Love’s Oven Maple Pecan Bar

Love’s Oven Maple Pecan Bar
Emerald Fields Love's Oven Marijuana Edibles
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With the holiday season finally here, it’s time for me to return to one of my favorite pastimes. Not many people know this, but I’m actually quite the prolific baker. I realize that’s a rich metaphor area for someone in the cannabis industry, but in this case, I am talking about good old-fashioned baking like cakes and bread. My most frequently baked goods tend to be bread but I’ve recently found quite a bit of joy in baking pies. My absolute favorite pie to bake is pecan pie. Not only do I absolutely love pecans but there’s something about that buttery flaky crust combined with the overly sweet and gooey center that just makes my heart melt. Of course, it came as no surprise to me that the Cannabis industry already has a slew of edibles ready for this holiday season. The fact of the matter is, if you’re talking about baked goods and the cannabis industry chances are, you’re going to find your way to Love’s Oven sooner or later. Love’s Oven is truly one of the oldest brand name edibles I can recall, and they are still going strong for several reasons. First and foremost, Love’s oven she’s always been on the leading edge of compliance laws which is crucial for any cannabis company nowadays. While they may be on the cutting edge of compliance laws another reason for their success comes from a more old-fashioned approach. Many edible manufacturers will produce products using extremely potent concentrates that they’ll drizzle or mix in with their finished edible products. Love’s Oven still does it the tried-and-true old-fashioned way by infusing cannabis butter. And you better bet the butter makes it better! In this case, I had the fortune of sampling their Maple Pecan Bar. Let me tell you, this bar is damn good.

If you’re looking to pick up one of Love’s Oven’s Maple Pecan Bars you’ll find them available at Emerald fields in Glendale, Colorado and Emerald Fields in Manitou Springs, Colorado. Emerald Fields is loaded with a variety of products that will help get you through the stressful holiday season. With everything from delicious baked goods like Maple Pecan Bars to sinful cinnamon-dusted apple gummies, Emerald Fields will have just what you’re looking for.

Love’s Oven Maple Pecan Bar :: Appearance | Smell:

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I knew already from the start that I was in for a treat since I had a Love’s Oven product. It is not often that I get to say this about a cannabis manufacturing company, but I’ll say it now, Love’s Oven has never steered me astray and I’ve truly enjoyed every product I’ve had from their company in the past. These Maple Pecan Bars would be no different. For starters, each Maple Pecan Bar contains precisely ten milligrams of activated THC. This may not be a massive dose for some but for me, I found a ten-milligram dose is usually enough to get the job done. I started my adventure by cutting open the tamper-resistant mylar bag that contained the Maple Pecan Bar. As soon as I opened the top of a very potent pecan odor came out. This flavor was juxtaposed perfectly with a buttery richness that seemed to cling to my nostrils. There was something else to this though; something else delicious. It only took a look at the ingredient list to find out what it was. Love’s Oven Smothers each of their Maple Pecan Bars in a homemade drizzling of sweet maple rum sauce. With a combination of traditionally produced cannabutter along with the addition of tasty pecans and maple rum sauce what’s not to like? As I freed the Maple Pecan Bar from the bag, I took a moment to observe the flaky, buttery layers inside the bar. the top of the bar was affixed with a slew of delicious-looking pecan crumbles. I’m not going to lie, not only did this bar look out of this world but it smelled absolutely blissful. As I broke a bar in half, I did take note that it was a little bit firmer than I had assumed it would be. This means that overall it’s more of a crumbly type treat than a soft chewy kind. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. As much as I liked to enjoy the Aesthetics of this bar and take in all of it smells that’s only half the job. I was going to have to get in there for a closer look.

Love’s Oven Maple Pecan Bar :: Taste | Effect:

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The weekend had finally come and it was time to sample my Maple Pecan Bar. I decided that the perfect accouterment for such a treat was a small glass of milk. I had an entire afternoon of nerdy shenanigans planned. I’d play some computer games, maybe paint a miniature or two, and lay some plot down for my D&D campaign. Many have accused me of having a big mouth and in this case that was the perfect tool to nom down half a Maple Pecan Bar in one bite. As soon as I bit off half of the pecan bar, I could immediately taste the maple rum sauce combined with the buttery richness provided by the cannabutter. Just as any edible produced in this traditional manner, there was a very distinct cannabis flavor which for me was extremely nostalgic. As I started to chew away at the Maple Pecan Bar, more of the pecan started to enter the picture. I sat back and let the flavors melt in my mouth for a moment before taking a big Swig of milk. The richness of the milk and the dairy already inside the Maple Pecan Bars blended and rapidly plastered a smile on my face. I took a moment to enjoy the rest of the bar while I sat back on the couch. Love’s Oven did not disappoint. I fired up my computer and started some planning. After roughly an hour, I could start to feel some of the effects of Love’s Oven’s Maple Pecan Bar. The high was not mind-shattering unique in any way shape or form, but it was just about what I would expect from a ten-milligram dosage of THC. I believe that due in part to the traditional cannabutter style in which this product was manufactured the delay time on the high was somewhat longer than other edibles on the market. This was no problem for me, but it is noteworthy if you’re looking for rapid onset. I spent the rest of my Sunday enjoying my time with all my nerd hobbies. It was a good couple hours before all the effects from the Maple Pecan Bar had vanished. When all is said and done, I really wish that I had a second and maybe even a third.


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These Love’s oven Maple Pecan Bars are the perfect way to usher in your holiday season. I may have enjoyed mine in a very basic manner, but Love’s Oven recommended some more extravagant applications. Why not use them as an addition to your next milkshake or sprinkled over your morning pancakes? As someone who enjoys baking myself, I’ll always be glad to tip my hat to the baking geniuses at Love’s Oven. Having had many experiences of my own in the past baking with cannabis butter I will shamelessly admit the none of my concoctions have ever turned out nearly as delicious. So, if you’ve been searching for a new favorite holiday edible this year might I highly recommend checking out Love’s Oven Maple Pecan Bars.

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