Coda Signature Truffles

Coda Signature Truffles
Marijuana Edibles

When I sit down after a hard day’s work and want to relax with an icy cold beer, I’m not looking to get hammered. As I savor and relish every last frothy drop, the slight tingling behind my eyes and the increased likelihood of me saying something stupid is just an added benefit of the alcohol content in my brew. The point of this is, if you’re going to enjoy some marijuana or marijuana edibles, why not love the flavor in the process? after all, you don’t go to a liquor store, head straight for the Bacardi 151 and say, “I’m getting this because it’s going to mess me up!” (Well I at least hope you don’t). There is something to be said about the experience. like the old aphorism says, it’s the journey, not the destination. That being said, If you’ve never encountered a coda-truffles-3marijuana edible before, or if you’re simply in the market for a marijuana edible that’s better tasting and looking than any non-medicated chocolate you’ve ever had in your life, then let me tell you a little story about Coda Signature Truffles. Coda Signature Truffles are not only the fanciest marijuana edible I’ve ever had in my life, but also the most beautiful things that I’ve ever destroyed. Each bite into these sinfully amazing truffles is like knifing a Rembrandt, except I didn’t go to jail, and it got me high. If you are looking for a first edible to try, or just want to experience the very best edibles Colorado has to offer, then you need to check out Coda Signature Truffles!

I found my Coda Signature Truffles at Emerald Fields, a recreational marijuana dispensary in Manitou Springs, Colorado. Emerald Fields is more than just a great recreational dispensary, it’s also the only source for recreational marijuana in Colorado Springs. Due to certain laws in Colorado Springs, there are no legal recreational dispensaries in the city limits. This makes Emerald Fields in Manitou Springs, Colorado the next best bet for the half million cannabis craving residents of Colorado Springs. Emerald Fields the best option for recreational cannabis for miles. It offers an unrivaled selection of flower, marijuana concentrates, and, of course, edibles, like Coda Signature Truffles. Coda Truffles are also now available at Emerald Fields in Glendale, Colorado. Glendale. Emerald fields is unique in the fact that it’s permitted to stay open until midnight, seven days a week. This makes it an ideal stop for anyone looking for late night marijuana.

Coda Signature Truffles

Not only are these designer truffles the coda-truffles-2prettiest marijuana edible on the shelf, but they also have quite the feather in their cap, having won the first-place best edible in the 2016 High Times Colorado Cannabis Cup. It’s no surprise to me since I’ve been a big fan of these tasty little buggers since they first hit the shelves. I’ll try to do the flavors justice in my description, but I know words will hardly seem fitting to describe just how amazing these confections are. I’ll put it succinctly, if they had non-medicated versions of these truffles, I would be a very, very fat man.

Coda Signature Truffle Flavors

There are two sets of Coda Signature Truffles to choose from and both have their advantages. The Crescendo Collection and the Forte Collection. Each collection of truffles includes six ten-milligram chocolates, in three different flavors. The Crescendo contains Burnt Caramel, Earl Grey, and Juniper Lemon, while the Forte is filled with Hazelnut, Passion, and Tiramisu. I’ll start at the top, and try to describe to you just how amazing these truffles are.

Burnt Caramel

With shades of orange and red dancing across its perfectly smooth chocolatey surface, the Burnt Caramel Coda Truffle looks a little bit like Jupiter sliced in half. The artful dashes of blue crisscrossing the surface bring a little extra character into the mix. The flavor is simply amazing. The caramel is extremely dark tasting and does bear a hint of smokiness, as promised by the name. The real highlight to the caramel flavor, however, comes from the hint of salt added to the candy. If you’re a fan of Caramel, this is the truffle for you.

Earl Grey

The spiraling blue galaxy on the top of coda-truffles-4this chocolate sets the theme for a very mellow flavor and possibly my favorite truffle that Coda makes. While it may be easy to become transfixed on the gorgeous blue swirl, the flavor of Early Grey is even more entrapping. The first bite of this truffle yields a uniquely sweet milk chocolate flavor, that is perfectly accented by the dark tea flavor of Earl Grey. Along with an alluring aftertaste of honey, this truffle is as close as you can get to a delightful English style cup of Earl Grey tea mixed with a splash of milk and a hint of honey.

Juniper Lemon

Green, and yellow blend together along the surface of this immaculate little truffle. Unlike most of the other truffles, which are quite mellow, the Juniper Lemon has a zing to it that you can smell before you’ve even taken your first bite. The chocolate inside is a light white chocolate that perfectly conveys the lemon flavor along with a hint of tangy juniper. The slight tang of the juniper berries was something that I wasn’t sold on until I tried my first bite, and I knew from then on that it was a perfect pairing with lemon.


Hazelnut is my strongest competition against Early Grey, as my favorite truffle from Coda Signature. Half light-brown and half light-green, crisscrossed with dark lines of rich brown, Coda Hazelnut Truffles are as tastefully artistic as any of their companions. The inside is loaded with some of the richest milk chocolate I’ve ever tasted. The dark rich flavor of the roasted hazel