1906 PAUSE | Chocolate Edibles

1906 PAUSE | Chocolate Edibles
Emerald Fields Marijuana Edibles

There’s something about road trips that fills my heart with joy. When I was younger, my family was never huge on road tripping, and would frequently fly to destinations for vacation. While there was the odd trip we would take to Santa Fe, it wasn’t until my early 20s that I discovered the joy of traveling cross country and soaking in all the America I can handle. While there are always monotonous aspects (I’m talking about you West Kansas) there is always something new and exciting to see when you’re traveling. While I usually like to drive, on my most recent road trip we were able to borrow my girlfriend’s family rv and she offered to drive the entire way out to Columbus to visit my cousins. As someone who has work that is quite pleasurable it’s never too much of a burden to mix around my work with leisure time. In this case, since I wasn’t driving I figured, why not have an edible before we departed on our journey? I come across so many different edibles available at gotflora.com and other retailers, so finding a unique type of edible to sample is always exciting. In this case, I was sampling an edible that I’ve certainly seen floating around but had never sampled before. 1906 is a bold and delectable marijuana-infused chocolate that is specially formulated into four unique categories, each designed to provide a specific high. In this case, I was treating myself to 1906’s Pause, which is the hybrid cannabis version of their chocolate. Armed with 5mg THC and 5mg CBD each 1906 chocolate is designed for fast absorption and enduring effects. I’ve always been a fan of CBD Edibles so this was a pleasant product to try. Named after the year that first incorporated poison symbols onto marijuana in the US, 1906 states on the box “it took more than a century for the world to come to it’s senses”. Even if it took 100 years, we’re finally here and using the latest tech 1906 is ushering the marijuana edible into the 21st century.

Interested in taking a trip of your own and need a little help from 1906 Pause? You can find the entire lineup of 1906 edibles at Emerald Fields in Glendale Colorado or at Emerald Fields in Manitou Springs. Both Emerald Fields locations are open for recreational sale, and are open late. Not only is 1906 available, but as Emerald Field’s vendor of the month, you can expect some awesome discounts on all 1906 edibles throughout the month of June. Check them out today and sample the entire smorgasbord of 1906 chocolates along with a slew of other amazing marijuana products.


Go Chocolate 60mg = $15.75
High Love Chocolate 60mg = $18.38
Midnight Chocolate 60mg = $15.75
Pause Chocolate 60mg = $15.75


Go Chocolate 60mg = $20.25
High Love Chocolate 60mg = $23.65
Midnight Chocolate 60mg = $20.25
Pause Chocolate 60mg = $20.25

Each box of 1906 chocolates contains six individual edibles. The first thing I noticed is that the packaging for 1906 Pause, while undeniably cool, is also a little but cumbersome for only holding 6 chocolates. As I worked through the layers of packaging I revealed the 1906 Pause chocolates inside which were a work of modern art in little delicious abstract angled miniature masterpieces. I took a whiff of the chocolates to see what they had in store for me. They had an unmistakable aroma of dark, rich chocolate, despite being a milk chocolate. Absent from their smell was any semblance of cannabis aroma. I popped one out of its package and observed it a little. I couldn’t help but think that I could have written about 1906 Pause in my college art class when we were doing our study on geometric art. After my initial observations and a little candid photo shoot, I tossed one 1906 chocolate into a plastic baggy to eat right before we departed town.

The moment of truth came and right before we left, I retrieved my 1906 Pause and prepared for some early morning chocolate (AM chocolate is the best, especially when it’s marijuana-infused). Beautiful little 1906 chocolate in hand, I took my first bite. Now I may not be a chocolate connoisseur but trust me when I say I know some high quality stuff when I eat it. 1906 Pause is some of the richest and most delicious chocolate I think I’ve ever had the fortune of sampling. It’s the kind of chocolate that would make me obese if it was sold non-medicated. As I slowly chewed my first bite I did pick up the unmistakable flavor of cannabis (and for me not an unwelcome taste). This marijuana flavor was somewhat unique and came off as much sweeter than most infused edible flavors that Im used to. This flavor was a perfect accent to the dark and bitter notes present in the dark milk chocolate treat. As the 1906 chocolate melted away entirely in my mouth the only flavor I was left with was pure scrumptious chocolate. With my girlfriend at the helm of the beast, all I had to do was sit back and watch the unending fields of Eastern Colorado and the inherent arthropod genocide on the windshield. As promised I started feeling the effects of 1906 very rapidly. After only a half-hour I was noticing a slight body high and a little bit of drowsiness (the latter is a common edible effect for me). As time wore on and wind turbines were passed the effects did heighten slightly, but I never really felt overly inebriated during the experience and instead only really felt a soothing body high and a slight drop into relaxation. Really I must say that Pause is a very apt name for this 1906 chocolate. Just by judging the effects of 1906 Pause I can envision the Indica version doing a great job at knocking me out.

I’m a huge fan of the flavor and effects of 1906 Pause, and it was definitely an ideal way to start my cross country adventure. That being said, if you’re looking for an edible to melt your brains out (something I know some of my friends desire) then you most likely should look elsewhere. Because of this, I can see 1906 Pause or other incarnations of these chocolates being an absolutely ideal edible for first time users. Not only are they fast acting and take out a lot of guess work, but I feel that the CBD content is a perfect addition to mellow out the overall feel of the experience. Because of the 1906’s balanced effects and amazing flavor, I feel that it fulfills a very specific niche in the world of marijuana edibles that is rarely touched on. If your a first time consumer, a lightweight edible eater (like myself), or are looking for a perfect little dose of cannabis, you really ought to take a look at 1906 Chocolate. I just wish they could help Kansas be narrower on my next trip.


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