Cousin Eddie Cannabis Co : Edible Review

Cousin Eddie Cannabis Co  : Edible Review
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For the last twelve years, it’s been a Christmas tradition to watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation with my girlfriend’s family. Besides my inherent love of newly established traditions, I’ll admit to having quite the penchant for Chevy Chase in just about any movie. I recently had the fortune of sampling some brand-new edible products cleverly named after the ne’er-do-well Cousin Eddie from the movie. Cousin Eddie Cannabis Co forgoes fancy logos for the simple outline of the rugged ushanka-style hat that became synonymous with the character. Besides invoking visions of Randy Quaid draining a motorhome septic tank into the sewer on Christmas Day, Cousin Eddie Cannabis Co propagates the legacy of the character on every container, stating that they are “a good quality edible”. The best part about my trial run of Cousin Eddie edibles is that I had the opportunity to sample three unique different varieties. Available in peanut butter cookies, chocolate brownies, and cinnamon cookies, Cousin Eddie Cannabis Co has a flavor to suit all your desires and the potency to satisfy all. Each Cousin Eddie edible comes packed with ten individual ten-milligram portions. This adds up to a total of one hundred milligrams per tube of delicious fresh-baked edibles. I had the arduous, if not extremely fun, task of reviewing all three different flavors from Cousin Eddie Cannabis Co. Since I like to go into review dead sober this meant I was going to have to spend three days consuming edibles each night (hard life I know). I’m a bit of a lightweight when it comes to edibles and ten to twenty milligrams is always enough that I can feel full sensations from pretty much any product. My evenings were set aside, and I was ready to see what it would be like to have a good quality edible.

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Cousin Eddie Cannabis Co :: Peanut Butter Cookies:

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I started my adventure with Cousin Eddie Cannabis Co by sampling some peanut butter cookies. Unless you have a peanut allergy, there is no reason anyone on this planet shouldn’t love peanut butter cookies. The smell alone brings me back to my childhood and getting hot, fresh cookies at the shopping mall cookie store (you know the one I’m talking about). I started by popping the top on the tube. The initial aroma released was that of sweet butter mixed with a hint of peanut and a hint of cannabis. Staring down into the tube I was presented with ten immaculate little cookies, each emblazoned with a THC label. I removed one of the cookies and handled it for a moment. After snapping a cookie in half it released an extremely potent peanut butter smell which overwhelmed the marijuana scent. The cookie itself was extremely crispy on the outside and delightfully crumbly on the inside. From a pre-packaged cookie, this is one of the best textures I’ve ever experienced. I gladly munched down one of the peanut butter cookies. It was delicious! The initial flavor of the peanut butter melted beautifully with a slight hint of cannabis and finished with an extremely buttery, rich flavor that seemed to coat my entire mouth. Fully determined to get nice and stony, I treated myself to a second cookie. The cannabis flavor had been almost entirely masked by eating the first cookie and the second cookie seemed to be all butter and peanuts. I sat back and waited for the fireworks. It was roughly forty-five minutes before I started feeling the effects of Cousin Eddie Cannabis Co cookies. For me, the high was textbook. The initial sensation struck me in the way that heavy indica strains do and I sufficiently melted into the couch as the high took full hold. For the better part of the next two hours, I might as well have been dead to the world. I sat slack-jaw on the couch browsing through images on the internet. It was about two hours after my first cookie that my munchies started to set in. Munchies are just another textbook attribute that I always receive whenever I consume cannabis edibles. I made myself a heaping pile of pasta and settled in for a nice video game for the rest of the evening.

