Ebbu Genesis Aqua Drops : Edible Review

Ebbu Genesis Aqua Drops : Edible Review
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I absolutely love baking. Now I know in the context of a Ebbu-1marijuana-based article you probably assumed I’m referring to baking a car or some other enclosed space. In this situation, however, I am referring to baking delicious baked goods like cookies, cakes, and bread. Since it is Colorado, it is 2017, and cannabis is legal I may as well put some marijuana into my baked goods, right?Just like the baked goods that can be found on this site here: https://mykush.ca/shop/edibles/baked-goods/.

Any of you out there who share my passion for baking know that it’s easier to add a little THC into your products now than it ever was before. Back when I had my first dalliance with oven ownership I starting to learn how to make some of my favorite baked goods. It was a rather arduous process to get cannabis into your edibles. If you’ve never tried to make edibles the old-fashioned way, then I would recommend giving it a try someday. This relatively painstaking process will start you off with a big batch of cannabis and butter or any other soluble fat such as oil. The secret is to heat your cannabis in the butter, oil, or fat to activate the THC so that when it’s consumed, it will have the desired effects. There is something amazing about having a giant vat of shamrock green herb butter. This is a relatively time-consuming process, but it also takes some skill to assure that your butter reaches the proper temperature and the cannabis is activated. As I had mentioned before though, it is the future and there are edible companies out there doing their damnedest to make this process easier for you. One such company that is pioneering the field of flavorless cannabis enhancers is ebbu. Ebbu has a relatively large lineup of different products to choose from but one of their most exciting products is their Genesis Aqua Drops. Ebbu Genesis Aqua Drops are formulated to contain ten milligrams of THC per serving that is pre-activated and ready to be added into any baked good, drink, or food item. Ebbu Aqua Drops mean you’ll no longer have to deal with things like tomato soup that doesn’t get you high or herbal tea that isn’t herbal enough. Joking aside, the applications for these ebbu Aqua Drops are practically endless.

If you want to get your hands on some of these ebbu Genesis Aqua Drops, then your best bet is to check out Emerald Fields in Glendale. Not only are all the best ebbu products available but for the month of November they all are on sale. Every month Emerald Fields selects a vendor to highlight and this month it is ebbu’s turn.

Not wanting to be accused of being boring (this happens frequently)Ebbu-3 I had to think up a perfect application for my ebbu Aqua Drops. I still had time. First off, I had to figure out exactly what ebbu is all about. I’ve never had the fortune of sampling one of their products before, but I have heard only good things about them. With trendy little ebbu box in hand, I was ready to open it and see what their delivery system was like. Since Aqua Drops are liquid (aqua drops duh) I wasn’t necessarily sure how they were going to deliver ten-milligram doses. My questions were quickly answered when I open the container to find ten individual vials of Aqua Drops. I grabbed a few of them out and held them in my hand. Every vial was clearly marked and labeled as ten milligrams and contained a practically clear substance which I assumed was only a few milliliters in volume. One end of the vials had a screw-off lid and the other had a dropper style tip to it. Not only was this ideal for microdosing but to be honest the little vials were just downright fun. In many ways, they seemed like they might be the cure to some horrible ailment out of a sci-fi film. With ten little vials before me and a rather pathetic tolerance to cannabis edibles, I had a world of opportunities at hand. I needed to find the perfect medium for my ebbu Aqua Drops. It was particularly Frosty outside decided to make edibles with my ebbu Aqua Drops and I determined I would need to find a suitable treat for a day so frigid. I might be the only one who thinks like this, but if you’re anything like me then you know that chocolate is the first and best go to. In the case of these ebbu Aqua Drops, I concluded that the humble chocolate cupcake was the perfect solution. I dug up a recipe and I prepared my ingredients. All that was left to do was to decide how much oomph I was going to load into my chocolate cupcakes. I decided on a relatively stable dosing and determined that my best bet was to make each cupcake weigh in at about ten milligrams of THC. that meant that according to the size of the recipe I would have had to use all ten of my ebbu Aqua Drops vials and still would have been a little lower in concentration than I wanted. Ebbu-4I decided a better choice was to add in ten-milligram doses individually to each cupcake after I poured them. this would assure a proper dosage in each of them. after a fruitful baking session, I was left with a dozen cupcakes with vanilla frosting, several of which were loaded with ten milligrams of THC each. It was cupcake o’clock.

Ebbu Genesis Aqua Drops :: Taste | Effect:

I liberated a cupcake from its wrapper and scrutinized it for a moment next to a non-infused cupcake. Off the bat I can say that adding the vial of ebbu Aqua Drops hadn’t altered the recipe at all, and the THC cupcakes looked identical to the standard ones. I also had consumed a non-medicated control cupcake earlier, so I could compare flavors (it was in the name of science I swear, not just because I wanted to eat a cupcake fresh out of the oven). My first bite of the ebbu Aqua Drop-loaded cupcake was delicious. I couldn’t make out any cannabis at all in the flavor. I did notice a distinct flavor difference between the medicated and non-medicated cupcakes. The cupcakes with the ebbu Aqua Drops had a unique sweet hint to them that for some reason reminded me of fortune cookies. While it was a bizarre flavor addition that I did not expect from a vial of THC, it certainly wasn’t an unwelcome one. In an embarrassingly short amount of time, I had scarfed down my entire cupcake and decided to sit back and play a board game with a few friends. We were halfway through the game and about thirty minutes past the time of cupcake consumption and I was starting to feel some very familiar sensations.Ebbu-2 I could feel the inexorable urge to narrow my eye, and my brain started to slow down a little bit. By the end of the board game, I had failed my teammate miserably and was ready for pizza and a nap l, not necessarily in that order. I am a lightweight when it comes to edibles, but I was still impressed at how potent ten milligrams of ebbu Aqua Drops could be.


If you’re in the market for a quick an easy way to infuse your favorite foods with THC, then ebbu Genesis Aqua Drops are an ideal candidate. While I wouldn’t say that they are flavorless, at least in the case of my cupcakes the slight flavor that was added was certainly inoffensive and potentially could be considered a flavor boon. While my experience was limited to chocolaty baked goods I can imagine the flavor being perfectly suited to coffee or any other bold flavor that doesn’t mind a little sweet in the mix. With the portability and potential for microdosing from these ebbu Genesis Aqua Drops, I’ve got to say these are one of the most versatile edible products ever invented. I honestly can say, I’m not going to miss the vats of green butter and the unmistakable flavor of plant matter in my cannabis foods.#JessetheGrove

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