were charming, eclectic, and very reasonably priced. If vaping is more your style, they also carried O.pens with the basic sativa and indica cartridge options.

The only thing that was missing during my visit on the recreational side was edibles. While their medical side offered a good selection of edibles from Caviar Kings, Loves Oven, Mountain High, and Cheeba Chews, they are taking steps to conform to new recreational regulations involving edibles mandated by the state. The very day I came in they had just received a batch of edibles from Edi-Pure that were sadly mislabeled and needed to be returned. What this means, however, is that while other dispensaries are scrambling to get their products up to code with the new regulations, Wellness Center of Denver will be back up and running with a full stock of edibles.

As I came back in to finish up my visWellness Center of Denverit and to take some pictures I met the Manager, April, who gathered together the staff for a great photo, and talked to me for a few minutes about this wonderful state and the wonderful green-filled times we live in. It was clear to me why Christine was so adamant about endorsing this dispensary: the staff here is extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and fun. April even gave me a great suggestion on where to get some food for lunch. There is a reason the parking lot is full every day at Wellness Center of Denver: with amazing budtenders, a wonderful counter with unique personal feel, and a great selection of high quality buds, it’s clear why the lack of recreational edibles hasn’t hampered their business. Completely satisfied with my experience, I set off to get myself some fish and chips, knowing that Wellness Center of Denver will be there next time I’m craving an herbal pick-me-up.

If you get an opportunity to visit Wellness Center of Denver in Denver, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.




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  1. hey Jesse!
    It’s April our edibles shelfs are looking a bit more full these days! You should come visit the store this month we have have some soooktacular Halloween decorations up! I’m so glad you liked the fish and chips! Thanks again for visiting us don’t be a stranger! See you soon!

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