Marijuana Root Beer Float : Edible Review

Marijuana Root Beer Float : Edible Review
Emerald Fields Marijuana Edibles

It’s summer time again. While the masses of Colorado trade out their skis and snowboards for swimsuits and hiking boots, so begins my unending battle to escape the heat. To say that I find heat abhorrent is a massive understatement. In the summer time, I survive by trekking to high altitude and by abusing my air conditioner at home. There’s another tool in my arsenal, however, and it comes in the form of ice cold treats. While I know that yes, eating fatty things like dairy isn’t the best way to stay cool, when said dairy is mixed with a healthy dose of THC and frozen into the miracle substance that is ice cream it can certainly help. Blue Dream Chocolate Chocolate Chip Ice Cream is an amazing new marijuana-infused treat by AlpIne Essentials. In a stroke of genius, I credit to Caitlin from Emerald fields, she suggested taking Blue Dream Ice Cream along with Keef Cola’s Bubba Kush Root Beer and making a most American summertime heat dissipater, the root beer float. This was no ordinary root beer float, thanks to a total of 20 milligrams of THC this was a marijuana root beer float.

If you want to recreate this miraculous summer time treat for yourself, then you best make your way to Emerald Fields in Glendale Colorado or Emerald Fields in Manitou Springs. Blue Dream Ice Cream is a relatively new cannabis edible on the market and is only available in dispensaries that can accommodate it with a freezer, so don’t expect to find it everywhere. If you are in the market, both Emerald Fields locations do have it in stock, and for the entire month of June, Alpine Essentials Blue Dream Ice Cream is on sale so you can stock up on this icy treat before the real heat of summer sets in.


Caramel Sauce 10mg = $4.20
Chocolate Chip Ice Cream 10mg = $7.00
Fudge Sauce 10mg = $4.20
Strawberry Ice Cream 10mg = $7.00
Vanilla Bourbon Ice Cream 10mg = $7.00


Caramel Sauce 10mg = $5.40
Chocolate Chip Ice Cream 10mg = $9.00
Fudge Sauce 10mg = $5.40
Strawberry Ice Cream 10mg = $9.00
Vanilla Bourbon Ice Cream 10mg = $9.00

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Blue Dream Ice Cream

Blue Dream Ice Cream-1
I started by liberating my Chocolate Chocolate Chip Blue Dream Ice Cream from the freezer for a small taste test before the Keef Cola joined the party. After deciphering the riddle of the child proof (and nearly Jesse-proof) container, I removed the lid to reveal a beautiful sheet of light colored ice cream that was loaded with chocolate chips. So loaded with chocolate chips that I can see why Alpine Essentials awarded it with an extra chocolate in its name. With the full intention of saving the majority for float time, I took a spoon to the edge of the ice cream for a small sample run. Whoever formulates this ice cream knew what they were doing. While there was an unmistakable sweet cannabis flavor, it was easily forgotten when the full richness took hold. This is some rich and amazing ice cream. It also didn’t hurt that the chocolate chips inside were also exceptionally high-quality chocolate for simply being chocolate chips. Setting aside the temptation to devour all the ice cream, I instead prepared a frosty mug from the freezer and whipped out my always delectable Keef Cola Bubba Kush Root Beer and prepared myself for the floatening.

Marijuana Root Beer Float

Blue Dream Ice Cream-3
In preparation for my marijuana root beer float, I formed two little balls of Ice cream with a spoon and started out by letting them take a rest in an ice-cold mug from the freezer. I popped the top on my root beer and slowly began to pour the magic ingredient into my root beer float. Just as the tried and true classic behaves, the carbonation and the rich dairy from the ice cream started a miraculous scientific process that I know nothing about. What I do know is that it ends with extra fluffy fizzy brown bubbles and a slurry of amazing ice cream root beer bliss below. The Blue Dream Ice Cream and the Bubba Kush Keef Cola married perfectly and I was left with the quintessential root beer float. After one of the longest feeling photo shoots ever, I was finally ready to feast on my quarry. I started with a heaping spoonful of root beer-laden Alpine Essentials Ice Cream. Mmm. It was everything a marijuana root beer float should be, and more. The added bonus of the little morsels of chocolate chip made this root beer float superior to many that I’d had in the past. What was even more exciting was that the strong root beer flavor from the Keef Cola did a remarkable job at concealing the cannabis flavor and what remained was an extra scrumptious root beer float. With straw and spoon I slowly waged war on my frosty mug and was left full, happy, and delightfully chilled from the icy concoction. As I’ve experience in the past high fat cannabis treats and any marijuana that’s in a liquid form tends to get absorbed double time by my body, and within a half hour I was feeling s very clear hybrid-esque high. Whether it was compounded by being liquid form or maybe Blue Dream Ice Cream and Bubba Kush Keef Cola were just a match made in heaven the end result was overtly potent for only being 20 milligrams. I utilized my marijuana root beer float high to clean up around the house (out of necessity).Blue Dream Ice Cream-2 I never felt groggy during my high, which is usually a personal side effect from consuming edibles. Cleaning seemed to fly by for me, and I felt reasonably aware throughout the entire process. I won’t speculate why these two edibles worked so well in concert, but they definitely did.

I can’t tell you how much I need icy treats like a marijuana root beer float to make it through the hot months of the year. Now that it’s summer again and I know that the heat is coming for me, it’s always nice to increase my arsenal of cooling weapons. If you’re like me and need to fight the heat or maybe just like really want a marijuana root beer float, then you know what you need to do. You can’t go wrong with a match like that between Alpine Essentials Blue Dream Ice Cream and Keef Cola’s Bubba Kush Root Beer. Cheers my friends! Now all I need are some marijuana-infused french fries on the side.#JessetheGrove


Marijuana Root Beer Float : Edible Review
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Marijuana Root Beer Float : Edible Review
Can’t wait to enjoy a marijuana root beer float? At Emerald Fields you can, with Alpine Essentials Blue Dream Ice Cream and Keef Cola's Bubba Kush Root Beer!
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