Chocolate S’mores High Desert Clouds

Chocolate S’mores High Desert Clouds
Emerald Fields High Desert Clouds Marijuana Edibles
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I am not a summer person. I’m not above admitting that there are certainly some benefits to summertime. As a consummate hater of heat, the summertime usually consists of me withering away and suffering every moment I’m not in an air-conditioned location. There is one factor of Summer I can’t deny is amazing. It’s camping and hiking season! Not only do these activities provide me a reprieve from the heat of the city but who doesn’t want to escape into the mountains? While I don’t find opportunities to camp nearly as much as I would like I still relish every chance. I love just about everything that camping entails. I love the cool mountain air, I love the exploring, I love drinking a beer by the fireside, and I love the food. There is a bounty of camping specific cuisine but there’s one food that is so intrinsically linked with the art of camping that it is a must-have on every trip. I’m speaking, of course, about the classic s’mores. I’m not sure if you’ve ever really lived if you’ve never made s’mores by the campfire. It is something of an art form getting those mallows to the perfect roasted golden brown and making sure the chocolate oozes just a little bit over every corner of the graham cracker. S’mores truly are a thing of beauty. I wasn’t quite sure what to think when I was offered the opportunity to try cannabis-infused S’mores-flavored mallows. I have become accustomed to being surprised by the new inventions that the industry concocts, but infused mallows are a new one for me. High Desert Cannabis High Desert Clouds are described as, “mellow mallows for mind and body.” Not only is this an intriguing new medium for cannabis but High Desert Clouds come in a variety of flavors as well. Plain vanilla, chocolate cherry, sugars and spice, cookies and cream, key lime, and of course chocolate s’mores flavor are all options from High Desert Cannabis. Since it is, after all, camping season I thought it was only appropriate to try out Chocolate S’mores High Desert Clouds. As I was about to find out, there’s a whole lot of cannabis magic that gets infused into these tasty mallows. If you’ve been looking for a way to add some serious oomph to your next s’mores making endeavors or are looking to bring a little bit of that camping goodness into your home, High Desert Cannabis High Desert Clouds are a match made in poofy sugar-loaded heaven.

You can purchase all six flavors of High Desert Cannabis High Desert Clouds at Emerald fields in Glendale, Colorado and Emerald Fields in Manitou Springs, Colorado. Every month Emerald Fields’ edible selection grows and it’s all a perfect addition to their massive selection of vape pen cartridges, concentrates, and flower. Best of all, Emerald Fields Glendale is even open late until midnight seven days a week.

Chocolate S’mores High Desert Clouds :: Appearance | Smell:

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I started my High Desert Cannabis High Desert Cloud adventure as I do with any edible review by finding a way into the packaging. Initial opening was easy enough. I utilized a tear-off tab across the top and was able to open my Chocolate S’mores flavored mallows to the world. It’s a bit of a personal tradition whenever I try edibles to reseal them immediately afterward to test their packaging. I was pleasantly surprised by the mechanism utilized by High Desert Cannabis. This is one of the best tamper-resistant bags I’ve ever used. I know this might sound like a silly thing to nitpick about but it’s important to me that resistant packaging it’s still usable by people who may be suffering from symptoms of arthritis or other complications that may make some styles difficult to open. The aroma that greeted me when I reopened the bag was phenomenal. Sweet notes of vanilla mallow cascaded out of the open-top. I could tell almost immediately that these are much higher caliber than your typical run-of-the-mill store-bought mallows. As I looked inside, I’m not going to lie, it was a little bit of a mess (a beautiful mess but a mess nonetheless). Jammed inside the small bag were ten jumbo-sized square-shaped mallows, each of which was coated with a delicious-looking chocolate drizzle embedded with chunks of graham cracker. The aroma itself was so blissful I can only equate it to walking into a fancy ice cream store. I removed one of the High Desert Clouds for further examination. Emblazoned on the bottom of each Mallow was the MED-required THC labeling. I did notice on several of the mallows the bright red dye utilized to make this labeling had faded off onto the edges of their neighboring treats. Other than a little bit of bleeding through from their THC markings I found that, as a whole, the High Desert Clouds were in surprisingly good shape considering how tightly they were packed in. The chocolate drizzle seemed mostly intact on all ten of the ten-milligram mallows. High Desert cannabis has a little bit of a trick up their sleeve when it comes to cannabinoid content inside these mallows. The ten High Desert Clouds inside the package contain precisely 100 milligrams of THC and 84 milligrams of CBD; mellow mallows indeed. The addition of CBD into edible products is something that I’m a firm advocate of. The addition of CBD can benefit many individuals with pain or inflammation and if being utilized for entirely recreational purposes there is little to no degradation in the effects of the high. In fact, I would argue quite the opposite; in many situations, CBD can enhance the sensation of THC. I brought one of the mallows in close for another whiff before I gobbled it down. As I brought it in closer to my nose, the vanilla was by far the strongest note. When I got it in even closer, I could also smell the sweet aroma of milk chocolate as well. This High Desert Cloud looked and smelled absolutely phenomenal. I couldn’t wait any longer to try one.

Chocolate S’mores High Desert Clouds :: Taste | Effect:

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As somewhat of a lightweight in the cannabis edible department, I usually try to shoot for about twenty milligrams of THC to get a very potent high. That meant I was going to have the joy of eating not one but two Chocolate S’mores High Desert Clouds. I started by weeding out a couple of the ugly ducklings in the batch for me to consume. These are relatively big mallows and I wo