Keef Sparkling Blood Orange : Edible Review

Keef Sparkling Blood Orange : Edible Review
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Admit it, from time to time we all like a little taste of the finer things. Keef Sparkling Blood Orange-3Just last night, I was going to expire if I didn’t stuff my face with a pound of sushi. Sometimes it’s the little bourgeoisie things though that make my every day classy, like a big old glass of sparkling water. Sparkling water has always been a favorite of mine. In fact, my girlfriend and I were always such big fans that we even went to far as to buy the top of the line carbonated water maker on the market. My absolute favorite part about sparkling water is the fact that other than the CO2 it’s pretty much free and it makes me feel like nobility when I think of all the plebeians and their non-effervescing water. Alright, while that might be a little dramatic when I found out that Keef Cola was launching their new line of Keef Sparkling, which just launched with two flagship flavors, Blood Orange, and lemon. Even if you’re not an avid sparkling water drinker now may be the time to get on board, for several exciting reasons.

I picked up my bottle of tantalizing citrus Keef Sparkling Blood Orange from The Station, a recreational and medicinal dispensary in Boulder Colorado. If you want to snag one of these amazing sparkling waters for yourself, you should head into The Station on a Munchy Monday and save an extra 10% off the $9 price tag on a Keef Sparkling Water.

Check out their full menu at:

Keef Sparkling Blood Orange :: Appearance | Smell:

Before I even popped the top on my Keef Sparkling Blood Orange I took a moment to familiarize myself with its cool bottle and remarkably compact ingredients list. For starters, as one would expect from water, there are no calories or sugar in this bad boy at all. That means that even if you have dietary concerns, you won’t have to be concerned about drinking this cold treat. The full ingredient list includes a whopping four items, reverse osmosis water, monk fruit, cannabis oil, and natural flavorings. To top it all off, Keef Sparkling uses CO2 extracted cannabis for its water and soda, meaning that there is no chance of any chemicals like butane or propane sneaking their way into your bubbly treat. Bottle of Keef Sparkling Blood Orange in hand, I popped the top to get a whiff of what was in store for me. I decided to pour my Keef Sparkling Blood Orange into a glass to start my adventure.Keef Sparkling Blood Orange-1 Before I had even finished pouring I could smell the delightful orange flavor pouring out of the bottle. As I brought my nose in closer, it gave off a delightfully sweet orange aroma mixed with a hint of something more. Seeing as monk fruit is an all-natural sweetener (sans the glycemic index), I was really intrigued to see if that sweet aroma lent from the fruit would transfer to the flavor. There was only one way I was going to find out.

Keef Sparkling Blood Orange :: Taste | Effect:

As I watched the little bubbles climbing their way up the side of the glass, I knew it was time to go in for a sample sip. As closed in for the kill the scent of sweet oranges filled my nostrils and I took my first bubbly sip. The orange flavor was absolutely spot on, on par with some of the best sparkling water essences I’d sampled in the past. There was a little bit more to the flavor though, the slightest hint of cannabis. Although slight, I could still detect it. The flavor was very pleasant and the monk fruit was definitely doing its “screw with your taste buds to make things taste sweet” thing. While the flavors are spot on, I was a little disappointed by the level of effervescence in the beverage. I know I may have done my part in squelching many of its bubbles when I poured it into a glass, but I’ve always been a fan of carbonation so strong that it has a little bite to it. Despite the middle of the road bubble count there was just no denying that amazing blood orange flavor. I’m also a super lightweight when it comes to marijuana edibles, and when I down even a 10-milligram edible, it’s enough for me to feel it. Also, if you’re new to marijuana edibles, I’ll point out that when you put marijuana in beverage form your body simply has a way of metabolizing it double time. After about 30 minutes I was already starting to feel a bit of a head tingle when it would usually be a good hour before I felt anything with a standard marijuana candy bar. Just as advertised on the bottle, the high from my Keef Sparkling was a well-balanced hybrid high, leaning on the indica side (for me at least). Then again edibles always tend to hit me a little more on the indica side of things.Keef Sparkling Blood Orange-2 Regardless of how hard the brew hit me, I kept thinking about that eerily sweet flavor that tasted like sugar but wasn’t. It’s also worth noting that as Keef Sparkling nears room temperature, the cannabis oil flavors seem to be accentuated, so if you don’t find that a pleasant flavor, I’d recommend you always serve it icy cold.


If you’ve been looking for a good sugar-free marijuana edible, want a quickly absorbable marijuana edible, are a connoisseur of sparkling water, love the taste of blood orange, or are just simply looking for a marijuana drink that will get the job done and taste good in the process then you should check out Keef Sparkling’s new line of beverages. While I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s the best sparkling water I’ve ever had, I’ve never had any other sparkling water get me high, so that certainly adds a whole lot of merit to Keef Sparkling Blood Orange. I will say this much though, next time I’m in a dispensary with these waters in stock I’m definitely going to grab a lemon flavor try and maybe an extra blood orange to keep around for a rainy day.#JessetheGrove

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