IncrEdibles Ginger Peach Gummies : Edible Review

IncrEdibles Ginger Peach Gummies : Edible Review
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Let’s take a moment to discuss marijuana edible dosage levels.IncrEdibles Ginger Peach Gummies-1 It has become standard in the industry that a dose of cannabis is ten milligrams in edible form. While not entirely universal, especially on the medicinal side of things, ten milligrams is the dosage that is set by the Marijuana Enforcement Division in Colorado for recreational use. If you ask me, ten milligrams is just about right. Ten milligrams of cannabis is just enough that I feel it but not too much that I’ll feel paranoid or get that “too high” feeling. The truth of the matter is, there a lot of people out there who are even more sensitive to cannabis and ten milligrams can prove to be too much for their use. People like my mother, who doesn’t use cannabis recreationally but as a sleep aid, has a third to a half of a ten-milligram edible every night before she goes to bed. Not only just three to five milligrams of cannabis help her sleep every night, but it also is a good way to melt away some of the aches and pains that she’s picked up over the day. With users like my mother in mind, IncrEdibles has created an entirely new line of microdosed marijuana edibles. Microdosing, in concept, simply reduces the amount of THC per serving in edible products. In the case of IncrEdibles Ginger Peach Gummies, the dosage comes out to three milligrams per gummy. This microdosing is ideal for people who are sensitive to cannabis edibles or want to take marijuana medicinally in small doses. They also aren’t half bad for fat kids, like me, who want to eat more than one candy for serving! As I was about to find out, with how delicious these IncrEdibles Ginger Peach Gummies are, getting to eat multiple before adding up to a ten-milligram serving is a real treat. Not only are IncrEdibles Ginger Peach Gummies delicious, but they’re also effective and deceptively fast absorbing for an edible product.

If you want to get you hands on some IncrEdibles Ginger Peach Gummies, you can pick them up at Emerald Fields, recreational dispensaries located in Glendale and Manitou Springs Colorado. If you hurry in before the end of February, you can also look forward to enjoying a sweet discount on all of IncrEdibles’ products.

IncrEdibles Ginger Peach Gummies :: Appearance | Smell:

I started my reviews of IncrEdibles Ginger Peach Gummies with the arduous task of getting into the box. The specific style of clamshell child-proof containers that house IncrEdibles Ginger Peach Gummies is not new to me. I will unabashedly admit I deplore this packaging style. While it definitely is childproof, it’s also uniquely adult proof as well. The secret lies in squeezing the sides and counter-intuitively pushing down the flap in the front and pulling the clamshell open. I have personally watched my friends struggle (sans directions) trying to open these containers and it’s really funny to watch. They are a real hassle, but as I was about to find out they’re well worth getting into for the amazing Ginger Peach Gummies inside. As soon as I got in I saw a small baggie filled with thirty, three-milligram doses. I also unleashed a strong peach odor as soon as I cracked the lid. There was a little bit more to this peach odor than just peach. a delightful hint of ginger was also in the air. These gummies smell exactly as advertised. I released one of the gummies from its bag. The consistency felt spot-on. As I squished the little dude between my fingers it felt exactly like any store-bought gummy I’ve enjoyed in the past.IncrEdibles Ginger Peach Gummies-2 Each little IncrEdibles Ginger Peach Gummies was perfectly shaped like a little gumdrop that’s had its top cut off. In place of where a gumdrops head would be was a branded THC label which is physically in place on all cannabis edibles in regulation with compliance. I knew these little gummies looked and smelled amazing, but what about the taste and effects?

IncrEdibles Ginger Peach Gummies :: Taste | Effect:

I decided since I have a relatively low tolerance but still wanted to feel the full effects of the edibles still I would eat four gummies to start. That would take my dosage to about twelve milligrams of THC (certainly enough for me to feel but nowhere near in the range of paranoia for me). I took my first willing victim and mercilessly threw it into my mouth. Just as I had inferred from squeezing them, the consistency of IncrEdibles Ginger Peach Gummies was spot-on. As I started to chew the little gummy the first flavors that hit my tongue was sweet peach. The peach flavor was delightful and completely on par with peach gummies I have purchased off the shelf at a gas station. As I started to chew more the flavor took on a unique and delectable character. The tartness of ginger along with the slightest hint of cannabis flavor mixed together to form a heavenly taste. I can’t emphasize enough how important the slight cannabis flavor is in this edible’s overall taste. In a way I can barely conceive of, the ginger in concert with cannabis form a flavor that is irresistible. As I slowly chewed away my first gummy I was practically elated. Since these gummies are microdosed, I had the good fortune of being able to eat three more! As I gobbled down even more gummies the flavor grew on me even more with every bite. What started off as a delicious marijuana-infused gummy turned into a treat that I could not stop consuming. While I had planned on doing a dosage of twelve milligrams, I had to eat a couple extra gummies making this microdosed edible not very microdosed anymore. Forgive me, but if you have tried these ginger peach gummies you wouldn’t blame me for eating a couple extra. After gorging on my gummy treats, I sat back and waited for the magic to happen. IncrEdibles Ginger Peach Gummies metabolize extra quickly for me. After about thirty minutes I felt a potent edible high settling into my body. It was a very stereotypical edible high at that.IncrEdibles Ginger Peach Gummies-3 My box of gummies was produced using sativa flower but that didn’t mean it wasn’t going to make me groggy and want to eat an entire pizza (it did). I was a bit out of it and decided to graze on chips and salsa from the fridge, biding my time until I felt I could appropriately eat dinner.


It’s difficult to put into words how delicious these IncrEdibles Ginger Peach Gummies are. The unique juxtaposition of flavors, the sweet of the peach, the bite of the ginger, and the boldness of the cannabis, come together to make a treat I want on a daily basis. I even crowd tested my results