Boss Bars by Sweet Mary Jane : Edibles Review

Boss Bars by Sweet Mary Jane : Edibles Review
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I’ll admit, on those crisp and humid autumn mornings, where I should be enjoying the changing colors of the mountain aspens, or chugging down pumpkin spice lattes like a sorority sister, I feel the need to stay in bed for ten extra minutes. I know that stepping out of bed is just asking for punishment to my arthritis. I’m no old man either; I’m just a fantastically clumsy soccer player. I’m constantly searching for a way to mitigate the pain in my feet (my right one in particular), my knees, and my hips. And with the coming winter (which, based on the remarkably humid and wet summer we had, it should be a real Bah Humbug), now’s the perfect time to stock up and prepare. I had the fortune of trying out Boss Bars by Sweet Mary Jane. For their incredible potency, their smooth and delicious flavor, and at the price point that BotanaCare in Northglenn, Colorado offers them, it’s tough to beat these super strong and super potent bars.
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BotanaCare has now become B Good North. Come check out the brand new B Good North in Northglenn, Colorado. While the name may be different, the entire floor staff is still there to help you with your cannabis needs. If you’ve also become a fan of the products that BotanaCare grew, never fear, the same growers and the same products will still be available to all of the B Good North Customers and patients. If you’re new to the dispensary scene, and have been looking for a laid back yet classy location to purchase superior cannabis products, then you’ve found your spot.


Boss Bars actually derive their name from Robin Hackett, one of the owners, or “bosses” of Botanacare, and they come in four flavors: Cherry Almond, Apple Cinnamon, Tropic Thunder (which is a papaya and pineapple mix) and Chocolate Coconut. Each bar rings in at an impressive 350mg of THC, and 17mg of CBD. Unless you’re incredibly tolerant to THC, you won’t really get much from the CBD content of the bar. I’ve only ever tried the medicated Apple Cinnamon flavor myself (the rest were unmedicated samples), so I will focus in on that. The bar is moist and decadent. It smells sweet and well spiced, as the BotanaCare Northglennname would imply, with the unmistakable scent of infused butter. Boss Bars are incredibly rich, almost certainly from the high amount of butter in them, but I really liked how the richness of the butter complimented the sweetness of the apple in the mixture. It’s an incredibly satisfying bite, I must say, and perfect for fall. I only took a small amount (more on dosing later), and my body was relaxed in a very short time. The cerebral effects were rather strong, but enjoyable. Best of all, the arthritic pain in my feet and toes melted away for four hours, allowing me to walk comfortably. Since my THC tolerance in edibles is relatively low, I made sure to put my remaining Boss Bar in a Ziploc bag, to make sure it didn’t dry out. The bar is also best refrigerated.

Here’s the kicker: these are high-potency medical marijuana edibles, which you cannot buy recreationally. That means, at such a high dosage, the THC needs to be administered gradually, especially for those of you who are new to cannabis-infused edibles. Here’s what BotanaCare in Northglenn recommends. First of all, for treatment of any body pain, based on the research of Robin Hackett, it’s recommended that edibles should be a part of your medicine regimen; not just smoking therapy. Secondly, in order to build up a tolerance to THC, but still receive its pain mitigating effects, it’s BotanaCare Northglennrecommended that you take the edible before bed. That way, you can build a tolerance to THC, and not feel the psycoactive effects from said THC.

Now, why would you go to BotanaCare for such a product? Simple. A 350mg of THC Boss Bar can be all yours for only $14. That’s right. 350mg of THC for only fourteen bucks. If you measure that out, based on an average tolerance to THC, that comes to around a dollar a day for your medicine. In short, you won’t find a better deal on Boss Bars than at BotanaCare anywhere in Colorado. They are delicious, they are strong, but man do they work. If you’re searching for a cannabis product to add to your medicinal arsenal, give Boss Bars by Sweet Mary Jane a chance. And now, it’s time for me to figure out how to bake. It’s pumpkin pie season!


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