Mirth Legal Tonic : Edible Review

Mirth Legal Tonic  : Edible Review
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Despite hanging out with a circle of cannabis users for the better part of the last decade I still have quite a few friends who don’t partake and have never even tried any cannabis-based products. One of the biggest questions of intrigue I always get from these individuals is what does the high feel like and what is the difference between an edible and smoking. It’s exceedingly difficult for me to casually explain that every high from almost every edible and every strain is slightly different while still feeling inherently familiar. To complicate matters further, the mood you’re in on any day in concert with the current concentrations inside your natural endocannabinoid system are going to have an impact on what you feel from whatever marijuana products you consume. That being said, there are telltale sensations when I have consumed cannabis edibles versus smoking. This is not true with 100% of all cannabis edibles since some intentionally isolate specific strains or specific traits like sativa versus indica. I have a very stereotypical edible high. This typical high usually includes some drowsiness, some obligatory giggles, and a spot of insatiable munchies. Ancillary effects are either accentuated or diminished based off the THC and CBD content of the edible I’m consuming. Most recently I sampled a great starter edible from Mirth, a new manufacturer under the larger Love’s Oven parent company. Legal Tonic is Mirth’s new line of cannabis-infused beverages. In this case, I had the fortune of sampling the one-to-one THC-to-CBD Sparkling Cranberry Tonic. In the case of this tonic, the one-to-one ratio consisted of roughly twenty milligrams THC and twenty milligrams of CBD. In order to be in line with the laws set forth by the MED the bottle has a convenient breakdown of dosage based off cap-fulls. It is always a good precaution to start with a low dosage of any edible product. If you’ve read any of my past edible reviews, then you know that I’m a relative lightweight and you also may have noticed that I almost always shoot for a dosage of twenty milligrams to receive full effects from the product I’m reviewing. This specific Legal Tonic happens to have exactly the dosage that I’m usually looking for in an edible product. For me, twenty milligrams falls into the golden zone where I’m locked to the couch but not holding onto the couch for dear life. I was quite excited to see what Mirth had come up with in drink form. Having already sampled many of Love’s Oven’s amazing baked goods in the past, I had sky-high expectations from this cranberry tonic. Absorption rate on liquid cannabis is fast as well compared to standard edibles so I was interested to see how rapidly and in what ways Legal Tonic would affect me.

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Legal Tonic :: Appearance | Smell:

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I somewhat foolishly opted for my samples run in the morning when I was over at my parents’ house. At the time, my girlfriend was taking her family’s dog in for a medical treatment and I had a couple hours to kill before she was going to drive me home. If you hadn’t guessed already, I wasn’t really sneaking this in by any means since both of my parents have been fine with cannabis consumption for many years (my mother would have been quite the hypocrite if she did have a problem with it). After making sure the drink was extra chilly in the fridge for a few minutes I took out my Mirth Legal Tonic and worked my way through the tamper-proof lid and seal. After I managed to work my way in, I pulled out a nice glass from the cabinet and proceeded to pour some of the darkest richest colored cranberry juice I’d ever seen into it. As I poured, I was somewhat surprised to see there were little to no effervescent bubbles. The liquid inside smelled of tart cranberries, was dark red, and extremely opaque. The smell was delicious! The tartness of the cranberries almost made my lips pucker just from sniffing it. I held the drink up to my nose and the only discernible aroma was from the fresh cranberries. I could detect no hint of cannabis whatsoever. As I sniffed around a little more, I was able to detect the underlying sweetness of the drink, which was quite the juxtaposition to the tartness of the cranberries. I also can’t emphasis enough just how opaque this Mirth Legal Tonic is. As I held the beverage up to the light I the liquid inside did seem to glow but yielded no hints of opacity. I was very excited to see if I would be able to detect any cannabis flavors from the beverage considering the extremely potent cranberry scent. It was time for a trial run.

Legal Tonic :: Taste | Effect:

I went in for a test sip. The initial flavor was extremely tart and certainly made my lips Pucker. This initial tartness was cut quickly by the sweet natural cane sugar added into the mix from Mirth. There was hardly any trace of sparkling effervescence and the drink itself was flat. This was not problematic at all to the flavor but not what I expected from the bottle. Oddly enough, I couldn’t even tell if the drink was sparkling to begin with. As a sparkling water aficionado, I can easily tell if a beverage used to be sparkling and has since lost its effervescent which didn’t seem to be the case here. It simply seemed like the Legal Tonic was never carbonated, or so lightly carbonated that I could barely detect it. The drink itself was sincerely delicious. I sat back and enjoyed every sip taking note each time of the tart cranberry and sweet cane sugar. Was there any cannabis flavor in the mix? Absolutely not. I couldn’t tell, even in the slightest, that there was any form of cannabis THC or CBD inside the drink whatsoever. I took that statement back about 30 minutes after finishing the drink when the effects started to kick in. There was most certainly THC and CBD in it. The sensations I started feeling first were that from the CBD. The pain-relieving effects of CBD are unparalleled in my opinion and I could immediately start to feel all my muscles relax from my morning workout. As I sat on the couch with my parents, I started to feel the real attributes of the THC kick in as well. After my father had sufficiently kicked my stoned ass several times in scrabble, my girlfriend was ready to take us home. This is not the end of my journey since I had to run several errands and I had every intention of writing this review directly after drinking the Legal Tonic (boy was that wishful thinking). After being reprimanded only slightly by my girlfriend for singing Tom Petty too loudly in the grocery store, I had her take me to my last errand. I needed my passport photograph for my renewal. Suffice it to say, I may have looked a normal in the photo to untrained eyes but in all actuality, I was feeling quite mellow at the time. By the time we made it home my obligatory munchies had kicked in. I consumed an inordinate amount of junk food and nearly passed out on the couch. I had a much less productive day than I had initially intended but I guess that’s what I get for consuming edibles in the morning.

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Mirth’s Legal Tonics are absolutely delicious! I was only trying one of many different varieties available and was quite pleased with the one-to-one ratio. This includes additional flavors, additional effects, and additional ratios of THC to CBD. Depending on which selection you make and which concentration of THC you choose these products are very well priced considering the dosage of THC that many of them contain. I would find it hard to experiment with anything else after I found what I would consider to be the perfect ratio of twenty-to-twenty milligrams. I know for a fact many of my friends would scoff at this small concentration, but Mirth would have them covered with several varieties that are significantly more potent. The effects of Legal Tonic are fast-acting, potent, and long-lasting. Packaged into a beverage that I would gladly drink whether it was cannabis-infused or not, Mirth Legal Tonics are a real gem of a beverage. While I was a little disappointed in the lack of effervescence that in no way has dissuaded me from giving Mirth Legal Tonics my seal of approval. It’s you’re entirely new to cannabis edibles or marijuana products in general this would be a very great starter product since it has absolutely no cannabis flavor and portioning THC down to the individual milligram is very simple if you decide to use cap-full measurements from the bottle. Overall, I would recommend Mirth beverages regardless of whether your new comer to the marijuana scene or seasoned professional. Just make sure to ask your budtender to pick out a flavor and cannabis concentration that suits your needs. As always, keep an eye on your dosage levels. As the old axiom goes “you can always consume more but you can’t consume less.”

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