Binske Honey : Edible Review

Binske Honey : Edible Review
Binske Honey Life Flower Dispensary Marijuana Edibles

As a long-time, avid cannabis user you can bet your sweet ass I was there the first night that Colorado legalized. Naturally amongst my purchases was some good old fashion bud (my tried and true favorite). But I also wanted to try out some of the edibles that were starting to hit the market as well. During my first visit to a dispensary, there was not a whole lot to choose from on the shelf. They had roughly 3 strains and in the edible department, they had Cheeba Chews and some form of lollipop I believe does not exist anymore. To say that there are a few more edible options on the shelf nowadays would be a massive understatement. Marijuana edibles have become a big business and why not? Binske-6After all, it gives everyone the chance to enjoy marijuana and not face the consequences of inhaling tar and resins into your lungs. Not only are edibles one of the cleanest ways to consume cannabis but for people with respiratory issues, they may be the only way they can safely consume. Also, as recreational demand increases so does the knowledge of cannabis’ medicinal uses. This has more people seeking out cannabis for medicinal purposes and concordantly the demand for cleaner and safer ways to consume have been expanding exponentially. Nowadays when you walk into a marijuana dispensary you can expect to find dozens of different ways to consume cannabis. We’ve certainly come a long way from tootsie rolls and lollipops. I recently had the fortune of sampling a couple new ways to consume cannabis from Binske, a relatively new developer to the marijuana industry. Binske specializes in new, unusual, and alternative ways to consume marijuana. This includes marijuana olive oil, marijuana fruit leather, and even marijuana honey. They’ve even gone so far as to procure the help of the oldest bee farming family in Colorado. This honey is the real deal 100% pure orange blossom honey infused with marijuana of course. Knowing full well how special this honey was I had to derive a perfect way to consume it. It took me a little bit of foresight and a little bit of thought but in the end, I concluded that honey rolls were the best way to enjoy Binske honey.

If you want to try some amazing Binske Honey for yourself, it’s available at Life Flower Dispensary. Life Flower is a recreational and medicinal marijuana dispensary located in Glendale Colorado. They specialize in compassionate treatment for medicinal patients and flexible hours for both medicinal and recreational users with their doors staying open until midnight every evening. Head on over to Life Flower and make some new friends, with the crew that works there, it’s hard not to!

I started my edible session online reading up onBinske-1 a high-altitude dinner roll recipe (one with honey naturally). I relish any excuse to cook and making weed food is the perfect opportunity. I prepared my yeast for the weed party it was going to have, and loaded up the stand mixer with a kneading hook (I’m old fashioned in a lot of ways but not when it comes to kneading dough). After I whipped up my dough I made the Binske honey loaded glaze, which the rolls would be coated with three times during the process. I’ll make a long story short and say that I successfully crafted some sticky honey coated rolls. With 1/3rd a cup of honey in the recipe, I calculated each roll to weigh in around 5 milligrams. I knew I’d have to load up a little extra honey onto my rolls when I was eating them if I really wanted to feel any effects. I figured some butter wouldn’t hurt either considering I’d only used one stick in the baking process. I grabbed a couple hot fresh rolls and loaded them up with enough honey that I would be sure to get a flavor of what Binske was bringing to the table.

I took my first big bite of the roll and was instantly rewarded with a Binske-2phenomenal honey flavor and a whole lot of buttery goodness. This isn’t any honey spread, this is real Colorado orange blossom, honey. There’s a reason that this honey is so good. These bees have been doing this job for generations gratis the Colorado’s oldest beekeeping family. Now that’s what I call honey. Not only was the flavor spot on but the honey did an uncanny job of covering up the would-be marijuana flavor. While I could tell there was something different about the flavor of the rolls it was very hard to place that flavor as being cannabis. I figured I had consumed roughly 20 milligrams of cannabis by the time I finished my second honey-slathered roll. While I know this isn’t a huge amount for many, in my world 20 milligrams is enough to guarantee that I’m going to have myself a dandy evening. As is the case with edibles, I expected to be waiting for near an hour before things were afoot. I’m not sure if it was because the honey is more viscous than most edibles but a nice weedy high set on rather fast. It took only thirty minutes or so for that certain heady tingle I’d been expecting to feel. The high was also surprisingly cerebral for an edible which usually hit me like a heavy indica. I was feeling quite chipper and decided the best allocation of my high would be working on some jewelry down in my workshop (before you say it I’ve been working on jewelry stoned for nigh a decade and have yet to have any issues). After a long productive session, I was feeling nice and mellow and had crafted a few lovely sets of silver earrings.Binske-5

Binske honey is where it’s at when it comes to edibles. It’s the perfect hybrid between an edible that you can either cook with or slap on a sandwich with some peanut butter (depending on the effort you’re willing to put forth). I also need to mention that I also sampled the Binske Green Apple Fruit leathers which were much less impressive than the honey. The fruit leathers had great consistency and the high was extremely well balanced but the flavor was not my favorite (might be biased since I’m usually not a huge sour apple fan). Regardless, the honey is a truly remarkable flavor experience, and if you’ve been looking for an awesome new edible to try, I highly recommend it. Relish in your options Colorado, we’ve gone from bulk candy squirted with THC to handcrafted weed honey, oil, and fruit leather. I’m just excited to see what comes next.#JessetheGrove

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