High Love Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

High Love Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans
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I have a silly, but a very real problem with the world of marijuana edibles. It has happened to me dozens of times when consuming edibles. I want to eat more… While I know that may not seem like an issue to most, when you’re an edible lightweight like myself and are prone to be stricken with the munchies, this is a very real dilemma. I eat one cannabis edible which makes me want another which gets me higher and concordantly issues my brain to crave more. Silly problem, right? The thing is, every year edible companies like 1906 are hard at work concocting new flavor sensations hand-crafted to make me fat. All kidding aside, 1906 has really outdone themselves with the newest product I tried from their High Love line. Not only is the High Love line from 1906 specially formulated to instill an enduring high, but it’s also specifically crafted to put a little extra zing into your sex life with a proprietary blend of natural herbs that work in concert with cannabis’ inherent aphrodisiac traits. So if you’re wanting to test the aphrodisiac abilities of these chocolates, why not check out girls with large vaginas online and see what arousal levels you might be able to achieve. Amazing effects aside, I (the consummate little fat boy at heart) was more concerned with the fact that I was going to get to devour dark chocolate covered coffee beans from High Love. I blame my penchant for these little buggers to a drive-through coffee joint back in college that would always reward you with a bean on top of your coffee. Sex life and chocolate covered coffee bean lust aside, I was genuinely thrilled to try out High Love Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans.

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High Love Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans :: Appearance | Smell:

I started my adventure by perusing the High Love box.High Love-1 Albeit it wasn’t the easiest container for my brain to crack, but after pausing and reading the sides I was able to decipher it’s secret and reveal twenty perfectly round and immaculately labeled High Love Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans. Not only was each bean labeled with the state-mandated “THC” but they also had a perfect little “1906” emblazoned on their sides. The smell of sweet dark chocolate and sinfully dark coffee beans exuded from the little tub and filled my head with dreams of coffee-loaded goodness. As a great boon to myself (and others) these High Love Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans are micro-dosed in servings of five milligrams of THC per bean. That means (knowing my tolerance) that I could enjoy a few beans at a time. I took my nose in for an attack run. The sweet dark chocolate was the highlight up close and, oddly enough, the coffee aroma I detected when I first opened the tub took the backseat to the chocolate. This wasn’t a big concern considering how enrapturing the chocolate smells were. Having sampled chocolate from 1906 in the past, I know they don’t screw around when it comes to chocolate. I’d done all I could from an outside perspective. It was time to get in there!

High Love Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans :: Taste | Effect:

Knowing my tolerance fairly well, I determined that I was going to shoot for fifteen milligrams THC (aka three beans). One thing that makes these beans unique is thier ratio of THC to CBD. They are balanced out at a 1:1 ratio, so there was also going to be fifteen milligrams of CBD in my dose as well. I’m a big fan of CBD, so this was quite an exciting moment. I took one of the High Love Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans and rolled it around a minute before taking a bite. If you’re a chocolate covered coffee bean connoisseur then I can tell you with a fair bit of confidence that these High Love treats won’t disappoint. The exquisite flavor of the bean melded magically with the dark marijuana-infused chocolate around it. No compromise on quality here. As I gnawed on the remainder of the bean I can’t say that I detected even a hint of cannabis flavor. There was a mouthfeel that in my mind informed me I was eating some tasty weed, but the flavor of cannabis itself was not there. I gladly munched down two more delicious High Love Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans and I was ready to wait for results. After about 45 minutes I went from feeling dead sober to experiencing an unbelievably euphoric body high. The sensation was somewhat different than almost any other edible I’d reviewed in the past. The head in the sky factor of these coffee beans was unrivaled, and honestly, my body was feeling so great I can see the justification for labeling these treat as an aphrodisiac. While I won’t expand too much more on that topic, just know, these little buggers are labeled as they are for a reason. If you’re interested in other aphrodisiacs the Spanish Fly is an interesting one. People often ask Is Spanish Fly An Aphrodisiac? It Is Really Dangerous? | myaphrodisiacs. If you want to learn more I’d suggest reading into it. My friend did and said it really helped in the bedroom. I digress. High Love-2That being said, I certainly enjoyed them as an edible on their own. The sinfully decadent flavors mixed with an insane body high make these a treat you can enjoy anytime (within reason of course). There was also a distinct cerebral high affiliated with High Love Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans as well. The cerebral high was much mellower than the body high, but still present enough to be noteworthy. I have no doubt that with an increased dosage the cerebral sensation would play a more front stage role.


High Love Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans are a blessing and a curse. The curse is as I mentioned earlier, I want to eat handfuls of these yummy treats but know full well how bad an idea that is for me personally. 1906 has impressed me again with their chocolatier prowess and created a sexy little chocolate that has even more diverse applications than the packaging will admit to. This would be a great edible to enjoy with your significant other, no doubt, but it also would be potentially ideal for minor pain relief, depression, or just a day sitting on the sofa and catching up on some TV series. The combination of flavor and effect makes High Love Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans a real winning edible with a plethora of application and a flavor so scrumptious that I bet you can’t have just one.#JessetheGrove