Blue Kudu Bonbon : Edible Review

Blue Kudu Bonbon : Edible Review
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There’s something about marijuana edibles that has always stoodBlue Kudu Bonbons-1 out to me from the very first day that I purchased one recreationally. Edible companies started to fire up their kitchens and started to mass-produce edibles for cannabis craving Coloradans but there’s something that’s been overlooked many times, that’s variety. While naturally, many edible companies produced an entire smorgasbord of different flavors and products, getting to try multiple flavors almost always entailed buying multiple edibles. I’ve seen a few companies that have caught on to the fact that people like variety, but they simply seem few and far between. I truly appreciate the ability to purchase a box of edibles and enjoy more than one flavor. Blue Kudu is one of the most established names in marijuana edibles. They were among the first companies to adorn the shops of legal recreational dispensaries in Colorado. Now, years after their initial release Blue Kudu is changing their game and providing tasty marijuana edibles with more than one flavor in the same package, brilliant! I no longer need worry about the age-old question of peanut butter milk chocolate or dark chocolate caramel? Even better yet, Blue Kudu Bonbons packs also come in indica and sativa, so not only do I get to choose my flavors in every pack, but I also get to pick whether it’ll put me to sleep or have me up and at ’em.

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Blue Kudu Bonbons :: Appearance | Smell:

The first thing I can say about Blue Kudu Bonbons is that their packaging is quite handsome. My bonbons came sealed away in a beautiful blue box displaying all the standard industry warnings along with a couple pictures of the luscious bonbons awaiting inside. As I perused the outside of the box I noticed something that made these edibles a little different than some that I’d had in the past. Most edible companies, when it comes time to package their products in a child-safe container, jump through dozens of convoluted loops trying to craft some inane proprietary mechanisms engineered to keep children out. The problem I come across more and more often is that these tamper-resistant packages do a great job keeping marijuana edibles out of children’s hands, but they also do a great job keeping marijuana edibles out of the hands of people with arthritis, people who aren’t strong enough to manipulate the packaging, and sometimes me when I’ve already had a little bit to smoke. Blue Kudu has found a simple way to circumvent complex packaging.Blue Kudu Bonbons-2 When I opened my box of bonbons I found every candy was individually wrapped in what I would equate to giant bubble wrap. All one needs to do to release their bonbons is give the packaging a workover with a pair of scissors or a knife. While I wouldn’t know this from personal experience, I do see that this would make it awfully difficult to get into them if you’re at a concert which no sharp objects. Since cannabis is only legally allowed to be consumed at a residence I would hope there should be scissors or some other tool around that will help you get at those Blue Kudu Bonbons. Overall, I commend Blue Kudu for their packaging, not only is it tamper-resistant but deceptively minimalist in its packaging. Aside from an easily recyclable cardboard box, the thin layer of plastic around the bonbons is the only disposable component. It was Sunday afternoon, I was at home, and I sure as heck had a pair of scissors handy. Blue Kudu bonbons are packaged into individual ten-milligram dosages and I decided twenty milligrams would be a good starting point (I’m mostly determined this so that I could try one of each bonbon). I freed a dark chocolate caramel and a milk chocolate peanut butter bonbon from the little stasis pods. I’ll start my evaluation by saying this, I don’t see how these bonbons could be anymore immaculate. Every square millimeter of the chocolates looks like it was engineered to perfection. In other words, these are some damn good-looking chocolates. They also smelled simply amazing. While I didn’t necessarily detect any of the caramel odor coming from the dark chocolate bonbons that didn’t mean they didn’t smell of rich sinfully-dark chocolate. The peanut butter bonbons, on the other hand, gave off a very distinctive peanut butter cup aroma. In fact, it smelled entirely analogous to a certain round hockey-puck-shaped peanut butter cup we all know so well. It was time to see how these smells translated into taste and effect.

Blue Kudu Bonbons :: Taste | Effect:

With two Immaculate little bonbons in front of me,Blue Kudu Bonbons-4 I had the arduous task of deciding which one to consume first. After much deliberation I decided that it would be best to start with the milk chocolate and then move on to the dark chocolate. Not wasting a moment, I bit off half of a peanut butter bonbon. You may as well perform a blind taste test and force-feed me a peanut butter cup because there’s no way I would have been able to tell difference between it and the Blue Kudu milk chocolate peanut butter bonbon. I don’t know if it was superior engineering in the chocolate or perhaps Blue Kudu reincarnated a certain renowned peanut butter scientist, but there was not even the slightest inkling of cannabis flavor in this bonbon. Not only did it not taste like cannabis, it tasted like one of the absolute best peanut butter cups I’ve ever had the fortune of devouring. Absolutely scrumptious! What about the consistency you make ask? The consistency was perfect. The hard milk chocolate outer shell yielded graciously to a velvety nougat-like center of rich peanut butter goodness. Now it was time to see if the dark chocolate caramel was on par with the peanut butter milk chocolate. With my first bite into the dark chocolate caramel, I could tell immediately that the quality of the chocolate was superb. The dark chocolate shell crumbled and released a torrent of gooey, sticky caramel into my mouth. It was absolutely decadent. The quality of the caramel was also unrivaled. Unlike its peanut butter compatriot, however, I was able to detect the slightest hint of cannabis. For me, it’s not at all an unwelcome flavor. With how mild the taste was, I can see a lot of people out there not even being able to detect it. I’ve eaten a lot of weeds in my day and I’m almost always able to detect even the slightest hint. As one of my friends pointed out a few years back if you can taste the cannabis, you know you’re not getting ripped off (a paradigm that mostly died with legalization). Now I would have to play the waiting game. Blue Kudu Bonbons affected me at about the normal rate for a marijuana edible, meaning that I was feeling full effects in about 45 minutes to