Americanna CannaPuffs

Americanna CannaPuffs
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There’s just something about gummy candy that always makes me nostalgic. Every fruity nibble reminds me of the first time I had neon worms in cookies and cream soil, the time I drunkenly chipped my tooth on a peach ring, and the first time I ever tried a gummy marijuana edible.CannaPuffs-2 In the world of marijuana edibles, gummy treats have come a long way from the early days where there was only one brand on the shelf, and they were mediocre at best. Even more shocking, was the revelation and proceeding hot water some companies found themselves in over the fact that some of those gummies were name brand candies, procured under a loose legal guise which eventually forced the company to source their gummies elsewhere. I recently had the fortune of sampling a new gummy treat from a relatively new edible gummy provider, Americanna. Americanna CannaPuffs are labeled as a chewy set of ten assorted flavor gummies in either sweet or sour each packing ten milligrams of marijuana goodness. Never one to turn down a new edible treat, especially from a producer I’m familiar with and fond of, I gladly accepted my tube of tastiness and prepared myself for an evening edible encounter.

If you want to understand for yourself the fruit-packed madness in these extra tasty, and respectably potent Americanna CannaPuffs swing by Smokin gun today for a bite. Smokin Gun is a recreational marijuana dispensary located in Glendale Colorado, right in between Denver and Aurora. Smokin Gun offers a unique marijuana purchasing experience in their prohibition-themed store that’s half dispensary and half museum. If you’ve been looking for a real experience next time you want some Americanna gummies, check out Smokin Gun. They’re even open late until midnight, seven days a week.

Americanna CannaPuffs:

I will admit that I’m very familiar with Americanna gummies and if I said they’ve never provided me with a better than average camping trip in the past, then I’d be lying. While I’ll gladly announce my pension for the effects of the traditional Americanna gummies, I was never a huge fan of the flavor (especially the sours). Along with the new extra-fluffy consistency, the new CannaPuffs also promised alluring new flavors and a new method of infusion.CannaPuffs-1 All previous Americanna gummies were infused using cannabis oil, which is very standard in the industry, but Americanna is upping their game when it comes to the new CannaPuffs.  I briefly spoke with Frank at Americanna to get an idea of what makes these new edibles so delicious and unique. The process for the new CannaPuffs is much more complex than that for the standard gummies. Americanna starts with freshly confectioned gummies, stamped with the industry required “THC” labeling. Drawing from the multiple trusted growers that they have partnered with, they take the raw marijuana and just with any edible, start by extracting the cannabinoids from the plant matter. This is where things get a little different and very scientific. Using a distillation process the raw cannabis oil is transformed into an ethanol refined distillate oil. This end product is cleaner, purer, and has minimal flavor when compared to a standard cannabis oil. As Frank explained, “it’s like an alcohol that is five times distilled for a cleaner tasting product.” This new distillate was the perfect substance to infuse their new CannaPuffs which only hit the shelf a few months ago. As Frank mentioned they’re always improving their products, “we started out with the distillation process and it turned out really well. It pulled out decomposing terpenes and removed lipids and fats which can affect flavor.” So now that I knew what made these little gummy treats tick, there was only one logical course of action left, consume!

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Andrew from Americanna shows off the new CannaPuffs

Tube of Americanna CannaPuffs in hand, I sat down in front of my computer for a night of weed edibles and computer games (a suitable choice for edibles I felt). After a brief perusal of the labeling, I popped the top and was accosted by sweet fruity smell. I really do mean that verbiage, I’ve never experienced a stronger smelling gummy in my life, and I felt well, accosted (but in a good, fruity way). In an attempt to determine which smell was winning out of the assorted flavors I buried my nose in the jar for an embarrassingly long time. After a long smelling session, I crowned the pink strawberry gummies as the winner, with the apple in a close second. Even if you don’t partake in marijuana, I would recommend grabbing a tube of these CannaPuffs as a fruity air freshener, they smell simply amazing. I only saw it fitting to give the potent smelling strawberry gummy a try first. As someone who writes about weed all the time, you’d think I would have formed a tolerance for the stuff when in all actuality I’ve got a pathetic tolerance. My plan was to eat 30 milligrams and try one of each flavor. The first gummy in hand, I took a bite – who are we kidding, I ate the whole damn thing at once! Oh wow! What a consistency, oh yeah, spot on and amazing. And the flavor? If they sold non-medicated versions of these gummies I would always have them… always. As I chewed up every last morsel of fruity goodness, I smacked my lips trying nearly in vain to determine if I could actually taste any weed. There was definitely some kind of marijuana flavor at the very end, but it wasn’t the familiar heavy bud flavor that I’m used to in many other edibles, it was a very light and extremely delicate hint that there was something more to these gummies than just yummy fruitiness. Not one to limit myself to one candy, I tried the purple and green right after the pink. Serious kudos to their gummy producers, the flavors are all amazing! I’m not even usually a fan of apple flavored sweets, but something was done right because I can’t get enough of Americanna’s take on the apple gummy. After sampling all three flavors, I only felt that it was right to finish where I started and have one more pink gummy. I’m not sure whether it was the method of extraction, the fact that I hadn’t eaten in a while, or maybe just the knowledge that I’d eaten one more than I had originally intended, but within the hour I was already feeling the effects full force. I was forced to agree with what Savanah at Smokin Gun had told me when I picked them up, “These just get me high as fuck!” I sat stupor-like in front of a blank computer screen and never even got around to playing a game.