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It’s been over a decade now since CBX Sciences Gems-2my mother battled with cancer and made it through undefeated but not unscathed. Complications from neuropathy combined with her self-termed “pea-sized bladder” were cutting into her sleep cycle. This is where cannabis came into the picture to save the day. While it would be absolutely laughable to assume that an ex-hippie and the singer in the band like my mother had never smoked cannabis before, she had never before tried it for medicinal uses. Hesitant to pick up a pipe and start going to town on some fresh flower after a decade or two hiatus, she instead turned to marijuana edibles which were becoming readily available through medicinal marijuana outlets. She found that a microdose of around one to three milligrams was enough to make her fall asleep and stay asleep for much longer than she ever was able to before. This is what initially proved to me the viability of microdosing cannabis products. Microdosing is something that took the industry much longer to catch on to in a world that seemed starved for the highest high. I’ve only started to see microdose options available over the last couple of years. I recently had the fortune of sampling a brand new microdosed product created by CBX Sciences. CBX Sciences Gems stand apart from the rest of the microdosed competition for several reasons. For starters, they’re intended for sublingual use.CBX Sciences Gems-4 Working with the bioavailability of your own endocannabinoid system CBX Sciences Gems rapidly dissolve under your tongue and bypass initial metabolism to instill a high that is insanely fast acting. The specific CBX Sciences Gems that I sampled were in their Meditate line. The Meditate line has a little trick up its sleeve, a high concentration of CBN. CBN is a rather forgotten cannabinoid in today’s THC and CBD crazed world. You will know firsthand the effects of CBN if you, like me, sampled strains from back before legalization. If cannabis isn’t harvested at an appropriate time and is stored for an excessive period of time the CBN content goes through the roof. This was what was responsible for the real couch-locking sensations of the schwag of yesteryear. As I was about to find out, it’s also a worthy addition to a sublingual edible titled “Meditate”. With an insanely fast absorption rate and unique cannabinoids integrated into a microdosed and sugar-free package, CBX Sciences Gems fulfill a massive niche that has thus far been unfairly ignored.

If you’re ready to experience the power of cannabis products that are scientifically formulated to work with your body’s natural endocannabinoid system, then it’s time to sample some CBX Sciences Gems. CBX Sciences Gems are the next evolutionary step forward in sublingual cannabis use. Trust me when I say, you’ll be surprised by the potency and flavor of these amazing marijuana mints.

CBX Sciences Gems :: Appearance | Smell:

I’ll start by commenting on the super dope packaging CBX Sciences has chosen for their new gems. CBX Sciences Gems-3In Russian nesting doll style, the gems are packaged inside a small tamper-resistant plastic clamshell enclosed inside a mint tin that is snugly fit inside a cardboard sleeve. Besides being a great way to store your gems, I can see the outer tin as being an excellent repository for surplus flower. I peeled back the layers to reveal 20 picturesque little gems, each loaded with two and a half milligrams of THC, two and a half milligrams of CBD, and two and a half milligrams of CBN. I took a few of the small gems out to handle. They had a sort of waxy, smooth feeling and a fresh minty aroma that was much more breath mint than cannabis mint. Another refreshing attribute of CBX Sciences Gems is their exceptionally small ingredients list. I counted a grand total of 9 ingredients including the freshly extracted cannabinoids from Evolab. I took a pair of the gems and held them up to a light and observed a gorgeous amber hue that glistened through the primarily opaque gems. While undeniably beautiful and unquestionably odiferous a cursory inspection simply won’t do in the world of marijuana reviews. I was going to have to get in there.

CBX Sciences Gems :: Taste | Effect:

When I had initially picked up the sample of CBX Sciences Gems I was given a wise, cautionary tale about consuming them only when I was ready for some downtime. Wise words indeed that foolheartedly disregarded.CBX Sciences Gems-5 It was during the photo shoot for CBX Sciences Gems that I stared down at one of the little buggers and simply couldn’t wait any longer to try it. As a notorious lightweight with any edible products, I started with one Gem and placed it under my tongue to dissolve. The initial minty flavors were absolutely delightful, and the consistency was truly unique. I would describe it being somewhere between a gummy candy and a pillow mint. Now I know full well that sublingual products kick in fast, but I was in no way prepared for how rapidly the effect of the CBX Sciences Gems kicked in. Coming into my sampling session dead sober, I started to feel initial sensations minutes after the gem had fully dissolved. In my case, it was all about the CBN. Excusing myself from the photo shoot for a moment I determine my best course of action was to lounge about on the couch. As I sat down the CBN effects became even more pronounced. Accompanied by what I can only assume was the addition of CBD I was turned into a pretty useless puddle from a meager seven and a half milligrams of cannabinoids. I caught myself giggling and smiling like a dope. Although the CBX Sciences Gems kicked like a mule, the strongest sensations of the high were relatively short-lived and the initial potent sensations of the CBN started to wane after about a half hour. What I was left with after that was the soothing ambient sensation and relaxation of CBD. Overall it really mellowed me out for the rest of the afternoon. It was even commented on that I was being much less of a loudmouth than normal. After all was said and done, the first thing I thought of was how amazing a cannabis product like this could be for someone suffering from insomnia, stress, anxiety, or even PTSD. Despite being a notorious lightweight I did have these sensations corroborated by several friends. Simply put, CBX Sciences Gems have some amazing potential.


Microdosed, bioavailable, sublingual, cannabinoid-rich,CBX Sciences Gems-6-2 and damn tasty CBX Sciences has really crafted a product that transcends the lines of recreational and medicinal use. I see these gems as being a quintessential tool for individuals like my mother who really want to zonk out at the end of the day sans any habit-forming sleep medications. And while they might be a tool for her, for me I can see them as an ideal supplement at the end of the day after a long hike or an evening of drywalling a basement. In conjunction with the fine extracted cannabinoids from Evolab, CBX Sciences has created an exceptionally versatile product and I’ve only tried Meditate which is just one of two of their new Gems line. The other being Amplify, which includes components like B12 and green tea. Whether you have any ailments or not, CBX Sciences Gems most likely have an application in your life. I for one have a couple sci-fi shows I’ve been meaning to catch up on and I can see these gems as being the perfect accouterment to a long, lazy Sunday afternoon.#JessetheGrove

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