Binske Strawberry Fruit Leather

Binske Strawberry Fruit Leather
Binske Emerald Fields Marijuana Edibles Strawberry Fruit Leather

It seems like the more things change, the more they stay the same. The divisive nature of humanity isn’t gonna change anytime soon. We just seem pre-disposed to debate the merits of every aspect of life. A recent poignant debate pitted two childhood favorites against each other. Without getting too brand-name-oriented it had to do with two leading fruit snacks, one that comes in a roll and one that comes by the foot. One of my friends was an advocate of the fruit sheets stating fun cut-out designs and an overall better flavor. My other friend said that the long “by the foot” fruit snack (man I hope you know what I’m talking about) was superior due to its compact form and less tacky consistency. I was sort of sitting on the fence since there are attached attributes of both that have efficiently colored my childhood. I felt it all very pertinent to my review of Binske Strawberry Fruit Leather. If you’ve never sampled any Binske products in the past I can personally vouch for their amazing locally produced THC-infused honey. Binske proves time and again their proclivity for neat packaging is only surpassed by their truly versatile edible selection. In fact, in a cannabis world filled with gummies, they are the only fruit leather producers I know of. As I was about to find out there are a few reasons that Binske Strawberry Fruit Leathers put both my childhood fruit snacks to shame.

You can pick up the entire line of Binske treats at Emerald Fields in Glendale or Manitou Springs. If you hurry in now, they are also on sale for the rest of the holiday season, and you can save a few bucks and have you fruit leather too.

Binske Strawberry Fruit Leather :: Appearance | Smell:

If there’s one thing that I can say about BinskeBinske Fruit Leather-1 is that they know how to Brand their products well. Every single edible from Binske contains some little work of art, whether it’s on the box or simply on a cut-out in the box. While the individual fruit leathers certainly don’t have the amount of real estate provided by the honey for art opportunities, the inside held a little slip of paper with one of Binske’s notorious art pieces. THC content aside there’s one thing that Binske Strawberry Fruit Leathers already have over my childhood fruit snacks. Whereas I’m pretty sure my childhood fruit snacks contained roughly 1% real fruit, Binske fruit leathers pack in a whole hell of a lot more. In my book this is justification for calling them fruit leathers instead of fruit snacks. Having shamelessly replaced fruit snacks in my life with fruit leathers as an adult I wouldn’t say I’m an Aficionado on the treat, but I’ve definitely had my fair share of experience, including making my own homemade fruit leathers in my dehydrator. Conveniently for me, Binske just happens to produce my favorite fruit in leather form, strawberries. I started by removing my 10 little fruit leathers from their box and examining them a touch. Each individual 10mg servings is pre-wrapped in a small parchment sleeve that is tucked inside a wax paper envelope. The sleeves themselves look like they would provide ample protection if you held on to one of the leathers in your pocket on a cool day. That being said, I wouldn’t want one of these sitting in my pockets on a warm summer day. while I’m sure the smell of melting strawberries would be phenomenal, I don’t think my pants would ever forgive me. Never one to overlook my senses I decided that I would use my smeller to see how these strawberry fruit leathers from Binske stacked up to other strawberry fruit leather I had had in the past. The smell was spot-on but mild. Fresh, tart strawberry aroma filled my nose. Throughout the entire smelling stage of the process, I never detected even a hint of cannabis odor. The smells were amazing and they looked great, with a clear pinkish red sheen on every sheet. There’s only one step of the process left to do, and it’s usually my favorite part.

Binske Strawberry Fruit Leather :: Taste | Effect:

Being the consummate lightweight that I am I decided that two fruit leathers would be enough to give me a heady tingle without pushing me over the edge. Each fruit leather contains a ten-milligram dose of THC. For me, twenty milligrams is just the right amount. Overlooking the somewhat disgusting childhood tradition of gathering my fruit snacks together and glomming them into a giant ball before I eat them I decided on the much more classy approach and took one individual fruit leather to start. I can tell immediately just from peeling back the parchment paper that these are pretty sticky little treats. To avoid the stick I use the edge of the parchment paper is a little holder and bit off a large corner of the fruit leather. It was really quite delightful. The flavors of strawberry were not only present, but they tasted world’s more realistic than some of the fruit snacks I remember from my youth. This fruit leather was in fact very reminiscent of the strawberry fruit leather that I’ve made at home in the past. There was a little something more to it though. In a slightly tart and undeniably unique bite at the end of my first fruit leather, I detected the mouth-feel of cannabis. I wouldn’t call it a true cannabis flavor, but after sampling so many edibles I can usually detect a certain sensation on my tongue that I know to be cannabis. The inherent tartness of the strawberries covered up the herbal tang to create a delicious amalgam of flavors. I gladly scarfed down my second fruit leather then sat back and waited for the reckoning. Binske Strawberry Fruit Leathers went to my head abnormally fast. while I’m used to waiting a good hour for cannabis effects I found myself feeling quite the tingle after only 30 minutes. In no time at all, I was feeling jiggly, sleepy, and the ability to eat an entire large pizza (an aspect that is often Afflicted upon me when I consume edible products).Binske Fruit Leather-2 I, unfortunately, didn’t have a pizza on hand (but that didn’t mean I couldn’t order one). I spent the next half hour waiting like a dog at the door for its owner to come home. I’m not going to lie these Binske leathers instilled in me the hunger for the ages. Pizza arrived and quickly vanished. As soon as the pizza box was empty my energy meter was empty as well, and I crashed on the couch for the rest of the night. Pizza and naps the quintessential cornerstone of an edible consumption experience (for me at least).


Binske strawberry fruit leathers don’t play coy with what they are. They are delicious, THC-loaded all-natural fruit leathers concocted with your sobriety and mind. There’s a whole lot to love about these little cannabis fruit leathers. For one, they’re damn tasty. Also, their compact size and unique wrapping make them ideal for transportation. And while I wouldn’t advocate this (since it could potentially end in a sticky mess) I can imagine sliding one of these bad boys in your wallet even. What you want to put in your wallet is up to you, I guess it depends on how bland your holiday get-togethers are. I certainly know more than one friend who would relish the thought of being stoned at their family events. I’ll mention that I’ve also tried Binske’s Green Apple Fruit Leathers as well. I’m not a huge fan of apple flavored candy to begin with and, not surprisingly, I wasn’t a fan of Binske’s Apple Leather.