Nectar Bee Marijuana Root Beer

Nectar Bee Marijuana Root Beer
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I love root beer! The tart yet sweet brown elixir originally derived from sassafras roots, has become a staple in North America. It’s changed its form over the centuries from a syrup you’d buy from a pharmacist, to a beverage that you can expect to find gracing the racks of any cola vending machine.Nectar Bee Root Beer-1 A basic derivative of the liquid has been used medicinally for centuries before any European colonization of the hemisphere. What the native Americans originally used as a health tincture has been altered and adapted over the years to form the sweet non-alcoholic beverage that we all know of today as root beer. It seems due time for a remix on this classic drink. After all, we are living in the 21st Century, and thanks to certain laws passed in our fine state of Colorado, a perfect addition to infuse into root beer is around and readily accessible. You guessed it, I’m hinting at cannabis-infused root beer. Nectar Bee© has picked up the torch, and using its state-of-the-art cannabis-infused products kitchen has started producing its own line of root beer and sodas all sporting a dosage of THC. This classic root beer is sure to instill more euphoria than any other root beer you can find on the shelf, and it’s damn good to boot. If you wanted a root beer that actually has some bite, then you’ve found it!

If you want to get your hands on an ice-cold bottle of Nectar Bee© Root Beer, the only place you’ll find it is at The Green Solution®. The Green Solution® has dispensaries across the state ready to serve you a refreshing bottle of your favorite soft drink. If you’re not a root beer drinker, then check out some of their other cannabis-infused flavors, including Cherry Cola, Tropical Lime, and Ginger Ale. All Nectar Bee© sodas are infused with a single ten-milligram serving of THC and are the perfect beverage for parties, afternoon pick-me-ups, or simply for sitting around on a Sunday afternoon in your PJs. What’s even more appealing is that with a price tag of only $4.20 they’re an affordable cannabis-infused treat.

Nectar Bee Root Beer :: Appearance | Smell:

Nectar Bee© Root Beers come loaded in opaque glass bottles, just like the traditional root beers I always craved as a child. I’ll never forget going with my parents as a kid and feeling like a real badass pouring my glass bottle of root beer into a tall frosty mug. That nostalgic feeling was pretty much amplified to the Nth degree as I carefully pried off the top of my Nectar Bee© Infused Root Beer. As soon as I popped the top, that mystical scent that I knew so well poured out the top of the bottle.Nectar Bee Root Beer-2 While modern-day root beers no longer use real sassafras, due to several carcinogenic properties, the deep tangy flavor of the original ingredient is perfectly captured by this THC-infused root beer. Not one to pass up the opportunity for a trip down memory lane, I procured a frosty mug from the fridge and slowly poured my root beer into it. With a little bit of fizzing and a little bit of a frothy white head, I successfully liberated my root beer from its bottle. The Nectar Bee© Root Beer is a deep opaque brown color and sports a moderate level of carbonation. I watched transfixed as the tiny little bubbles made their ways along the side of my frosty mug, while a little bit of root beer froze along the rim. This is a good-looking beverage, and I was very much ready to make sure that that perfect nostalgic smell was matched by a perfect nostalgic taste.

Nectar Bee Root Beer :: Smoke | Effect:

I brought the frosty mug close to my face for one final inspection before my first sip. After another brief flashback to frosty root beer mugs of yesteryear I took a small sip. All the tangy and sweet flavors of that magical old time drink hit right in the kisser. The root beer itself was on par with some of the best craft sodas I’d ever had in my life. The effervesce, the bite, the smooth vanilla notes were all there in my first sip, but what was that at the end? A tiny little flavor hinted at the tip of my tongue after every sip. It was a flavor that I’m all too familiar with. A little minty kick was the prefect accent to the end of my flavor experience and a good reminder that this ain’t the root beer for grandma (depending on your grandma). As I went back for each subsequent sip, I found myself falling more and more in love with Nectar Bee© Root Beer.Nectar Bee Root Beer-3 As far as root beers go, Nectar Bee© Root Beer leans heavily on the spicy side. Foregoing the weak sugar water flavors that some lesser root beers possess. While it’s still undeniably sweet, the sassafras flavoring and the addition of vanilla into the mix are truly more of a highlight than the sugar. The small bite of cannabis in the end is hard to distinguish from the spicy beverage’s taste, and may not even be detectable to the untrained tongue, but for my part it’s a very welcome addition to a truly unique soda. I did get a tiny buzz from my Nectar Bee© Root Beer, which came as a bit of a surprise considering that each bottle only contains a single ten-milligram dosage. I attribute this to being a lightweight when it comes to edibles and to potential ability for liquids to permeate into my guts faster than a solid would. That being said, if you have a high tolerance to cannabis I would recommend enjoying a bowl or maybe a cannabis infused edible on the side with you Nectar Bee© Root Beer if your aim is to get inebriated.

Overall ::

Overall, Nectar Bee© Root Beer, is a really superb drink that balances all of the flavors of root beer seamlessly. If you’re feeling adventurous, there is a world of opportunities when it comes cannabis infused beverages from Nectar Bee©. Since Nectar Bee© produces Ginger Ale, Tropical Lime, and Cherry Cola flavors as well, the drink-mixing potentials are nearly endless. Or maybe you have some extra vanilla ice cream sitting in the fridge? Root beer and ice cream make… Mmm. What are you waiting for? You’ve earned yourself a treat. Now get out there and create your own Nectar Bee© soda experience, and remember, the only limit is your imagination!#JessetheGrove

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