Wellspring Collective | Review : Denver

Wellspring Collective | Review : Denver
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The options along Broadway are limitless when it comes to procuring marijuana. Every place has its own unique ambiance and impression it sets for its patrons. When you find a location that is bustling with activity on a Wednesday morning, you know that there must be a reason. Cleanliness, efficiency, and having employees assimilate the needs of the public are all priorities. No, I’m not talking about the Borg Collective; I’m talking about Wellspring Collective. This location is just about the cleanest-cut, best laid out dispensary I’ve ever seen. Finding a place to park on the street may not always be the easiest task, but the rewards are well worth it if you find your way to the front door of Wellspring Collective.

There is a reason I visit dispensaries on weekday mornings: it’s all about the smaller crowds and a chance to really talk to and connect with the budtenders. Even though I was in well before noon, the hustle and bustle was already underway at Wellspring. Don’t let this discourage you. As I was about to find out, the four budtenders working the counter are more than willing to slow everything down and talk to you about picking out the right strain for your restless legs, or maybe just the best strain for your Game of Thrones marathon. On the recreational side of the counter, I was greeted by GradyWellspring Collective Denver and a simply immaculate display of strains and edibles. Looking over what I could only correlate to a genetics research lab level of organization, I couldn’t help but imagine the budtenders clad in white lab coats in the back using a Mary Shelley inspired device to endow their weed with powers from mighty Zeus’s lightning bolts. Grady pulled my back to my senses and started showing me their selections.

The layout of their buds is a connoisseur’s dream. Laid in pristine ceramic dishes, select buds of each strain sat in clean LED lit display shelves. Magnifying glasses waited on pivoting arms ready for patrons to swing them into action and view the crystalline majesty of Colorado chronic presented before them. Grady told me, much to my delight, that most of their strains were around 25% THC content. Some like their Blue Hash plant tipped the scales even higher than 25%, and will definitely get the job done. He then introduced me to the lovely Ingrid, a minty green smelling gal with bright Wellspring Collective Denverorange hair, who had come all the way from Switzerland just to fall apart into my bowl and be lit on fire… what a lady. Ingrid is close to 100% Indica, and is one of this location’s prize strains. Already impressed by their loose leaf selections, Grady then showed me their phenomenal pre-rolled options. For starters, all of their joints are made with ground leaf rather than shake, and come individually or in precious little four packs. Four little joints weighing in at 3 g total for only $25 is sure to make your visit to Colorado a memorable one. Well, you’ll remember buying them at least; after that, I make no promises.

Moving on to the concentrates and edibles, Grady first showed me their proprietary and ready to be loaded vape pens. These pens are perfect for people visiting the state who want to snag a disposable vape pen for only $10. Load them up with some concentrates from Venom, and prepare for blast off. There was a plethora of edibles to choose from as well. Gummies from Edipure, baked goods from Love’s Oven, chocolate from Incredibles, Wellspring Collective Denversodas from Cannapunch, and a few sundry items from Canyon Cultivations. There was also a selection of Dixie products available recreationally including Dixie Dew Drops, drinks and capsules. The recreational side also carried Mary’s Medicinals pens for those minor aches and pains that we all get from time to time.

Peeking over at the medicinal counter, I was greeted by Jeff who showed me what made their med side shine. Same beautiful presentation of buds with a better price of course. Jeff stepped out of the way and showed me a truly bountiful selection of strain specific pre-rolls. He mentioned at any given time, that they have anywhere from 35-42 different pre-roll opportunities on the medical side to fulfill all of their customers wildest dreams. After showing me some of the high milligram content edibles available on the medicinal side, he emphasized something very important that not every dispensary I go to mentions; “don’t eat the whole thing.” This is something Wellspring Collective Denverthat is overlooked far too often for people who have never had edibles before, and frankly something I wish my first legal budtender had told me. Ever since my first couch ridden experience with edibles, I’ve always wanted my budtenders to warn me about the potency. This saves me a completely unproductive afternoon, and for people who may have never smoked before, may save them a horrible experience.

If you are a local that is looking for a good recreational or medical location, Wellspring should be one of your first visits. If you’re from out of town, and you want to get a simple vape pen or maybe just a four pack of joints to make the patterns on your hotel rooms ceiling enthralling, this is your place as well. This is a location that I feel perfectly skirts the line between catering to locals and catering to weed tourists. Wellspring Collective truly is the best of both worlds (pun intended for any Trekkies out there). Perfection is only down the street, you just need to walk down Broadway past the other dispensaries.

I promise you a fun filled visit, with friendly budtenders who know their cannabis, and are there to help you create the custom-tailored experience that’s just right for you. Normally, I would scoff at the idea of being assimilated by the collective, but when the collective is Wellspring Collective, I’ll be the first volunteer.#JessetheGrove

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