Binske Pure Fortunato No. 4

Binske Pure Fortunato No. 4
Binske Marijuana Edibles Pure Fortunato No 4 Smokin Gun Dispensary

It always amazes me how far marijuana edible companies are willing to go to craft a product that truly stands out from the competition. Often this may include unique terpene extractions and bizarre cannabinoid isolations. Sometimes they are sugar-free, microdosed, and some even train their chocolatiers in France. Of all the things that make different marijuana edibles unique, I’ve never seen a company go as far as the jungles of Peru to seek out the perfect ingredients for their cannabis edibles. Binske has done just that. Their Pure Fortunato No. 4 chocolate breaks the mold in marijuana edibles by utilizing a long-forgotten variety of cocoa.Pure Fortunato-1 The story begins back in the 1800’s in Ecuador when Nacional Cacao was first discovered and started being utilized as a commercial cacao crop. The chocolate was globally-renowned as being one of the richest experiences that the cocoa plant had to offer. Things went south mighty fast though, as a blight ripped through the cocoa trees producing the Nacional Cacao. At the time there was a scramble to breed hybrid cacao trees with other varieties that would be resistant to the blight. While growers were successful in their goal of cross-breeding, the flavors apparently never compared to the original. By the beginning of the 20th century, Nacional Cacao was decidedly an extinct species of tree. It wasn’t until the last decade, in the heart of the jungles of Peru did a farmer stumble across a grove of Nacional Cacao trees that had persevered, unravished by the blight that had killed of the majority of their species. This throwback cacao has been renamed Fortunato in honor of the farmer whose property the beans were rediscovered on. As a company that seems like they’re always willing to go out of their way to craft a unique and original edible experience, they simply had to get their hands on some of this Fortunato No. 4 chocolate to craft one of their newest edible treats. To say that I’m excited to try a thought-to-be-extinct variety of cocoa, is a massive understatement.

If you want to pick up a bar of Binske Pure Fortunato No. 4 Chocolate, then look no further than Smokin Gun, a recreational dispensary located in Glendale, Colorado. Pure Fortunato No. 4 chocolate is just one of the many Binske products available at Smokin Gun. Whether you’re in the mood for delicious fruit leathers or locally-sourced honey, Binske is truly pioneering the field of marijuana edibles.

Pure Fortunato No. 4 :: Appearance | Smell:

I’ll start by mentioning how much I love the edible products from Binske.Pure Fortunato-2 I always find myself seeking out more of their locally crafted honey and their tempting fruit leathers (go for the strawberry). If you’ve never had any Binske products before, I’ll tell you that your adventure starts with the box. Every box of Binske edibles is a small work of art. Pure Fortunato No. 4 has some delightfully psychedelic box art that includes a smorgasbord of mushrooms and assorted jungle critters along with a horse that has just the daintiest outline of a unicorn horn juxtaposed across Binske’s logo by a stag. You could spend hours trying to analyze all the symbology represented on a Binske box, but to be frank, it’s best to enjoy the box after you’ve enjoyed the contents. Wasting no time, I busted in to reveal a gorgeously foil-wrapped bar of chocolate decorated with the same artwork that was on the outside of the box. This batch of marijuana-infused Fortunato No. 4 chocolate had a high cocoa content of 68%. For any of you out there who are chocolate impaired, that is pretty dark in the realm of chocolate. As I would expect from a dark chocolate the initial aroma that escaped the box was of dark cacao. Since I’m not a chocolate expert I was certainly incapable of differentiating it from standard dark chocolate just from the smell, but I will say that each perfect little chocolate square did give off dark chocolate aroma with just a hint of richness and absolutely no semblance of a cannabis scent.Pure Fortunato-3 Looks are one thing but I honestly couldn’t wait any longer to see what kind of flavors this exceptionally rare chocolate possessed.

Pure Fortunato No. 4 :: Taste | Effect:

I broke off a twenty-milligram dose, which consisted of two bricks. My anticipation for sampling a long-lost strain of cacao piqued and I couldn’t wait a moment longer. I popped one of the squares in my mouth. As I bit into the chocolate I was practically flabbergasted by the flavor. The richness was out of this world for a chocolate containing 68% cacao. When I expected the bitter notes of the cacao to bite all I got was a rich, deep creaminess which gave the chocolate a feel a milk chocolate character rather than that of a dark chocolate. As the chocolate slowly melted into nothingness in my mouth the rich flavor of the Nacional Cacao remained. This is truly a flavor sensation that I think everyone needs to try. Never before have I sampled a chocolate (marijuana-infused or not) that tastes so rich while still maintaining the deep flavors of a dark chocolate. As I gladly tossed the other brick in my mouth, I let this one dissolve a little slower and really savored the flavor of the Fortunato No. 4. Beyond being insanely smooth and rich I can personally vouch for this cacao’s ability to block out natural cannabis flavors. It was all quite the experience and one that I plan to replicate as many times as there are bricks in the box. Chocolate consumed, I sat back and waited for the effects. As far as cannabis edible effects go the Binske Fortunato No.Pure Fortunato-4 4 was textbook for me. I started feeling most of my effects an hour after consumption and the feelings were pretty much exactly what I would expect from twenty milligrams of THC. I went through my stages of marijuana edible consumption starting with munchies and ending with me wanting to crash on the couch. It was a textbook high to go along with a once-in-a-lifetime edible experience. I cannot emphasize enough, this chocolate is worth purchasing for the flavors alone regardless of the high.


If you’ve been looking for a brand-new marijuana edible experience that’s unlike any other on the market, why not resort to consuming some