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Jade and Jane Cupcakes
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I really love baking. No that’s not a euphemistic way of saying I like to park my truck in the garage sometimes and light up a blunt in the cab (although that has been a thing that’s happened before). No, I mean it in the literal sense. I like to load up huge bowls of flour and bake. I guess that wasn’t much better. Regardless, I hope you know what I mean by now. Of all the great food items that I bake on a weekly basis, my favorites are always deserts. Duh! I’ve made everything from decadent coffee cakes and blueberry muffins to oatmeal cookies and pineapple upside down cupcakes. For my part, I don’t think I’m half bad at it either. I’ve also found that complaints are few and far between when you can’t stop shoving chocolate brownies in your face. This brings us on to the heart of the matter. I find that true baked goods, other than cookies and brownies, are somewhat underrepresented in the cannabis industry. For this very reason, I was extremely excited to see brand new baked goods from Jade and Jane hit the shelves. Jade and Jane has come out of apparently nowhere to throw down some absolutely delicious cupcakes and cupcake mixes. I had the delight of sampling two different Jade and Jane Cupcakes and let me tell you, not only are they delicious but extremely potent as well. The two Jade and Jane Cupcakes I sampled were their Vanilla Cupcake and the Red Velvet Cupcake. Each of these ten-milligram cupcakes not only fulfilled my sweet tooth but they had me laughing my ass off at some very mediocre Sunday afternoon movies. If you too fancy cupcakes as much as I do, then you’re definitely going to want to hear about these cannabis-infused cupcakes from Jade and Jane.

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Jade and Jane Vanilla Cupcake :: Appearance | Smell |Taste:

I figured I would begin with the Jade and Jane Vanilla Cupcake. For starters, each cupcake is individually packaged in a green tamper-resistant container. Both cupcakes also contain precisely ten milligrams of active THC. Since I’m someone who likes to have roughly twenty milligrams of THC in a single session you can bet I was going to eat both of those cupcakes! After removing the cardboard sleeve from around the interior green container it was relatively easy to procure a cupcake from inside using a small knife. As soon as I peeled back the top, I revealed a very delicious looking vanilla cupcake loaded with swirly frosting and colorful sprinkles. I gingerly remove the cupcake from its miniature hibernation chamber and took a moment to marvel at its perfection. As I peeled back the wrapper around the outside of the cupcake, I did notice it was quite oily, not that this dissuaded me in any way. I took a big sniff at the side of the cupcake and notice of delightful vanilla aroma coming off it. As I had noted on the packaging this was from the “decadent French vanilla bean cake”. I couldn’t necessarily tell if the frosting had much of an aroma because it was mostly overwhelmed by the vanilla scent from the cake below. I figured I had been smelling it and looking at it long enough and took a bite right off the side. That is one damn good cupcake! The initial flavor that hit my mouth was that of the aforementioned vanilla bean. As I chewed on the morsel of cake in my mouth, I noticed that it had an uncannily similar texture to the small snack cakes you would buy at the gas station (you know the ones I’m talking about). As the vanilla cake started to slowly melt away in my mouth, I detected some of the sugariness from the frosting as well. I also got a few pleasing crunches from the sprinkles as sort of a final hurrah. Although my mind told me I was eating a cannabis-infused edible that message apparently didn’t make it to my tongue. It was extremely difficult to detect if there was any trace of cannabis inside this cupcake. After giving the cupcake and look over again and taking a few photos I gleefully munched down the rest of this decidedly amazing Jade and Jane Vanilla Cupcake. I knew as soon as I swallowed the last bite it was only a matter of time now before it started to kick in. My window for properly viewing and photographing the Jade and Jane Red Velvet Cupcake was narrowing.

