Ripple : Edible Review

Ripple : Edible Review
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When you work in the marijuana industry there are just someStillwater Ripple-2 questions that are bound to come up. Questions about your favorite products, favorite strains, and even your favorite form of cannabis. When asked the latter question, my go-to response is always flower. While I will undeniably smoke or imbibe cannabis in any form necessary, I can’t help but fall back on my favorite. There is one product out there that is making a strong effort to change my answer to that question, Stillwater’s Ripple. If you’ve never heard of Stillwater before, they are quickly making waves (more than just a ripple) in the marijuana edible world. While Stillwater produces a very good line of cannabis infused teas, their Ripple packets have become a new flagship item for a whole plethora of reasons. Having already sampled their Stillwater and Whitewater line products in the past, I knew I was in store for something good when I procured my first Ripple packets.

If you want to see what Stillwater’s Ripple can infuse in your life, you can pick them up from Smokin Gun Apothecary, a recreational marijuana dispensary in Glendale Colorado. Smoking Gun not only carries Ripple but also their entire line of delectable marijuana infused teas as well. Smokin Gun is also open late until midnight, so you can pick up your Stillwater products to go even if it’s late at night!

For starters, I feel it bears mentioning that I’m a real lightweight when it comesStillwater Ripple-4 to marijuana edible products. I can easily get pretty Stoney off single 10-milligram servings. You’ll never find me taking over 50 milligrams in a sitting (found out how paranoid 100 milligrams makes me a few years back right after legalization). I took out a single portion packet of Ripple and was left sitting there with literally infinite possibilities. How so, you may ask? That involves learning what Ripple is. Ripple is a flavorless odorless marijuana infused powder that can be added to literally anything. For a little more background on the product, I corresponded with Nick, the sales manager at Stillwater. As he put it, “Ripple is the first edible that truly lets you control and maximize your edible experience any time you want. Ripple is for everyone as it’s fat free, sugar free, and can be added to ANY food or drink.” In other words, it’s pretty much the most versatile marijuana edible ever created. I just wish it was around back in the day when I was whipping up crappy weed rice crispy treats back in college. My only other question for Nick was, “who came up with this amazing idea?” Nick wrote that Ripple was actually spawned by accident, “We first created it because we wanted to have a way to infuse our Stillwater teas without compromising their amazing natural flavor with a green or hashy taste.” After a whole lot of trial and error, they finally achieved a perfect recipe to use in their tea. After creating the flavorless, odorless mixture the next step seemed like a no brainer, “A few months after releasing our Stillwater tea line we decided to start selling Ripple by itself so people truly had choice and control when looking from an edible experience.” Now that I knew a bit more about Ripple it was time to make a choice and decide how I was going to control my edible experience (PS I’m not a good decision maker).

With a ripple packet in hand, I had no idea how I was going to go about consuming it. I could mix it in some coffee, but as a once a week coffee drinker who’s heavily affected by caffeine, I didn’t want to throw off my review with a bunch of hyper sensations that were all java-induced. My next thought was to toss it in a ramen noodle bowl. With my girlfriend out of town for the last week, I’ve got a surplus of bachelor chow, including noodle bowls. Then I thought about all the wasted chickeny noodle water I would be left with after a ramen and felt like I might be wasting the product then. It was that moment that I remembered a batch of tater tots I had left over from the brew pub the day before. Why the hell not? I made a ham sandwich and tossed my tots in the toaster oven.Stillwater Ripple-1 As soon as they were out I very meticulously spread the ripple packet over the bed of tots and sat down for a lunch that normally would never have anything to do with marijuana.

I took a nibble of my first ripple coated tot after a quick dunk in some ketchup. I chewed, again and again, expecting at any moment to taste some semblance of the cannabis that I knew was coating them, and yet, only tot flavor. I was immediately impressed. I’ve always loved cooking with cannabis, but this wasn’t even cooking, but I’d like to think it felt the same. The possibilities were endless. As I munched down more tots I couldn’t help but think about my friends next mac and cheese cook off. Jesse is gonna have the best mac and cheese this year!

I finished my meal rather casually and as I popped my last tot, I sat back to wait and see why would happen next. After about 30 minutes or so (very fast considering many edibles don’t hit me for an hour) I was starting to feel the unmistakable sensation of a marijuana edible in the back of my head. As another half hour passed the single ripple packet fully kicked in and I was left with a light and shockingly functional high. Not one to waste a good edible high, I plopped my butt onto the couch and started to dig into the post-singularity sci-fi novel I’d been devouring for the last week. I spent a good amount of time (not going to lie, I’m not sure how long it was somewhere between one and two hours) reading, and just as the high from Ripple had set on quickly it quickly faded away. Stillwater Ripple-5I absolutely loved this factor of Ripple. The biggest reason I usually don’t like edible highs is the fact that they go on for such a long time and often feel inescapable. This was not the case with Ripple, the high from one packet was just delightful. That being said, if you want to really feel your brain melt, you’re certainly at the liberty to use more than one dose at a time. For me, however, one was perfect.

Ripple is an amazing product that I would go so far as to call the most versatile marijuana edible in the world. It’s flavorless making it ideal to add to dishes with light flavors, and its dosage options make it ideal for anyone. Another real boon ripple has going for it, is its ability to be used by individuals with dietary concerns that would normally limit them from enjoying the majority of marijuana edibles. I’m a huge fan of these little packets and I know I’ll be pulling them out again when the time is right. Stillwater has really hit it out of the ballpark this time!#JessetheGrove


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