Cousin Eddie Cannabis Co :: Cinnamon Cookies:

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Next up on my adventure, I was set to try Cousin Eddie Cannabis Co Cinnamon Cookies. I’ve always had a warm place in my heart for snickerdoodle-style cookies. It’s an excellent way to get sugar and cinnamon into my body. This time I was starting on a Saturday, and the sun was still up. I popped the top on Cousin Eddie Cannabis Co Cinnamon Cookies and, just as I expected, ten beautiful little round discs awaited me. This time when I buried my nose into the jar, I didn’t detect any initial cannabis smell. All I was smelling was sweet sugar and cinnamon. I took one of the cookies out in handled it for a moment. The texture was a little crisper and harder than the peanut butter cookies. When I snapped one of the cookies in half it made a delightful little cracking sound but still yielded absolutely no cannabis odor. Intrigued by how innocuous the odor from the cinnamon cookies was, I wasted no time munching down a pair. Just as the peanut cookies that had come before, I was very impressed with how delicious these cinnamon cookies were. I would have assumed from the flavor profile that cinnamon would not have been nearly as good at covering up the cannabis flavor as peanut butter or chocolate but much to my surprise I wasn’t even able to tell these were marijuana edibles until after I had eaten both cookies and noticed a slight lingering flavor in my mouth. Cousin Eddie Cannabis Co has definitely got their recipe down for these delicious cinnamon cookies. As I expected, within an hour, I started to feel the full brunt of the edibles at work. In an almost identical manner to the peanut butter cookies I had consumed the night before, I was thrown into a heavy textbook edible high. The couch sitting and the laziness came first followed by the inevitable munchies. By the time afternoon had rolled around my cinnamon cookies had run their full course. There is just no denying that these are definitely “a good quality edible”. If you’ve been looking for a marijuana edible that is extremely light on cannabis flavor and heavy on delicious cinnamon look no further than these Cousin Eddie Cannabis Co Cinnamon Cookies. These little guys will instantly go down in my books is one of the best marijuana baked goods I’ve ever had.

Cousin Eddie Cannabis Co :: Chocolate Brownies:

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I finished my trifecta of sampling on a Sunday afternoon with Cousin Eddie Cannabis Co Chocolate Brownies. Brownies are one of the most tried-and-true delivery methods for cannabis and I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect from these Cousin Eddie Cannabis Co Brownies. As soon as I popped the top a rather potent marijuana flavor immediately escaped the jar. This was followed up right after by a deep chocolate aroma. As I went in to grab my first brownie the surface immediately started to give way into a moist dense core. The consistency on these little guys is amazing. I tore one apart in my fingers and was extremely impressed by how moist and flakey these little brownies are. That being said, as soon as I did rip one open an extremely potent cannabis aroma escaped. Not one to tarry when consuming cannabis is concerned, I popped an entire brownie in my mouth. This tastes like some old school hash brownies that I’d had back in the day. The initial flavor is just as much cannabis as it is chocolate. For me, this is quite a pleasant experience since this flavor profile is what I’ve come to love about marijuana edibles over the years. It’s worth noting that if you are squeamish to the flavor of cannabis these brownies are likely not for you. The moist dark chocolate mixed with the dankness of the cannabis makes these little brownies miraculous stoner food. Whether it was just the assumption that I set for myself or the actual cannabinoids inside the product I was treated to a very similar high for the third day in a row. Indica effects struck-by limbs within an houe, I consumed junk food at a rate that is even higher than normal for me, and I wasted the entire afternoon I could have been doing chores playing video games instead. All-in-all a well-rounded marijuana edible experience.


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Cousin Eddie Cannabis Co’s three flagship edible products seem to have something that suits just about every taste. If you’re in for buttery and rich and don’t mind a hint of cannabis flavor go for the peanut butter cookies. If you have an aversion to cannabis taste or simply love cinnamon go for the cinnamon cookies. If consistency is king and you’re looking for something moist and delectable that is loaded with chocolate and cannabis flavors go for the brownies. This well-rounded selection from Cousin Eddie Cannabis Co has made a believer out of me. Not only are all these baked goods cooked to absolute perfection but they’re all extremely equal in their potency and effects. While I’m not sure they can ever encapsulate the true “class” and “style” of Cousin Eddie they certainly are delicious, and the price is absolutely right just as Cousin Eddie would want it. Ready your hat and your robe, it’s Cousin Eddie time!

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