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Jade and Jane Red Velvet Cupcake :: Appearance | Smell |Taste:

One cupcake down and one to go. After a quick observation of the Jade and Jane Red Velvet Cupcake packaging, I quickly punctured the top in the same manner I had with the vanilla. The aroma from the Red Velvet Cupcake was quite a bit more potent than that of the vanilla. As soon as it was opened, a dark rich chocolate aroma came pouring out. Looking down into the container, I was presented with yet another delicious looking cupcake. This time the cake was bright red and I knew for a fact the frosting was cream cheese with chocolate sprinkles; this filled my heart filled with joy. I remove the Jade and Jane Red Velvet Cupcake from its container and got in real close for a smell. The rich chocolate aroma was a perfect combination with the slight tartness that I could detect from the cream cheese frosting. As I remove the wrapper around the cupcakes, I noticed that just like the vanilla this is quite the oily cupcake. This wasn’t a problem at all and didn’t affect the flavor in the least bit on the vanilla, but it is noteworthy that you’re going to want to have a napkin handy when you enjoy one of these Jade and Jane Cupcakes. Satisfied with my visual and olfactory inspection I took a nice bite out of the side of the Red Velvet Cupcake. Just as I had expected from the vanilla bean it was delightfully moist. The cupcakes slowly melted away my mouth and I could taste the cream cheese frosting blending perfectly with the chocolate-flavored cake. As I finished the last bit of my first bite of the cupcake, I did notice there was a slight cannabis flavor. This was not unwelcome at all, but quite surprising since I had assumed that the chocolate would have masked the flavor even better than the vanilla would have. Undiscouraged, I snapped a few more photos before wolfing down the rest of the cupcake. It was now roughly, 45 minutes since I had eaten the Vanilla Bean Cupcake, and I was starting to feel a very familiar heady tingle.

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Jade and Jane Cupcake :: Effect:

I’m someone who likes to prepare my stoned activities ahead of time. In this case, I had my agenda set to watch some critically unacclaimed movies that I had been meaning to catch up on. First up on the menu was a delightfully redundant shark movie with Jason Statham. If you don’t know what movie I’m talking about, allow me to ruin the plot for you in one sentence. Submarines, giant prehistoric sharks, Jason Statham, and the sharks are dead. Let me tell you though, as soon as the full force of the two Jade and Jane Cupcakes head kicked, in it was quite an enjoyable experience. I found myself laughing at parts I probably shouldn’t have laughed at and being serious about parts that I shouldn’t have been serious about. It is very noteworthy that these Jade and Jane Cupcakes pack a lot of punch. I felt like I had consumed way more than twenty milligrams of THC. While I’m reticent to give an exact estimate of how much it felt like, suffice it to say I was uproariously stoned for several hours. In a rare divergence from the standard edibles I’m used to consuming, I felt a mostly sativa sensation from the high. I’m used to crashing hard several hours after consuming edibles, but my crash never came after consuming Jade and Jane Cupcakes. My high wore off sometime near the end of my second subpar movie of the afternoon. In this case, it was the umpteenth remake of a film starring a certain hooded man who robs from the rich and gives to the poor. It was… not great. I would say that being high did certainly helped me get through it though. In general, I would have you know that these Jade and Jane Cupcakes pack quite a wallop for being only ten milligrams of THC a piece.

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If you’re like me and have a penchant for baked goods and bad movies on a Sunday afternoon, then might I recommend Jade and Jane Cupcakes as the perfect accouterment to make your evening go smoothly. While I certainly liked both cupcakes, I went into the experience assuming I would like the red velvet more but ended up finding the vanilla to be my all-time favorite. As exciting as both these cupcakes are, I will be thrilled in the future to try one of Jade and Jane’s Cupcake Mixes and start the process from scratch. For pre-made, pre-packaged cupcakes, Jade and Jane has really done their homework and created an edible product that I would love to come back to again in the future. Next time I might only enjoy one cupcake at a time knowing full well just how potent these little guys can be. I said just about all I can say. it’s time for you to go out and create your own adventure with Jade and Jane Cupcakes. I will say, they go well with a side of Jason Statham.

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